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Katherine Heigl Bikini for Twitter of the Day

I don’t know which one of these girls is Katherine Heigl…but I am going to assume it isn’t the one with the cum on her, because Katherine Heigl is more about keeping the cum inside her uterus…and I am going to assume it is not the one with the Shar Pei face…all wrinkly skinned like an oversized sweater on her cheekbones…because there’s no way Katherine Heigl would post that of herself, she’s more into pushing the “sex appeal” thing that I don’t think she has, but you probably do, because along with her thick thighs, comes tits…big tits…that get her work…

I’m not a fan, if anything I hate all she represents, but she is posting self shot bikini pics of her and her girlfriends, one of which is covered in cum…oh Divorcees pushing 40 – they so crazy…

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Katherine Heigl Bikini Pics of the Day

Katherine Heigl is in Mexico because her life isn’t a fucking vacation, and she posted this really hot pic of her and her sister, who seems adopted or asian, unless Hollywood made Heigl reformat her face to be the star of so many shitty movies, you know that started out lookin like the thing on the left…..

She’s as irritating, boring, played out as any 30 something mom on vacation on the beach can be, I mean sure you’ll try to jerk off to the album on facebook cuz you like to challenge yourself and have nothing better going for you, but you know that a click away are hot girls who are probably far hotter to jerk off to….

Here’s a picture of her getting tickled by a fish that is trying to make it’s way home into her twat….

She’s less fat than she was, but still just as fucking irritating.


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Katherine Heigl Kinda Naked for Some Movie of the Day

This is a clip from one of Katherine Heigl’s riveting performances in a romantic comedy you’d probably rather rip your eyes out than watch….seriously…I remember seeing a trailer for this and not only was I offended a storyline like this was sold and made into a moive….but I was offended that they cast Katherine Heigl….because I come from the school of thought that she’s the devil and should be ignored for the benefit of the world….putting her in movies does the opposite of that….it celebrates her and makes her an idol to dumb little girls….breeding a whole new generation of idiots….

Well the good news is that she got naked in the movie, but I don’t really know if that’s good news…but it is strategic naked, so if you’re on the fence about a naked Heigl cuz you think she’s fat…vile and the devil….you don’t have to watch this….

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Some Bitches at the New Year’s Eve Premiere of the Day

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There is a really shitty fucking movie that hollywood shat out called New Year’s Eve and it is being pegged as having an a-list cast because they cast a whole lot of known celebs that equally fucking suck at acting but that have a good publicity team making the general public think they matter….

I had the serious misfortune of seeing the trailer and immediately feeling the need to murder, if not myself, then all of fucking hollywood.

I don’t even want to go into the shitty storyline I can’t believe got budget to get made…I can only assume Ryan Seacrest is behind it…

That said, they had a premiere and there was pussy up in it and since pussy is what I do….here’s what you missed out on along with me cuz hollywood doesn’t think we matter….

Fergie Showing Tit….and shoulder but most interesting some dangly armpit skin that looks like an armpit pussy….my favorite…

Katherine Heigl Showing Tit in a tight dress I can only assume is spanxed all to hell

Sofia Vergara Showing Tit in a Lingerie Looking Dress…

Abigail Breslin/Little Miss Sunshite Jail Baitin’ for your Masturbating…

Lea Michele Manly Tit and Single Kutcher Who May Fuck It….because clearly he’s not too discriminatory when it comes to pussy….

Hilary Swank is Boys Don’t Cry….

Ludacris and Some Big Black Booty….

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Katherine Heigl Thickness Isn’t Hot Unless You Have Osteoporosis of the Day

Here are some pics of Katherine Heigl stopping by her salon, where I assume she’s gonna use some smoke and mirrors to make herself look as presentable as possible, when she should be stopping by her plastic surgeon for some liposuction, or maybe to some wich doctor who can reduce the density of her bones, cuz clearly, she’s big boned and sure the only thing good about big boned may never get Osteoporosis, and the only thing attractive about women who can’t get Osteoporosis is to women who have Osteoporosis and thus envy, making Heigl a BoneDensity-spiration, like fat bitches obsessed with skinny, or breast cancer survivors obsessed with Liz Hurley, but I’m the kind of guy who looks for bitches at risk of getting Osteoporosis…you know cuz they aren’t built like football players….

I hate this bitch. That’s all I have to say about that.

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Katherine Heigl’s Double Chin of the Day

I’ve been calling Katherine Heigl a fat pig of a woman who doesn’t deserve any fame, attention, or jobs unless she’s working the cash at Walmart since I first found out who Katherine Heigl was….I would get backlash from people, who I guess were Grey’s Anatomy fans, saying how sick I was and how beautiful she was and how great her tits were, not knowing it was all diversion from her actual sloppy self and all I gotta say is that this double chin don’t lie….she’s fat, I’m always right, fuck you. Stop masturbating and make something of your life. Loser.

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Katherine Heigl Definitely Not Anorexic, Very Excited About Food of the Day

Here are some pictures of Katherine Heigl struggling with her shopping cart because she’s fat and that’s what happens when you’re weighed down with food….I figured from her dumpy figure….and big tits that only come with over-eating – this was the case…I’m insightful like that…

I mean sure you can argue it is her prepping thanksgiving, where she tells the family how thankful she is for how great she is, and how despite being ugly, has managed to get cast in tons of movies, in some kind of miracle, only selling her soul to the devil would explain, because seriously, everything about her is a cunt……Happy Thanksgiving you undeserving priviledged twat.

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Katherine Heigl Man Handled Hooker at the Animal Shelter of the Day

These are some funny pictures of sloppy bodied, usually dumpy and unshowered with a cunt who thinks she is hot and can’t be bothered face, all unattractive amd Katherine Heigl who I hate for no reason other than that she’s been marketed, or presented as a sex symbol of some sort, and that label has got to her head, and she believes the shit, when I just think she’s a poster girl for why you should have an eating disorder….or at least why you need to suck dick to get ahead, cuz so many girls much hotter than her, aren’t living her life, cuz they don’t have that rigt attitude…not that it matters…because today, she oddly, out of character, got into whore clothes instead of her regular period, can’t be bothered clothes ….to hit up the animal shelter…and that makes no fuckin sense. White gogo boots and all…what the fuck.

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Katherine Heigl’s Sloppy Body and Fat Tits of the Day

Here are some slopppy Heigl tits…..she’s a mom who has ruined the mom tit fetish I’ve recently developed watching moms this past summer at the coffee shop…or in the park…doing mom yoga trying to get their bodies tight again…even though it’s a waste of time…cuz having a kid kinda takes that ability away from a motherfucker….

I think it has to do with me always being hungry and liking tits, killing two birds with one nipple….but Heigl just looks dumpy as shit and it amazes me that she even got famous to begin with…I’d bet there are dozens and dozens of girls hotter and more talented just not known yet…I think it’d be a good time to replace this one with them, she’s tired and it’s time to hang her career up to focus on mom shit….mom shit I’m sure is vile in her case…cuz you don’t get a body like this eating well….

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