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Heather Graham’s Bikini Pics of the Day

There comes a time in every babe’s life where she turns 40 years old…and all that was, is no more…

That said, Heather Graham is in a bikini…


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Heather Graham for Women’s Health of the Day

Heather Graham may be old but that doesn’t mean that they can’t still exploit her for her big old titties…titties that put her on the map when she was in her 30s…and that she is still known and loved for…but instead…Women’s Health decide to showcase her old lady stomach, because I guess unlike most 40 year olds, it’s ripped, thanks to Heather Graham being smart enough to realize that having kids ruins fucking lives…at least when you’re a girl who likes to bounce from rich cock to rich cock…which is what I assume she does because I am ignorant to all things Heather Graham…unless she’s topless..in which case…I’m all about that life…

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Heather Graham in Maxim of the DAy

There was a time, around 10-15 years ago, when Heather Graham was not 45 fucking years old….

You know, when she was Rollergirl, all heavy set tits and nice thick 70s bush for her breakout role as a pornstar in Boogie Nights…….

Now sure, at 43, she’s still got it going on, but I don’t understand why she’d be out doing photoshoots, when she could just re-release her old shit. It’s like we don’t need a new Heather Graham set of pics, she had her time, she did what she had to do, she’s got enough money to retire and fade away gracefully.

We have archive footage of her at her prime and I don’t see the point in documenting her aging or demise, even if she’s better than most 43 year olds…because at 43 in Hollywood, even if you still look good in a bikini, you might as well be 100 fucking years old.

But I guess Maxim is struggling and has nothing else going on, so they gotta do what they gotta do to stay afloat, kinda like Heather Graham, reliving the glory days of 1998.

Menopause is never hot….


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Heather Graham in her Bikini of the Day

Apparently, Heather Graham lives and all it took was putting on a bikini to get that message out to us. The great tits from the late 90s and early 2000s still exist, a decade older and sloppier, but less sloppy than you’d probably expect. I just prefer getting reminders that involve more nakedness and less being 50 fucking years old…

Now let’s fucking celebrate by forgetting I wasted my time posting this and drinking as much as we can without dying.


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Heather Graham Old Lady for Old Times of the Day

I have no real reason to post these pictures of Heather Graham…She’s not falshing tits, or pussy, or really doing anything special…I think it’s the Christmas Season….or maybe it is cuz I just drank too much the last week and the depressive effects of alcohol are raping me since I don’t have a drink going and I am here reflecting great celebrity pussy of the past…

You know tapping into her titty and bush performance in Boogie Nightswhat must have been a decade ago…getting all meloncholic and emotional while listening to love songs….in this life filled with broken dreams….and broken women…even though Heather Graham has aged pretty amazing.

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Heather Graham’s Legs Aren’t Dead of the DAy

I’ve always like looking at Heather Graham both naked, clothed, or in a bikini….There’s just something that happened in the late 90s I call Boogie Nights, where her willingness to play a strung out, full-bushed, pornstar during the 70, great tits and all, spoke to me….and she’s managed to maintain…which is a lot better than the strung out sex workers I know…but maybe cuz they never went Hollywood, they stuck to their craft and didn’t divert off course…

Here’s some Heather Graham leg…

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Heather Graham Lesbian Tits in Boogie Woogie of the Day

Here is a clip from some movie called Boogie Woogie where Heather Graham gets topless and plays a lesbian with some twat named Jaime Winstone, not to be confused with the movie Boogie Nights where she gets topless with Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch…..I guess she’s a one trick pony, but when a bitch has tits like this and her trick involves showing them off, it’s a hell of a lot better trick than anything I can do…

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Heather Graham Showing Off Her Older Legs of the Day

Heather Graham may look like shit, but she will always be the fat titty big bushed pornstar in Boogie Nights to me. That Rollergirl shit lives on in both DVD and memory until the end of mankind, and it should be motivation for some of you young prude sluts who are scared of getting naked on camera or fucking on camera because your naive, malleable mind thinks it will fuck you over in terms of career and education, when in reality no one gives a shit if you get naked or fuck on camera and if it doesn’t give you a career if it gets leaked like you were Paris Hilton, shit will at least act as a time capsule you may want to reflect on one day when your old, fat and not 18 anymore. So girls, if you are reading this, take off your fucking panties and bra and pull out your digicam and get to work, because I can assure you Heather Graham watches that Boogie Night’s scene and all her other nude scenes for all her prospective lovers to let them know where those titties came from, making her seemingly far better looking than she is…..

Pics via Fame

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Heather Graham is in her Bikini of the Day

I am slowly dying – and so is Heather Graham’s sex appeal, but before she’s a total sloppy pig, she’s still got a few more years in her, I don’t know if I’m gonna be so lucky, that’s why I am going to pass the fuck out so I can punish myself all over again, and I’ll leave you these pictures to help you while punishing your genitals you pathetic motherfucker. I’ve had enough writing for the weeek.

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