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Jennifer Lopez Bikini Selfie of the Day

In case you didn’t know, Jennifer Lopez is pretty fucking high maintenance. I guess that is what happens when you’re a vapid twat the world seems to think is talented. You know the kind of girl who is living her dreams – worth a fortune – and who still seems to think it is ok to TWERK.

She posted this video her sister, who I assume is her sister, posted. If you aren’t too turned off by the horrible accent she’s got, you know straight to the core of all your rage…you’ll see her calling out her sister for being ridiculous – because of how dolled up she is at the pool…hair/make-up/a wrap – always ready for a paparazzi invasion – just in case…gotta look her best…

She also posted the above bikini pic, cuz I guess when the paparazzi aren’t there, she is, and that’s enough to get a bikini pic from the right angle – to keep the vanity train rollin’….

I hate to admit it, especially considering her age, but her body is good.

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Jennifer Lopez Twerking of the Day

I don’t know what’s worse. The fact that Jennifer Lopez is twerking in her new video, despite being 90 years old….or that on mute, I like watching Jennifer Lopez twerking….

I mean normally, when I see an washed up, played out, fat ass bitch shaking her ass like she was still having sex with Diddy….I would laugh…because moms aren’t supposed to behave like this…not even when they work as strippers to help pay for formula….

But I like watching Jennifer Lopez twerking…I mean I wasn’t even into her at her prime…and I am not into her now…but this shit is hypnotic, like a slow motion train wreck, with more effort, planning, training…and spandex…

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Jennifer Lopez in a Bikini of the Day

Jennifer Lopez has a fat ass…and apparently unlike any decent human being…she doesn’t believe that when you’re over 40 and a mom you should invest in a one-piece…

She’s the kind of girl who is a victim of positive reinforcement. You can be guaranteed that no one has ever told her that she’s fat, ugly, useless, etc…even if she is..


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Jennifer Lopez Zombie Walk of the Day

Someone posted this picture of Jennifer Lopez on facebook.

They saw her shopping, and all I saw was some evil money grubbing zombie walking like she was some kind of possessed demon on her way to eat our souls after brainwashing us with her shitty acting, music and everything else she’s polluted our culture, and the culture of rich evil dictators she has danced for in exchange or money, with…

She’s the fucking worst, but this picture makes me laugh.

Maybe it’s all the meds, maybe she is just the fucking zombie you’d assume she was…created to make rich people more rich…or maybe she just shit her pants…who cares, it’s fucking J.Lo, I can’t believe I’m even posting this.

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Jennifer Lopez is Too Old for New Music Video Porn of the Day

I don’t know if Jennifer Lopez is trying to do some hood shit, and pretend she’s not worth 250 million dollars, with songs featuring French Montana, trying to be ironic by mocking Hip Hop videos in mansions with bitches, but being a ratchet bitch, surrounded by gay men acting like music video girls…it’s pretty horrible…

I get what she’s doing here, but she’s the fucking worst…and the fact that I am posting it makes me want to kill myself, but then again that just may be everything else about my life, you can never be too sure….

I didn’t watch the whole thing…but the first 30 seconds were the worst…but I will say that the song is called “I Love You Papi”…I don’t really understand the reference because J.Lo is 100 years old, and any Papi she may have died in the 90s…or is living at the old folks home.and unless this is a tribute to his life…I don’t understand the reference at all…It must be a hispanic thing, where you can never be too old to wear spandex, dance around, and call a man papi like a little slut just trying to make another 100 million…

What a joke.

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Jennifer Lopez Showing her Nipple of the Day

I’m thankful these J.Lo mom nipple in her 50s slip from a photoshoot…aren’t J.Lo mom pussy slips…

Not because I fear pussy, but because I fear J.Lo pussy…

It’s one of those pussies that I am sure eats you up and spits you out…leaving you confused and wondering what just happened….because how else did she get this famous with average looks and average booty…it’s gotta stem from the pussy’s evil powers…

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Jennifer Lopez Performing for an Evil Dictator of the Day

The things tired “Triple Threat” Latinas from the Latina fad sings happy birthday to some Turkmenistan dictator Gurbledonguly Birdmanrishnakhov…why, because she got paid a lot to do it, and if you got money, honey, she’s got her dancing monkey shoes on, because you know that’s kinda the whole basis of her existence, and in these times of her not mattering anymore, she has to take any paying job she can get to feel validated and like she matters, unless of course she’s a spy, in what would be the most annoying spy the USA has ever created, building up some ghetto chick from the Bronx and making her into a popstar so she can infiltrate governments in her 50s, on her retirement cash grab tours…

Here’s what one report had to say…

The singer and actress performed in the former Soviet bloc country on Saturday night. A statement released Sunday by her publicist to The Associated Press said the event was hosted by the China National Petroleum Corp. and wasn’t a political event.

Lopez’s publicist says the event was vetted by Lopez’s staff: “Had there been knowledge of human rights issues any kind, Jennifer would not have attended.”
The birthday serenade was a last-minute request made by the corporation to Lopez before she took the stage, and she “graciously obliged,” the statement said.

I think the real tragedy here is not that she’s entertaining an evil person, but that they didn’t kidnap her and hold her hostage, but I guess that would go against terrorizing the world, since we would all get up and celebrate her absence…right?

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Jennifer Lopez Pretending She’s not 100 Fucking Years Old in Harper’s Bazaar of the Day

Jennifer Lopez seems to forget that she’s 100 fucking years as she’s modeling, showing off skin, banging 18 year old gold diggers, hoping that wrist deep in her mom pussy will lead to rolexes, fame and all the other good stuf….because fisting is the only way she still feels….blame the twins….she does have twins right? I don’t fucking know, cuz she fell off back in Selena and I never got her hype, I just figured hispanic really like to endorse and promote their own…It is Friday Night, I’ve been drinking, I don’t know why I am posting this…but guess what…I am.

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Jennifer Lopez Is The New Madonna of the Day

I call Jennifer Lopez the new Madonna and not in a good way, or as a compliment, or in a way to say 50 year olds really have it going on and can real longivity in their popstar careers….but in a let it the fuck go, give it the fuck up kinda way….

Jennifer Lopez is not an “artist”….who’s craft is writing lyrics to songs that come from the soul. You know like an old bluesman in a bar in Chicago or really anyone making real music for their lives…

She is a cookie cutter poptart who makes shitty pop music that could be performed by a hotter fucking version of her, and could be performed by a hotter younger version of her, making her as much money as she already makes by creating a new popstar….but she’s an ego and wants all the fucking glory….and that is an unfortunate series of events…

Let it the fuck go…..you’re not sexy….this is disturbing….


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