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Jenny McCarthy’s Playboy Cover of the Day

My friends over at Playboy took a risky strategy that I can only blame on Heff’s dying, strokes, totaly disconnect from what people actually want to see, that comes in the form of Jenny McCarthy showing off her naked body in Playboy like it was 1999 and she was just starting up her career, instead of it being 2012, when her career has pretty much hit a brick wall…..and I guess the only hope is that her implants are only 16 years old, so we can stare at those like sex offenders, when her AUSTISTIC child making rest of her get ignored….

I don’t care how fit bitch is, there comes an age when you put your clothes back on and never take them off, where publicity stunts come in the form of attempted suicide and drunk driving…not showing off bush she’s already been quoted as saying she grew out to cover up her old mangled lips…

Either way, disaster…but I’ll post the rest of the pics when they drop….cuz I like disasters in the form of the woman form.

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Jenny McCarthy Staged Old Lady Bikini Pics of the Day

Jenny McCarthy was on the beach in some staged pics for attention cuz everyone loves bikini pics…they are like being cast on Dancing with the Stars only with less commitment….

So here are her fake tits….on her older body that she’s maintained nicely that you probably jerked off to back she was in Playboy…because that was her whole purpose…until the system fucked up and put her on TV, getting her working as one of the most annoying people in the world…

But she got what she deserved by selling her soul to the fucking devil…at least that’s what you’d assume she did based on her success with such low level talent and that’s probably how she got her autistic baby producing uterus….

I’ve seen Rosmary’s Baby…I know how these things work…

I prefer when her publicity stunts involve more nudity – toplessness – even when it isn’t playboy related….

Either way, she’s looking hot enough for me in this bikini, but then again that could just be the bikini talking…it happens.

To See The Rest of the Pics

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Jenny McCarthy in her Bikini of the Day

I know I make fun of Jenny McCarthy because she’s old. Because she’s annoying. Because she’s got a stupid loud face that used to irritate me despite how big her fake tits were or how naked she was on TV…she was like Jersey Shore in overrated back in the 90s. The even gave her her own horrible sitcom…all because she got naked in Playboy…it made no sense…

I know I make fun of Jenny McCarthy for having an autistic baby, or a polluted womb that makes autistic babies, not because I think anything is wrong with autism and at times think I may be autistic, but because I think it is funny to see people’s reaction of how heartless I am, when autism isn’t a real disease, it’s a fucking blessing that will leave her little baby the next Mark Zuckerberg….cuz people are idiots…

And now I know, fake tits age niceley…shit almost looks like they grew there on their own….

Lookin’ good McCarthy, as long as you’re in pictures and I don’t have to hear or see your bad comedy act…when you should just stick to getting naked and/or half naked.

To See The Rest of the Pics

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Jenny McCarthy’s Fake Tits in a Bikini for Twitter of the Day

I feel like the unofficial spokesperson for twitter….Posting all these bitches in their bikinis that they think is important to put up to twitter…to show off their fake tits…let the world know their annoying asses still exist…a little older….now with more Autistic babies that I guess she put in a cage like she was John Travolta to get out and tan….all for more followers…a simple strategy that works for me…even if fake tits don’t work for me…cuz polluted autism making uteruses do…since if you have to have a kid…it might as well be antisocial and into playing rocks quietly in the corner than a motherfucker who asks too many fucking questions on repeat…that shit gets annoying you know…

Either way here is the pic…and I’m digging this free to use shit….twitter makes the paparazzi and their 500 dollar a picture or we’ll sue you obsolete…Keep them coming ladies.

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Jenny McCarthy Picking Her Ass in her Bikini of the Day

I like Jenny McCarthy cuz she makes austic babies, something I look for in a uterus because I figure if you’re gonna have bratty kids to waste your time and waste your energy and annoy you for 20 years, they might as wellbe brains who can code websites, making me billions of dollars like I was Mark Zuckerberg’s dad…..not that I’d ever get with Jenny McCarthy…she’s blocked me on TWITTER cuz I guess she’ a little more sensitive than I am to comments about her uterus making handicap babies…but she deserves it for the 90s and her MTV big mouth and annoying behavior….

