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Heidi and Spencer Pratt are Fucking Asshole of the Day

I hate this type of person more than you fucking know. I find it insulting that they are famous enough to have the paparazzi follow them. I find it insulting that they have careers and above all I find it depressing that the public actually cares. There constant shitty publicity stunts, like they were actually real celebrities, living actual real celebrity lives, is tired and boring, but for some reason it still gets in the tabloids. I know I don’t give a fuck whether they are pregnant or not, I mean other than the fact that I’d need to find some crazy motherfucker to push her down the stairs to save man kind from the spawn of the fucking devil, but I find stunts like this totally uncreative, unoriginal and boring.

I wouldn’t expect much more out of these fucking idiots, but I’d hope they’d have better things to do with their time, you know just sit at home and count their money from making it this far, instead of plotting cheap, tacky ways to make the fuckin’ news.

That, along with their TV show is all part of the reason why I want these fuckers to just disappear and would like to encourage anyone psycho’s out there to make it happen, because I don’t have that whole kidnap and murder in me, I’m too nice and sane for that, but if someone was to eliminate these people, I think it’d be the ultimate RIP Motherfucker post I could ever hope to write…..

I figure the only publicity stunts I am willing to stomach from these two is the sex tape a staged death like they were Michael Jackson….cuz I’ve had enough of them….

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I want Heidi Montag-Pratt to Die of the Day

This is fucking disgusting. No seriously. It makes me fucking mad. I feel the hate in the depths of my bleeding asshole. These motherfuckers play the media in the most obvious way and it works. They know they don’t have to be creative, they can just be annoyingly obvious as they cry for attention as they are pretty much mocking us as they do it and they are getting paid and it is working for them. If only it was this easy for the rest of us, not that I’d ever trade my disgustingly pathetic existence to be this couple, because if I was this couple, I’d do the right fucking thing for society and kill my fuckin’ self. I’m talking murder suicide.

Either way, this is my plea to get you to stop supporting these monsters. Please help make them go away.

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Die Heidi and Spencer… Die… of the Day

DIE. Let’s hope that their publicity stunt goes awry and motherfuckers get jacked up with that swine flu shit a, because as funny as it is to see them do their bullshit performances on camera all the time, it’s tedious and I’m ready for it all to end. It would only be fitting if it happened while trying to get attention to themselves like they always do, by doing shit like going to Mexico during a pandemic scare, you know since idiots like this deserve to be punished for their behavior. Unfortunately it won’t happen, but their travel agent deserves a thank you note for at least trying his best to murder them legally.

See more of Heidi Montag On Her Honeymoon in a Bikini

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Heidi Montag’s Shameless Music Video of the Day

I posted these pictures of the devil shamelessly promoting her new shitty songs by getting her fake boyfriend to pretend to videotape her, while she mouthed the words to her song and asked people to go out and download it on itunes. If you were one of the people who listened, I hope you fucking die, because buying shit she’s peddling like the desperate out of work alcoholic kid’s birthday clown I saw on the street corner handing out free baloon animals to little kids, hoping to get a gig at a birthday party like the good old days, before he sold his soul to the fuckin bottle, and all motherfucker got was arrested for being a pervert who got too close to fuckin’ kids, like he deserved.

That said, give Heidi Montag what she deserves…failure.

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Heidi Montag Plays it Up For the Paparazzi of the Day

This souless cunt was out self-promoting and the paparazzi fed into her shit by taking pictures. She pulled up in a luxury car and danced around lip syncing her bullshit song while Spencer Pratt videotaped it, trying to promote her shit and get some buzz, despite it being kitchen fucking garbage, like her boobjob.

The lies are starting to get to me, I mean all I can think about is hate fucking her until she stops resisting under me. Maybe that sounds violent, but not as violent as how she rapes me everyfucking day with her bullshit.

There’s gotta be a video about this somewhere, google it.

