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Kendra Sex Tape Review of the Day

Yesterday I had the great honor of being the first to bring you a clip from Kendra Wilkinson’s Sex Tape Kendra Exposed ….it was one of my first exclusives and the whole thing was pretty exciting for me as I am normally really useless..but not as exciting as the fact that KendraExposed is available online right now…and I know how much all you fuckers love celebrity sex tape…no matter what level of celebrity the bitch in the sex tape actually has….

I bought the Kendra Sex Tape last night using friend’s credit card when he passed out drunk….Here are my quick notes….

She starts off with a stripshow…her hair is thick and horselike, clearly bitch was a stripper or spent a lot of time at the stripclub. She does all the standard stripper moves. From the ass flex, booty shake all set to some updated porno beats that are still cheesy as fuck, but that’s really what you want, especially when it flushed out Kendra’s voice…

Like any 18 year old in 2003, she does not like him to zoom in on her, maybe because she’s got a vagina complex, which I understand, because her pussy is pretty meaty, discolored and uncontained, dried up prune and wise beyond its years that may be 18 but looks like it could be 80 and in need of a wax, but most pussy is, making her no different than everyone else, but unlike current nude pics of her, there was no photoshop used…and thankfully unlike the current state of her pussy now that she’s had twins….

They fuck on a white trash bed with some cat comforter waterbed shit you’d expect many bottles were returned to pay for…cuz we all gotta start our porn career somewhere – whether it is in the trailer park, our dad’s workshop, or the back alley….or on a ghetto bed….

She tries hard to pull thru, she knows she’s filming a porn, she puts some serious effort into it…sure I’ve had better sex than this, less awkward conversation and joking around about PRECUM….the precum of a dude who sucks at directing, but more importantly looks fucking retarded, like some serious white trash with some real dumb looking teeth, who fucks like a lazy slob, and keeps Kendra working….

So girls, let this be warning – film a sex tape when you get the chance – cuz you never know when you’ll need it to pay the bills….or when you’ll want to release it to remind people of what you had when you were younger….

The big question this sex tape brings up is what other quality dudes she has had inside her… and the good news is that unlike the movies you’re into she doesn’t die at the end…weirdo….

The movie is awesome. I loved watching it. The ending is on another level of weird. Kendra’s not that hot. But fucking on tape is fucking on tape….

So to See the Awkward Ending of an Pretty Good Celeb Sex Tape…Follow This Link….

Here are some NSFW screen caps….but the whole site is mildly NSFW according to most so if you’re hear already…then you should be fine…

Via KendraExposed

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Kendra Wilkinson Exclusive Sex Tape Clip of the Day

Here is an exclusive clip from Vivid of the Kendra Wilkinson sex tape everyone is excited about.

I have no real opinion about this clip mainly because I don’t really like anything about Kendra Wilkinson or her prostitute life other than the fact that she gets naked for money and now has sex for money…and I think more girls should take her lead…cuz I like watching….

There are rumors that the video was actually shopped around by her to boost her career she doesn’t want to see drown, which I think it is safe to say is fact but really who cares about the business behind the shit, let’s focus on what is more important and that is the fact that this shit exists and is getting out there….

Seeing any 18 year ass is getting fucked in video that you can buy later today is amazing….especially when it is 18 year olds who are no longer 18 but who we’ve got to know on TV and in Playboy….kinda like reminding us all of what could have been had things panned out different before ruining her vagina with kids….

This brings back memories of Pam Anderson sex tape in the 90s, and Paris Hilton’s sex tape in the 2000s…and I am hoping is just the start of the sex tapes of the 2010s….cuz I figure there will always be people willing to get down on camera when shit starts going downhill…especially after how well shit has worked out until this point for other bitches….

So here’s a preview of her getting down…giving some blowjob….you won’t see it anywhere else, cuz I’m just that relevant in the entertainment world when it comes to sex tapes…..Enjoy….

To See Another Hardcore Clip and To Find Out More on the Sex Tape
Follow This Link….

And if you are like me and appreciate the ambition in her 18 year old eye, already knowing dick sucking will take her farther than any University degree, and know you want it ….

Then Follow This Link and Buy The Kendra Exposed Video

Here’s a screencap if the video is loading slowly to entertain yourself with….

Here’s a screencap of her natural 18 year old tits…before her awkward body bought new ones….

