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Kelly Ripa’s Ripped Body in a Dress of the Day

Kelly Ripa is one of the most fertile middle-aged people on Daytime television I’ve jerked off to. I like her little ripped body, even though her saggy, muscular mom tits are something you expect to be a gateway breast for closet cased homos trying to get some level of gay sex withouth being gay or maybe the breasts a reformed Christian gay would jump at after the preacher brainwashed him into thinking he’s not gay because gay is against Jesus, but she still looks good enough for me in all her anorexic, fitness freak glory and I understand why her Mexican husband mounts her at least twice a day, but that’s partially because as a Mexican I know fucking all day is what we are good for and I prove it’s not necessarily what we’re good at, but you don’t have to be good to get a bitch pregnant and along with jumping the border, it’s part of why there are so many of us breeding in America now that we’ve got our passports…all part of the takeover plan.

Pics via PacificCoastNews

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Kelly Ripa’s Vagina That Has Had Many Kids is in Tight Pants of the Day

Kelly Ripa was showing off her real skinny body and flat ass in a pair of tight jogging pants, and I couldn’t help but notice the shit giving her vagina a nice little hug, because I guess the fuckin’ thing gets sad sometimes when it remembers a time before it was violated by her 12 kids cuz she married a latino and we like to breed, you know back when the fucking thing didn’t have a mind of its own and when it didn’t look like it was permanently throwing up its uterus, but I could be wrong, maybe this is just the style….

Pics via Bauer

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Kelly RIpa is Suckin’ Her Fingers of the Day

Here are some pictures of Kelly Ripa fingerbanging her mouth like the whore that she is. I guess she is demonstrating how she does shit on her vagina now that shit has pumped out all those fucking kids and shit is out of commission, you know nice and worn out like an old fuckin' boot that you pull out of the river and are forced to roast over the fire and eat because you're a poor hobo who is dying to eat, only a little hotter than that.

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Kelly Ripa and her Green Bikini of the Day

Kelly Ripa, my 9 am McDonald’s bathroom masturbation inspiration, because that’s the only place I get to watch TV, brought her dick of a belly button out in her bikini again. She looks better than most mom’s do, but that’s no excuse to continue my masturbation fantasy about her, I’m gonna just save my reserve for Whoopi who comes on at 11 because she seems a little dirtier and like she’s got her dick in the right motherfuckin’ place. I’m not gay or anything, I mean she does play a woman on TV every morning, so fuck you for judging.

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Kelly Ripa is Fucking Ripped of the Day

I wonder how many sites made the connection with her body being ripped and her name being Ripa. I am thinking 95% of them.

These pictures are disgusting have. Don’t get me wrong, I like skinny girls, but not fitness skinny. I like eating disorder and drug addict skinny, because there’s something nice about skin that looks like it’s an extra large condom dangling off my little penis than skin that looks like it’s about to explode like the seam of my wife’s pants when she tries to sit down on the couch.

Whatever the fuck is going on with her sternum/titties is some steroid shit, that reminds me of the WWF and not in a good way, but what really gets me is the penis that is sneaking it’s way out of her belly button.

Sure, hermaphrodites are one of nature’s great luxuries, but the thought of going down on a bitch and having that shit pokin’ me in my forehead freaks me out but not as much as the idea of a sex tape of her husband jerkin it off while getting her pregnant for the fourth time does.

Here she is in Miami.

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Kelly Ripa Rock Hard Bikini Body of the Day

I always liked Kelly Ripa. She made me laugh. She was little and kinda hot and she liked to get fucked. At least that what I assumed after she had all those kids because getting pregnant involves fucking. See, I am not as dumb as you thought.

What I don’t like is that her her body is so fuckin’ rock hard, sure I always shit on mom’s post pregnancy, for being ruined, and Kelly is no exception to the fucking rule, because instead of being doughy, she’s jacked on fuckin’ steroids and the way her tits are pulsating with testosterone off her chest is some weird fucking look.

That said, I wouldn’t mind watching her pussy flex its muscles. But that’s cuz I like pussy.

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Kelly Ripa’s Mouth is Ready to Receive of the Day

Here’s Kelly Ripa doing her best impression of her vagina after her third kid fell out of it.

Yeah, that’s all I got in me today, not sure why, but by the quality of that joke, I think it’s safe to say that I should be Regis’ replacement when he dies, because despite popular belief, he is not a robot and will die eventually and there gonna need someone to fill his little leprechaun shoes, and that someone won’t be me, even thought I was born for that shit.

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Kelly Ripa and Her Dance With the Knicks Dancers of the Day

I won the lottery today. FUCK ALL OF YOU, I QUIT …..it’s a pretty fucking amazing day, considering I never win shit in my life and today I took my 1 dollar scratch and win to the store to get checked out and the bells rang on the machine. I dropped to the ground praising the real Jesus for putting me through this struggle, only as a test to live until this day, where I can take my money, throw my computer out the window and fly far away, change my name so my wife can’t find me and spend the rest of my short life sitting on a beach with local women massaging my feet while drunk, that’s when I came to and found out that I only won a dollar, so in reality, I only broke even and didn’t actually win shit, but it was a good start….because for the first time in my life I didn’t actually lose….

I guess that’s kinda how the people who watched Live with Regis and Kathy Lee the Kelly Ripa Edition this morning feel, they got to see her trying to live up to her 12 year old girl body and hip hop dance with the Knicks dancers, to some pop music, with some skimpy outfit on, showing off her really skinny body, making the Knicks dancers look fat, but since her tenth kid, has gone through some hormonal change leaving her pretty much titless, making the whole thing a beak even situation….not too good and not too bad…just nice and balanced….enjoy….if you can see past the shitty quality of the weird Ripa fan’s video….

Here’s another part of her training…

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Kelly Ripa and Gisele Sing Some Karaoke of the Day

Here’s a video of Gisele showing off her bass singing skills like she was Lance Bass after he his puberty but I was too lazy to find the actual video of and was stuck with more Kelly Ripa stealing the spotlight because girls are jealous and catty and she’s trying to wants the spotlight on her and not on the leather pants wearing model legs. I think the highlight of the clip is the way she introduces “Bon Jovi”, it sounds a hell of a lot like “Blow Job”, maybe it’s a freudian slip because she’s sitting there feeling like getting her dick sucked, but it’s probably just the language barrier, either way, it’s worth watching, otherwise I wouldn’t be posting it. Asshole.

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