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Jessica Alba’s Sloppy New Mom Body of the Day

When milk filled tits aren’t being fully exposed…or at least being taken advantage of….mom bodies really stand out for the ruined state they actually are….you know tits, especially tits that can nourish, have an ability to really distract from the fact that a bitch is fucking destroyed thanks to her ego’s need to have a mini version of her running around polluting the fucking world…

Here’s Jessica Alba looking like pure shit….and I can only imagine what kind of meaty hell her pussy is in, if the rest of her body’s recovery has been this expected for the Mexican we have to remember she is…

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Jessica Alba Milk Filled Mom Tits of the Day

Here are some Jessica Alba milk filled mom tits on a mom body being exposed as much as this prude exposes her tits because she wants to be respected for her acting skills and in doing that has become the biggest cock tease…

I thought child birth is supposed to make women desperate for male attention while struggling with post partum depression and a vagina hanging down to their knees….at least that’s what I tell myself everytime I go to the park and watch mom and baby yoga classes…or see a bitch breast feeding for attention and not cuz her baby is hungry….cuz pulling out a tit when trapped in life…just makes fucking sense….

I just hope things change for her and all the doctors proding with her cunt make her return to acting very naked, cuz naked will be all the work she can get, in a time she’s finally secure with her body…even though she should have been secure with her body back when she was 19 and tight….

Who cares.

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Jessica Alba in a Shitty Mom See Through of the Day

Those Moms…..always starved for male attention after wrecking their bodies…I see how they look at me as they breast feed in the park…in disgust…but as far as I’m concerned looking at me in disgust is fucking foreplay and they actually like me watching….

Only in this case, Alba is taking her typical Alba stance, that can be found in all her shitty movies, and that’s by not being nude…and just being subtly erotica….

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Jessica Albas Post Baby Weight of the Day

Here are some Alba milk filled titties…all empty in the uterus…but still ravaged in the vagina…assuming she gets celebrity c-sections…cuz a little scar is easier to hide in a bikini than a meaty fucking cunt….as you know she’sll try to make a comeback and be that bitch on all fours showing vagina she once was…only now she’ll have to get naked to stay competitive….and interesting…which will be a nice change of pace for people like me who have always wanted to see her naked…I just have a thing for Mexicans who pretend they aren’t mexican, especially when they are hot and hollywood, even with their babyweight…. You know how it is.

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The Spy Kids Premiere Was Pretty Erotic of the Day

I just assumed that people who go to see movies like Spy Kids, especially grown men who don’t have kids are just real fucking perverts who you gotta look out for in the movie theater cuz they may be there to masturbate on your kids popcorn when you’re not looking…..you know kinda like me when I went to see that teenage hot chick movie about cheerleading or gynastics or some shit when wasted…only to be in a room full of 14 year olds who looked at me like I was creepy as fuck…cuz lets face it, I am….

But it turns out that there’s a whole diverse level of perversion at the Spy Kids premiere…there’s shit for everyone of all different fetishes to get off to…not just the pedos….

Here’s the unofficial list of the fetishes that were in attendence…

Alba pregnancy extreme pregnancy…for the Ready to Drop Porn Lovers

Charlotte Ross extreme legs….

Rachel Fox Some 15 Year Old….for the Sex Offenders

Verne Troyer for the Midget Fetishists

Electra Avellan for the Twin Fetishists even though she’s not with her twin…..

Alexa Vega for the Haggard looking 22 year old with Colombian father’s and model mothers who was an amateur Gymnast Fetishists…..yeah this one’s a real fucking stretch but I like to view it as a highly targeted fetish

Holly Robinson Peete for the Black Chick pushing 50 but who is from 1990′s ABC Sitcoms Fetishists….

And the Kool Aid guy for the real fucking weirdos who love fucking mascots and marketing icons for shitty brands….

This post is one of my dumbest…

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Jessica Alba Pregnant Tits Walking of the Day

Jessica Alba is another pregnant slut who pretends she’s not a slut by being all married and already a mom who I’d like to feel how tight her asshole gets as the baby crowns….you know one of those bathing in her placenta as her water breaks all over my chin….in a whole “pregnancy is beautiful as long as you’re not fucking it, because when you start fucking it, it gets messy, which sometimes isn’t all that bad, just ask Kim Kardashian how she feels about being a receptacle bodily fluids, it ain’t that bad”, nice belly button, ya heard….

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Jessica Abla’s Pregnant Mom Tits of the Day

I call these pics “Fat and Fertile, Mexican Roots Exposed” cuz every mexican woman I’ve ever met, even half mexican, has a uterus as fertile as a fucking rat living in the communal outhouse in the motherland…I’m talking kid after kid after kid….like there’s an endless supply of corn tortillas and avacados and pinatas to fuel the fucking thing and raise it to be the best illegal immigrant to jump the fence into the USA…..

Alba, despite denouncing her Mexicana roots, cuz she’s a cunt like that, too good to be Mexican, all Hollywood and above us Mexicans, but she can’t hide the fact that she’s already planning the next litter for when this one comes out, cuz she just can’t help her breeding self. It’s instinct..as well as a way to keep a man who tried to escape her….but instinct never the less.

I just like lookin at her tits for old times, uterus bloat or not…

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Jessica Alba Pregnant Bikini Pics of the Day

I don’t know if I already posted these pictures, pregnant chicks, especially when half naked, are kinda like what black people think about white people, that they all look the same.

That’s not to say I wouldn’t try to have sex with her unprotected for confidence that I wouldn’t knock her up and have that lifetime commitment, but is to say that I’d probably hit it from the back, cuz that baby filled stomach with a buldging belly button is about as erotic as finding out a bitch has AIDS before sticking it in.

If that makes any sense…

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More Jessica Alba Pregnant Bikini Pics of the Day

I figured we needed a little horror for Friday the 13th, and as far as I’m concerned having a creature growing inside you is as bad as it gets, for both career, sex appeal and most importantly vagina….

Clearly, I’m not one of those people who think pregnancy is hot. Ever.

To See the Rest of the Pics

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