Here is her Playboy body, 15 years later…in a bikini…her tits don’t look a day over 16. They held up nicely after she bought them all those years ago….

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Jenny McCarthy is Too Old for this Shit of the Day

Shouldn’t Jenny McCarthy be saving autism out of guilt for the drug use and party lifestyle that tainted her uterus enough to have a retard baby….and not spending her time showing off her old boxed up body and her old big horse head face, things that should be covered the fuck up, but luckily her 15 year old titties save the day and give me something worthwhile to look at…because we get it, she did Playboy 20 years ago…and has been riding it ever since. Useless.

To See The Rest of the Pictures – Follow This Link

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Jenny McCarthy’s New Pussy of the Day

Not an actual new pussy, but remembering her obnoxious MTV career, she probably needs one. Shit probably did its fucking rounds and that pollution is what lead to an autistic baby that she’s turned into profit by writing books on the shit, creating events and fundraising for, taking her out of the trashcan she belongs in and putting her in the sa

Not that you or anyone else cares about Jenny McCarthy or her big stupid head, now that she doesn’t show off her 90s Playboy bush and fake tits, but here she is with her new man pussy after dumping crazy Jim Carrey and leaving him in some kind of bi-polar hole while letting this balding kid inside her hole to help her get through the shit….and move on….

Her boy toy, mid-life crisis, looks like he may just be one of her Autistics from the center she volunteers at who she decided to take out for dinner, but maybe he’s not actually a retard, but just looks like that cuz fucking Jenny McCarthy in her 40s takes getting drunk to focus on the memory of the Jenny McCarty you jerked off to in the 90s who you finally scored…

Either way, here are the boring pics….

Pics via PacificCoastNews

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Jenny McCarthy Whoring Herself of the Day

Jenny McCarthy believes that beauty should be recession proof, so she took on a job supporting the cause like it was some sort of political protest and not a fucking very well paid gig for her to spokesperson this shit and hopefully get people who are losing their houses, losing their savings, starving to death to pull out the 5 dollars Suave products cost, because I guess when you’re forced into prostitution, it’s better to have soft skin for random strange men to cum on, unless of course you’re Jenny McCarthy, in which you can just prostitute yourself by attaching yourself to commercial campaigns, because you already whored out your fake tits and body to Playboy decades of go and it was the John that kept on giving, wasn’t it. You fucking cunt.

Oh, and Suave, you’re a fucking cunt too. You have no sympathy to the current state of America you just want people’s money…milk them for all they got by thinking they actually need your fucking product, when we all know that your shit doesn’t do shit, it’s just a scam. You make girls feel insecure and come in as the fucking solution to all their problems, well guess what, my wife uses Suave and she’s fucking ugly, and no matter how much of your fucking shit she slaps on her greasy fucking body, she’s still fucking ugly, so why don’t you make your fucking product actually work and accept the fact that some people are lost causes, instead of milking the lost causes who know they are lost causes with your snake oil, especially in these hard fucking times. Fuck you.

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Jenny McCarthy’s Hot Body in a Bikini with her Brother of the Day

I always wanted to punch Jenny McCarthy in the face, which may not be saying much since I want to punch most women in the face, I think it’s one of those wanting to do what you’re not allowed to do, you know the same reason your 15 year old daughter is rippin’ lines and sucking two dicks at a time while skipping school, only a lot more angry. The reason I wanted to punch her in the face wasn’t just because she had fake tits and a pussy, but because she was fucking annoying. I’d see her yelling aggressively at me on TV back in the 90s used to piss me off in a big way and I’d want to shove that big horse head in the motherfucking trough and hold her under the water until I felt her stop resisting, knowing that enough oxygen was deprived from her brain to leave her in the corner playing with rocks and drooling, calm and not bouncing off the walls screaming at me, like her autistic son, but her body is pretty fucking spectacular considering all she’s been through and how old she is, so seeing her in some bikini pictures works for me since her screechy annoying yelps can’t be heard, but the real thing that makes these pictures hot is that this couple look like fraternal twins and everyone loves seeing or thinking about twins fucking, it’s next masturbation we can envy since we’ve exhausted every masturbation method possible to keep things fresh and don’t have a twin to feel like we’re fucking ourselves.

Here are those pics…

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