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Janice Dickinson Naked Tits of the Day

I’m a fan of Janice Dickinson, possibly because I’ve liked horror movies since I was 8 years old when my mom died, and she reminds me of the low tech late 70s zombie make-up, or maybe it’s got something to do with her not really giving a fuck….

She looks so fucking polluted, like some Frankenstein, made in a lab, shit, and for some reason I love her corpse of a body, all plastic, I just wish she wasn’t covering her pussy, cuz I’m sure it smells like that dead prostiture I didn’t know was dead I once fucked for free, thinking I was getting a deal when we were done and she didn’t give me a price, you know a mix between disease, decay, cheese and feces.

Is it Valentine’s Day cuz I’m in love.

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Janice Dickinson Grabs Her Rotting Droopy Pussy in a Bathing Suit of the Day

If you were Janice Dickinson or somehow accidentally went home with Janice Dickinson, you’d probably want her covering up her pussy lip as much as possible. Partially because of the smell of rotting semen that she’s got lodged up there from a life of access and comdomless sex with strange men…since her lifestle made pregnancy impossible, but internal cumshots from strangers very possible, but also because the dying animal she calls her baby maker is hanging, floppy, and has little life left in it…shit is on it’s last legs…if pussy lips had legs…at least that’s what I can assume based on the rest of her body in this one-piece designed to cover up the rest of her body…Disgusting to some but heaven to me…cuz any pussy is better than the pussy I’m forced to run away from at least 3 times a week.

To See The Rest of the Pictures – Follow This Link

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Janice Dickinson Flexes Her Ass of the Day

Janice Dickinson is flexing her ass for the paparazzi and nothing says a horrible looking ass like a bitch who clenches the shit like she’s trying to fight off anal sex rapists in prison. There’s something that happens when a bitch clenches her ass like she’s holding in her shit that makes her ass look like it belongs on a dude but I guess in Janice Dickinson’s case that doesn’t matter because at her low level of sex appeal, there’s nothing she can really do to make her look better or worse, she’s like a gay dude with HIV who now doesn’t have to worry about catching HIV, in an “Anything Goes” kind of thing….but at least she’s not fat.

Pics via Fame

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Janice Dickinson’s Dirty Tongue Kissing of the Day

I doubt watching a living corpse like Janice Dickinson rape a motherfucker with her tongue turns any of you on, but in the event that it does, here are the pictures.

I personally think it’s nice to see a bitch take some initiative, no matter how fucking disgusting Janice Dickinson happens to be, mainly because from my sexual history, I’ve been the one doing the raping at least 98% of the time, and the last 2% where I claim the bitch raped me, is usually because I have trouble admitting that I intentionally stuck my dick in them, and the rape accusation is the only way I can sleep at night….

Pics via PacificCoastNews

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Janice Dickinson Making Out With a Dude of the Day

Here is Janice DIckinson’s boyfriend giving her mouth to mouth because her heart just stopepd from her eating disorder, coke addiction and age. He’s not actually making out with her unless he’s just some junkie off the street trying to get high off her fumes, like these two highschool thugged out dudes I saw in the park that looked like they were making out like a gang of queers, but were really just shotgunning a joint . Or maybe she’s just grabbed a random dude and started making out with him without warning cuz she noticed the paparazzi were there and she needs all the attention her plastic face can get, and the poor fucker now has AIDS…….


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Janice Dickinson’s Thinks She’s The Original Supermodel of the Day

I read somewhere that Janice Dickinson claims she is the original supermodel, meaning before her there was no other supermodel and since her there have been thousands of supermodels. I know it is a lie, because if she really believed that she was a fuckin’ supermodel, she’d put a little more pressure on herself than to go out lookin like this haggard piece of dog shit that just got run over by a bus. I mean the only thing super on her is the fact that she’s got a set of fake tits and that’s only super in the ghetto stripclub where drug addiction makes saving up 5,000 dollars impossible, where as Dickinson’s tits are just a dime a fuckin dozen where she’s from and I guess I shouldn’t be bothering posting on her but there’s not backing down now. I am in too deep.

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Janice Dickinson and her Sports Bra of the Day

I find seeing pictures of Jancie Dickinson in athletic apparel pretty funny because I was under the impression the only sports-like activity she’s ever been a part of is marathon coke binges, marathon cocksuckin’ sessions and she maintains her sloppy skinny body by binging and purging like girls are supposed to. Fitness is for over achievers and everyone hates those assholes…

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Janice Dickinson and her Rancid Lady Parts of the Day

Janice Dickinson’s pussy is so rancid that even the skin on her thighs are trying to escape the shit…or at least it looks like it’s trying to move as far away from it by hangin’ out down by her knees until the infection clears up…or maybe shit’s just melting from the toxins, whatever it is, it’s not normal lookin’.

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Janice Dickinson in a White Bathing Suit on the Beach of the Day

Janice Dickinson brought her corpse to the beach….at least that’s what I hear her pussy smells like….at least that what her body makes me think her pussy smells like and I figure jerking off to this half dead whore is a lot easier than digging up fresh corpse in the cemetery risking getting caught or having a heart attack, or even easier than applying for a job at the mortuary to get your fix of rotting cunt.

Good morning, I’ve slept in today….

Pics via FAME

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