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Jennifer Aniston Gets Topless for Smartwater of the Day

Here’s Jennifer Aniston topless and grabbing her tit for smart water.

I’d like to say that this is the only kind of whoring she can do, since any guys her high expectation cunt goes after, cuz she thinks she is hotter than she is, in some high maintenace annoying way, run as far as they can away from her and her dying to get knocked up uterus.

I’d like to say that this picture simulates what she does to herself while masturbating while remembering the love Brad Pitt had for her before giving her Angelina herp.

But it’s not all that amazing whoring or sexual, considering we can’t see nipple, and really nipple is what defines topless to me, cuz not wearing a shirt just doesn’t always cut it….like in this case…our prerequisites over the years have shifted to become more hardcore….

But I will say that she’s definitely putting herself out there to be remembered, noticed and possible to get knocked up… Think of this as her personal ad….

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Jennifer Aniston in Horrible Bosses Trailer of the Day

I was going to post this last night, but I had already done way too many posts for the day, and I realize that no one reads the site, so I might as well just do one fucking post a day, and get the same fucking response and impact out of the 4 people who accidentally end up here….so I put it in the stepLINKS….

I have an addictive personality, and for some fucking reason I am addicted to posting every fucking story that I can, and I even have an internal dialog with myself, telling myself no to post the shit, cuz no one, including myself care about what I have to say or even about the content I’m putting up.

It’s a real fucking mess, and I prefer when I was addicted to masturbating, getting nude pics of girls, and speed.

Some recovering addicts find Jesus, I found blogging nonsense. It’s fucking weird…

But not as weird as seeing Aniston in her lingerie sucking showing us what she does to the men who fuck her, leave her and don’t bother coming back to her to start a family with her, cuz shit’s not good enough to balance out her cunt behavior….but it’s good enough to look at pictures of…

I guess she gets that it is now or never for her body…now or never…next stop….more pussy to legitimize herself as an actress….but I’ll take this lingerie trailer for now….

Here’s the Horrible Bosses Trailer

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Jennifer Aniston Window To Her Titties of the Day

I am not one to get excited over a bitch showing a little cleavage. I am so desensitized thanks to the internet and I have sex and tits available to me pretty much 24/7 that it’s just not really something that gets me excited….but I think I’m into Jennifer Aniston on a whole other level…like shit’s on some mental shit…if you know what I mean…

It’s like I’d love to watch a Jennifer Aniston sex tape. I’ve loved her tits since Friends. I don’t mind the work she’s had done, it’s subtle and makes her look better than if she was a melting pile of shit of a person, and I love that she’s got this ego, or high standards that leave her unwed, unpregnant and all this other bullshit she pretends she wants, but is too into herself to go out and get…It’s like that cunt behavior I know that comes with her, makes me want to come on her…

So these pictures are nothing special on the surface, but when you scratch that surface, a whole lot of good comes to the surface…if you know what i mean…

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Jennifer Aniston Whoring Herself Badly of the Day

I wonder if the satisfaction of her paycheck from doing the weakest viral video in the history of viral videos is as satisfying as being a barren women…a spinster…childless all because her cunt high maintenance behavior has scared off every man she’s ever allowed into her pussy….

I’m guessing she’s a partner in the company, because otherwise she wouldn’t put herself through this, when she should just get in her fucking bikini, cuz old, dried up, or not…that’s all being motherless is good for…a tighter pussy than her 50 year old friends…

This is fucking lame, but I am posting it anyway….even though not posting it would have lead to more nudity the next round after it failed…but this has a celebrity attached to it and some youtube stars so it’ll be bigger than it should be…that’s just how celebrity works.

While the rest of us need actual concept.

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Brooklyn Decker’s Ugly Face Kisses Jennifer Aniston’s Menopausal Face of the Day

This has got to be news somewhere….Brooklyn Decker had hard nipples and was kissing Jennifer Aniston at the premiere of some Adam Sandler smut he shat out and called a movie cuz he’s Adam Sandler and he knows will make him millions and so do the execs behind him…cuz there comes a time in everyone’s career…when you gotta say “fuck trying to be original or authentic where’s the fucking money….”