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Kendra Sex Tape Screenshots of the Day

Being famous is a business. There’s a lot of competition and fighting for attention, so when you have very little talent and made a career off being naked, you figure there’s only one way to keep people’s eyes on you, especially now that you’re a dumpy mom who has destroyed any sex appeal she might have had back when she was whoring herself out to Hefner.

I guess the biggest joke in all this is that bitch is pretending she had nothing to do with this video and that she is going to sue, when really she’s just hoping to make a buck off her ass like she used to, and maybe if she’s lucky, she’ll be the next Paris Hilton, Kim Kardashian, but will more likely be the next Linda Lovelace, a misunderstood pornstar who can fight her demons until she dies of an overdose….

I am all for seeing bitches fuck, even inbred looking bitches like kendra, I like to rate their fucking form, like a synchronized swimming judge, so I hope this encourages the youth to get up on filming the fuck, but I think we’ll probably need Miley running the lead on that venture….since the only fans Kendra has watch Nascar and don’t shower and figure jerking off to her is better than fucking their sister…

She’s supposed to be 18 in this video, and her career would have taken a nice turn, if she was still 18, when now it’s just like watching a different person in action….

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Kendra Wilkinson is Built like a Midget of the Day

The paparazzi followed Kendra Wilkinson to the Grocery Store, a store she should probably staying the fuck away from based on her horrible new body, but I guess hanging onto the little fame she had for being in Playboy is worth the embarrassment. I’ve never found her hot, I always thought her body was awkward, she looked like trash and there was nothing interesting about her, but I know you idiots eat up everything you see on TV and probably think she’s amazing, even with her ripped open pussy and sloppy stomach, her short limbs and midget stance…and most importantly…her retard inbred face….Shit looks more cross eyed and contorted than a redneck at a backwoods gas station who comes from a long line of inter-family marriage….and here are the pics…

Pics via PacificCoastNews

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Girls Next Door do Kendra Wilkinson’s Baby Shower of the Day

I hate this Girl’s Next Door bullshit 3-way relationship Hef hustles. It annoys me that these whores are even known for more than just appearing in Playboy one issue. It is a fake love affair where he gets bitches are on payroll to pretend prostitute themselves to him to generate buzz , and if this lie was real, Hef and these bitches would be in fuckin’ jail.

It is fantasy designed to sell the Playboy brand. That’s why 3 girls agree to live together and pretend to date the same 80 year old, thinking it will advance their career while the pay is better than working the diner back home, and when they are built up, Hef replaces them for fresh pussy he wants to make money off of, while giving them all spinoff careers that he makes money off of, keeping the wheels on the machine in motion.

Either way, Kendra is pregnant, her fake tits are fatter than they once were, her fear of being able to breast feed a baby without poisoning it probably haven’t set in yet, and her fake friends threw her a fake babyshower, I am sure all paid for by Playboy….

Read some serious bullshit about the event like it’s actual fucking news, when really it is just some glorified press release for Playboy….

September 9th, 2009. Former Girls Next Door star Bridget Marquart throws a “surprise” baby shower for Kendra Wilkinson at Hugh Hefner’s personal assistant, Mary O’Connorís house. Earlier in the day Playboy Playmates and Hefner’s current girlfriends, Kristina Shannon, Karissa Shannon, and Crystal Harris were seen picking up balloons and gifts for the party in a chauffer driven limo.

Prior to the party former Girl Next Door star, Holly Madison, was seen taking out the trash, eating a pickle, and receiving pizza delivery for the party, “I got kicked out of the mansion, so I had to get a second job delivering pizza”she joked with a photographer. Numerous other women attended the party including Kendraís mother Patti and her Grandmother.

Making a fashionably late entrance, Playboy founder Hugh Hefner arrived at the party in his chauffer driven limo with the vanity plate “1 HEF.” Hefner gathered his three girlfriends and left teh party after staying a little more than 30 minutes. Insiders reported that an altercation between Hefner’s new girlfriends and other women at the party had occurred.

What baby shower would not be complete without a homosexual male dressed in a baby outfit. A man identified as Jonny Makeup arrived to the party dressed in a baby costume telling the photographers, “Kendra is going to change her first diaper”.

