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Kate Moss Dressed as an Old Playboy Bunny – Literally – for Playboy of the Day

For some reason, a reason I call Playboy marketing budget, people are all talking about this picture of Kate Moss for Playboy’s anniversary, which based on Hef, I can only assume is the 200 year anniversary…because Playboy got her in one of their Bunny costumes…and I guess that’s a big deal…even if you look into the Kate Moss archives of being the best fucking model ever…with her rockstar life and rockstar unprotected sex…from having been naked in photoshoots since the 90s…to continuing to show off her tainted pubed up vagina into her 50s…she is 50 right?…to cocaine scandals and sex scandals…seeing her in a Playboy bunny outfit is fucking tame…

If Playboy wants to make some noise, you know really go out with a bang before Hef dies, they need to pay better people, who aren’t all naked everywhere for their campaign, even if I love everything Kate Moss does…she’s just fucking perfect even in her menopausal, boxy, bloated, glory…

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Kate Moss Never Wears a Bikini Top of the Day

Kate Moss is probably around 100 years old and has been modelling for at least 4 decades at this point…so seeing her topless at the beach is nothing really exciting or new…because she does this every time she is in a bikini…she’s European like that…not to mention she’s been topless in her modelling since the 90s…so these nipples are like an old friend or ex girlfriend…and like old friends they are boring to hang out with, you kinda hate what they have become, and you try to avoid them when they call you for the 10th time and you feel obligated to answer, but they bring a level of normalcy and comfort to your life, consistency, even though they are now just older and fatter and less interesting than they once were…and you already fucked them in their prime…but you’ll still keep them around…cuz that’s what life is about…never turning your back on a set of tits…even if you really want to…


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Kate Moss See Thru Shirt of the Day

Kate Moss is my favorite…I love her and I always will…her use of her tits to get rich and famous and live a life of luxury filled with random dirty sperm and broken dreams…

Even in her 40s, I’m buying her bullshit, but that’s just because I am so curious what her well traveled vagina smells like..after all the unprotected sex with rockstars…seriously…

She’s a coke loving, sex loving, mom, who always shows off her tits…and she’s skinny and top quality…even if her vagina tells a different story…

What’s not to love….


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Kate Moss is Either Pregnant or Menopausal of the Day

It was a toss up as to whether I’d post these pics of Kate Moss looking like an old lady with a boxy menopausal body to remember what was…or whether to post THESE PICS OF CHARLIZE THERON AND HER ANGELINA JOLIE / SANDRA BULLOCK / MADONNA BABY IN HER BIKINI

I guess both get the point that nothing is forever, so seize the fucking day and do whatever it is you have to do as fast as you can fucking do it because before you know it, you’re pushing 50 and so is your fucking body…no matter how hard you try…

It’s a good thing this girls made their millions in their 20s, so they can ride the good life, it’s just depressing to watch it go down…

Because with every stretch mark and bloat I see, I’m reminded that I am also old as fuck, but unlike these bitches, I’m not in a bikini living large, I’m in a basement apartment, living with a bitch who is large….


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Kate Moss Spreading her Legs in Esquire UK of the Day

I would love to smell the room after this picture of Kate Moss spreading her legs was taken…I assume it smelled like a cross between heaven…and a polluted wasteland filled with death of all living creatures…you know thanks to her hard living, party living, liberal with her vagina living, that had sex with heroin addict rockstar living, without a condom because people in Hollywood and Entertainment and Fashion and really anywhere don’t use condoms, condoms are for sick people, plus AIDS isn’t a death sentence and herpes is actually beneficial because once you get it, you don’t have to worry about getting it anymore…obviously….and I want it smeared on my face, dripping off my face, it seems so luxurious, I mean why else would she be in Esquire…

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Kate Moss Nipple Slip for some Campaign of the Day

Kate Moss still gets some work and as far as I’m concerned she is the only relevant model around. Even if she’s pushing 50 and a mom, probably has the most battered fucking vagina around, thanks to fucking a lot of people, many of them A-Listers, some of them rockstars, all of them with hundreds of unprotected sexual encounters under their belts, fascinating me, you know just out of curiosity, to taste what an old, used pussy tastes like when it isn’t a street whore, but rather a model worth millions. I am sure it’s all floral and fragrant and amazing…like fine wines and expensive creams and oils…but under that mask, or illusion, is pussy far worse than porn pussy…and that excites me…

I also like that she has bush, is into showing it off, and today all we’ve got are some behind the scenes pics from some campaign she did, that may or may not have nipple, but as far as I’m concerned do, not that her nipple is anything you haven’t seen before, she’s topless all the fucking time, and amazing…

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Kate Moss Panty Flash Fail of the Day

For a model who would walk around day to day totally naked…this wind blowing up her skirt and not showing the world her bare ass is a fucking fail…I sit outside the local Starbucks and see this shit happen to girls of all ages and they are never quite as lucky….and they aren’t into showing their naked asses to the world because they are so open minded, free spirited, hippie models who everyone has already seen naked, yet for some reason, they’re fails are wins, and this Kate Moss characters fails are just fails…and I’m not even making reference to her battered, well traveled vagina, that I would like to lick like it was one of those jungle toads to see if I get high from all the remnants of her psychedelics…and rockstar aids…

Either way, fail or not, I’m a fan.

To see the rest of the pics FOLLOW THIS LINK

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Kate Moss Modelling Shoes of the Day

I don’t have a foot fetish, or a shoe fetish, if anything, I find that shit just weird as fuck. It makes me uncomfortable.

I figure all fetishes stem from some getting molested by your uncle or camp councillor or priest place…..

It just can’t be healthy or beneficial to be into one specific thing obsessively for sexual purposes. It is creepy….

I mean there are people out there who can only get off to a girls feet, and even some people who can only get off to fucking a girl’s shoe…

I think a better strategy is to just be a general pervert who likes all things and makes them sexual even when they aren’t, especially when those things are Kate Moss, being all old and used up like a cummed on rag in the corner of your bedroom you haven’t washed in years…she’s just that good.

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Is Kate Moss Wearing Panties of the Day?

Kate Moss is amazing.

I know she’s old as fuck, her stomach is starting to show, and I don’t think she’s pregnant, and she’s a fraction of what she was, but a fraction of what she was, is better than most…

She represents a better time….an era where she was a model who fucked rockstars unprotected, who partied hard and who did a ton of cocaine out in the open…she was also topless out in the open as often as possible, because I guess she had nothing to hide, seeing as she modelled topless, and couldn’t be bothered covering up for the paparazzi, it got in the way of an even tan…All while being a mom to a little girl…

Her nipples amazing, long and humble, but probably not humble at all, but cunty as fuck cuz she’s Kate Moss….

She’s still getting work and more importantly she seems to be exposing her vagina…but can’t be too sure…

Sure it’s not like we haven’t seen HER PUSSY before , but that doesn’t mean it is a delicacy, like a aged cheese, many many many people have had their hands in, but that just adds to the flavor….

All this to say, I love Kate Moss.


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