I think Jennifer Aniston is a boring fucking story. Menopause, infertility, failed relationships that never left her knocked up or not. She sucks. I think Brooklyn Decker is a boring fucking face…but her husband bought her SI’s Swimsuit Edition stamp of approval…so I guess that makes her big tits matter…and at least her nipples were hard…Who cares…I know…

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Jennifer Aniston’s Dried Up Uterus Turns 42 of the Day

I always like celebrating Jennifer Aniston birthdays cuz it’s always one day closer to her hitting menopause and missing out on the chance of reproducing. Sure she can always adopt a kid going into her 50s, but it’s never the same as having your own, if it was, adopted kids wouldnt be so fucked up. It’s a you snooze you lose, you fucking egotistical cunt who thinks you are hotter than you are cuz Brad Pitt married you, situation that brings me great pleasure in every break-up her self absorbed, unrealistically high standard, probably very high maintenance ass has…I can just tell she thinks she’s god’s gift to the fucking world…so her failures bring joy. Happy Birthday….RIP Uterus…the circle of life or some shit…keeping everything balanced except maybe her emotions..

Keep pushing up them tits – it’ll lure the baby daddy’s in as effectively as it did before…GOOD TIMES….

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Tits at the Go With It Premiere of the Day

Go With It is some shitty movie that I haven’t seen, but that I can assure you is shitty, because everything coming out of Hollywood is shitty, especailly shit starring Jennifer ANiston and Adam Sandler…THese movies are just money makers, cuz the general public are idiots, and this mindless smut is what they need to distract them from their shitty lives…..but not as shitty as someone like Jennifer Aniston shitty…you know single and unable to get husbands or babies cuz they are high maintenace and think they deserve better than the many cocks they’ve had in them no matter how hard they try..even though they are rich and famous and can have everything they want except the one thing they actually want….but shitty never the less….

I don’t care what you say, Brooklyn Decker is not hot. Her face is average at best, and sure she’s tall and skinny and has big tits, but you know what, so do a lot of bitches who are actually worth lookin at….She’s all smoke and mirrors and Andy Roddick’s PR people who brainwash you and the people at SI to make her a cover girl so she stops whining at home….

But she was at the event, cuz she’s in the movie, and she showed off some tit…so here are the pics of the overrated trash…

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Jennifer Aniston Photoshopped Baby of the Day

People are talking about Jennifer Aniston’s photoshoot for Allure’s cover, because she’s old, unable to get pregant because no dude is crazy enough to lock himself down to her high maintenance ass, except maybe a bunch of dudes, like me, who she wants nothing to do with, cuz she’s trying to upstage Brad Pitt, cuz he upstaged her….

So her fantasy of babies has gone to far, and now she’s posing for infantilism erotica, teddy bear and open shirt, sexing up the idea of infancy in a mainstream magazine, and unfortunately, she kept the diaper changing for the privacy of her own bedroom…

The sick thing in all this is that I know at least one person is jerking off to this photoshopped monster looking pussy…because that one person is me….not cuz I like little topless kids or 45 year old infertile bitches playing them….but because I like desperation….

Here is a video of some very very gay dude talking about the shoot with his very very weird dick sucking mouth….and speech impedement…

Here is another one of the creepy yet highly enjoyable bottom feeding shots…

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Jennifer Aniston Showing Off her Body for her Uterus of the Day

I can only assume this is Jennifer Aniston in what could be a last hurrah for her uterus, you know before it dries up and loses it’s ability to produce spawn, leaving her with no legacy, something you’d think her ego would quickly sort out, but maybe she’s too into herself to really bother with ruining herself for something that takes attention away from herself, but clearly she likes the idea of people window shopping her body, cuz like a monkey at the zoo, these pictures are pretty much her showing off her dripping engorged pussy, hoping to get mounted, you know before her body gets boxy and menopausal….and she looks pretty fucking amazing…proving that not having a kid may be a failure on her end emotionally, but a win physically…cuz 40 year olds don’t look like this…and she should thank Angelina Jolie for fucking up her self esteem and forcing her to step up her game to look good enough that Brad Pitt will probably be jerking off to these, remembering how she used to lick his asshole….

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