Partygoers dined on delivered Pizza Hut brand Pizza, Carmela Louise Catering, and Sunday Scoops Ice Cream compliments of Dandy Donís Homemade Ice Cream. Kendra and Bridget Marquart, both dressed in baby blue, gave each other a hug goodbye as they walked to their cars at the partys conclusion. Holly Madison and Jonny Makeup made an encore exit when Holly picked up Jonny and they both fell to the ground crashing into a row of trash bins. Right before Kandra departed she stood next to her car and started posing with a large mason jar filled with pickles.

The entire event was filmed by a Playboy camera crew.

Posin’ with pickles, fags dressed in diapers, and …The entire event was filmed by a Playboy camera crew. Fuck yourself Kendra, I hope you have a still birth….cuz no baby deserves a whore of a mother and it’s too late for abortions or miscarriages…..

Pics Via PacificCoastNews

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Kendra Wilkinson’s Pregnant Ass in a Bikini of the Day

I assume whoever Kendra Wilkinson is making a half-breed kid with is either a rapper or athlete, because girls like her don’t date black dudes unless they are rich because she’s a fuckin’ hooker piece of trash proven both by the fact that she was dating a senior citizen when she was 20 for money and status and but also proven by the shotgun wedding she had a few weeks ago because that is the only kind of wedding her people really understand.

Here she is on the beach with her pregnant body in a bikini, speaking of strippers who made it, I was supposed to go to the stripclub last night, where I was going to pretend I worked for a big entertainment company, to get them to give me free auditions in the lap dance booth and get their hopes up, because I’ve learned that all strippers hope some knight in shining armor will come in and give them a better life and I am so down with playin off that.

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Kendra Wilkinson and Her Hard Pregnant Nipples of the Day

Kendra Wilkinson’s got some hard nipples on her hard implants at the beginning of what will be a hard pregnancy because of the HPV, since she’s a whore. There’s nothing quite like a set of useless pregnant chick implants, I mean other than a set of useless mom impants, because watching a baby’s face after struggling to suck milk out of his mommy, only to come up empty, cuz shit is dryer than her pussy when she used to try to get turned on by Hefner, is amazing, but not as amazing as when the kid is old enough to use Wikipedia to find out his mom’s a fuckin’ whore….

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Kendra Wilkinson’s Shotgun Wedding Tits of the Day

Kendra Wilkinson is getting married because she’s gone and got herself pregnant, and being a piece of trash she needs her a shotgun wedding, not that that is really a reason to get married today, it’s pretty much accepted if parents aren’t married and I’m sure it has no real ill-effect on the outcome of their annoying kid, it’s just some traditional values, that its a bad look for a whore, to be a stereotype by having a kid out of wedlock, but in reality, we already knew she was a whore to begin with and this only solidifies the fact that she’s a whore, because whore’s are all about the shotgun wedding because they feel obligated or some shit.

I was walking down the street the other day with my friend and his baby and we offered a couple who were getting married on a Tuesday, which we thought was weird, his baby for one of their pictures, and they said they had a baby of their own inside her, and that explained why they were getting married on a Tuesday, she didn’t appreciate my shotgun sound effect, but in her defense, it sounded more like I was chocking on mucus….

Here are the pics.

Bridget Marquardt was there, which is only fitting, since they were in a relationship with the same man/had the same employer who they pretended they dated, up until recently….


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Kendra Wilkinson is Pregnant of the Day

So Kendra Wilkinson decided to keep the baby this time around, because her doctor said her womb can’t handle another abortion. It was her favorite form of contraceptive throughout her teen years and now that she’s found a nice man she’s been dating for half a minute, she figures, why the fuck not keep the little fucker, it’ll be way less annoying than the other STDs she’s landed over the years because at least he’ll reach an age where he will be able to talk back to her and have a relationship with her, instead of just inconveniencing her. The timing really couldn’t be better, she’s launching a reality TV show and there’s really nothing more that the men who would have watched her to jerk off want to see, I mean fuck a tight bodied Playboy superstar, give me the nauseating pregnant chick with nausea getting fat and more annoying than she already is. Idiots.

On a side note, if the dude in the header pic is her baby daddy, motherfucker looks nervous, like wondering what to do when you get a whore pregnant, the trick I learned is to stage a nightmare and punch them in the gut, or throw them down the stairs, or if you are ambitious, pay someone to have a horrible car accident with them.

On another sidenote, I don’t get why this bitch always rocks stupid white sneakers like she was fucking Seinfeld. I find it offensive.

Here are the boring pics….

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