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Heidi and Spencer Bring Their Bullshit Love to the Streets of the Day

Here are Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt livin’ up the lie that people believe because they have nothing better to do with themselves and the paparazzi are going nuts with the shit like these clowns are relevant. The other day, I hit them up on Twitter, because I use Twitter despite how gay it sounds and asked Spencer if he’s ever knocked Heidi up and he was pretty quick to say no. He went out of his way to tell me he hasn’t. He also said he has his own in the house they share, and that’s where he fucks Brody Jenner while Heidi is in the other room staring at her cunt self in the mirror. I want to hate these clowns, but I can’t, because everytime I dream about myself, I am played by Heidi Montag and have a feeling that means we’re soulmates, unfortunately, she has no soul….

Here they are trying to promote her new shit songs that Spencer pretends are the next big thing, while the rest of the world knows shit’s a fucking disaster….

Here’s the video of them working their bullshit for the paparazzi…

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Heidi Montag’s Titty Christmas Kiss of the Day

Here’s Heidi’s fake tits, to match her fake hair at her fake Finale party, with her fake husband that she has been fake dating for the last few years in her fake life. The only thing real in all this is that the dress is probably designer, and not a fake imitation, because it turns out the public like lies and lies make people very fucking rich.

That’s not to say it’s a nice dress, I don’t know this fashion shit, but this is Heidi Montag, so I can only assume it is some tacky trashy stripper shit you’d find at a sex shop, but it is to say that all this combined makes this bitch a lot smarter than you and me and that’s pretty fucking depressing.

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Heidi and Spencer Have the Christmas Spirit of the Day

I have decided that I am a hypocrite.I am inconsistent in all aspects of my life and like some things some days and hate them the next day. For the longest time I hated The Hills and everything it represented, I am sure I’ve mentioned it here a few times. But as the rest of the world started to catch onto the bullshit and started calling the cast out on living scripted lives, setting up staged everything, and paying the paparazzi to be there, all to perpetuate lies to the fans, I decided to start liking them.

It’s kind of like how skateboarding went gay in 1997 with Tony Hawk Pro Skater video games, making me hate everything about skateboarding in a matter of months when I started seeing Cha Chi motherfucker wearin’ skate shoes and I realized the fun was over, and now that everyone hates on The Hills, I need to start a fight to keep it around because watching Heidi and Spencer and their bullshit poses at a Christmas Tree farm, kissing under the misseltoe like they were in a shitty made for TV movie on the Hallmark Channel, or a low budget Christmas catalog, or even a scripted reality show, pretty much telling us all we’re fucking assholes for watching them act like assholes, the only thing these pictures is missing is them giving us the finger while counting their money, hopefully money they use to buy Spencer some testosterone for Christmas so bitch can grow a full beard instead of this teenage pervert shit…

Either way, here’s their performance and it warms my heart and if you want to get me something for Christmas, the only thing on my list is “The Hills Box Set” or even a signed picture from this power couple since I am officially their number 1 fan. Thanks.

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Heidi Montag’s Got More Mexico Bikini Pictures of the Day

As hard as it is to not hate Heidi and Spencer and everyone from The Hills, it’s hard not to respect and get what they are doing. Sure they are total assholes in the way they act and in how they badly play up the cameras and play the pawns in some MTV scripted life, but they are still living the fucking life. I know that at the end of all this, they won’t know where to seperate the real Heidi and the on camera Heidi, but she’ll have so much fucking money to really fucking care and that’s all assuming she had any fucking substance before signing up to this shit. My theory is that she didn’t. She was just one of those plastic cunts, not the kind you hide under your bed so your mom doesn’t find it and realize that this “girlfriend” you’ve been talking about is just a rubber thing you fuck, but the kind of plastic cunts who really didn’t have any other opportunities, so if anything she won the lottery, she’s the one in Mexico, she’s the one fucking this cocksucker Pratt, and she’s not the one sitting at home watching re-runs of the show, following their every move and fantasizing about banging Pratt while gossiping about their fabricated lives. That’s not to say that all of humanity even knows what this shit, but the vapid little cunts who do, are no better than the vapid little cunt their obsessing over. So the show’s a joke, the concept is alright, the players are fucking clowns, but the real asshole in all this is the people who watch.

Not that you care, since you don’t watch this shit, and you aren’t a teenage girl, even though you wish you were so that you could feel your 15 year old vagina and not get arrested, you just like lookin at Montag’s body in a bikini and I am not judgin’ cuz she looks as good as most strippers I’ve paid 10 dollars to touch their tits and that’s gotta count for somethin’

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