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Kim Kardashian Lets Her Ass Out of the Bag of the Day

I posted pictures of Kim Kardashian in some staged bikini pictures the other day, where she was covering her fat ass up because even she knows it’s disgusting, but as per her agreement with this paparazzi agency, they’ve taken the full bikini pictures, photoshopped the cellulite out, sent them to her people, got her approval and have no released them. It’s all part of the process of running the Kim Kardashian machine that has manipulated the public into thinking she’s some kind of sex symbol or some shit, and I am posting the pictures, because I hate her and everyone who thinks she’s beautiful…..when Ray J got it right the first time and used her as the urinal that she is, unfortunately something that was left on the editing room floor, because editing is really the foundation of her career and the only thing that makes her look decent enough to stomach.

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Kim and Kourtney Kardashian and Kristin Cavallari in their Bikinis of the Day

Kim Kardashian is a fat chick who has no business being famous or landing work. The only thing she’s ever accomplished is the best damn Paris Hilton rip off out there. She talks exactly like her, she pulled off the sex tape shit like her and it got her work, like her….but that’s about all she’s done. I look at these pictures and see that even Kim knows she’s fat, otherwise that ass wouldn’t be covered up like the birth defect and result of laziness and bad eating habits that it is….but for some reason, people still think she’s some kind of natural beauty, despite not being neither beautiful or natural. Just because she denies getting work done, doesn’t mean she hasn’t had work done, this is a useless bitch we’re dealing with and as a useless bitch, everything that comes out of her mouth is fuckin’ useless…..

I guess she found a couple people who are more useless than her to hang with in their bikinis and despite hating them, I don’t hate bikinis and I am posting this shit despite them ruining this shit….

On a side note, if you’re wondering why Kirstin Cavallari is pretty much irrelevant, I think it’s gotta do with the fact that she’s got a shitty ass, a pot belly and the length of her head, is longer that the length of her torso and that’s some bobble head shit, I can’t really grasp…..oh and because she didn’t agree to do The spinoff of Laguna Beach that you may have heard of called The Hills…..because I guess she was delusional and thought she was too talented for that or some shit….

Either way, here are the rest of the pictures:

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Kim Kardashian Gets a Pedicure of the Day

Fat chicks love taking care of their feet. Every single fat chick I have met has had an extensive shoe collection, because no matter how fat you are, or how much weight you gain, you can always pull off a pair of shoes. They are the clothing article with a lot of give, because they don’t make you feel like shit when you try them on at Payless or wherever the fuck you buy your shoes you fat slob of a woman, and that’s why it is important to treat your feet like gold by getting pedicures….the other reason it’s important for fat chicks to take care of their shit by getting pedicures, is because they can’t bend over and do it themselves, their fat stomachs get in the way, so back up, or an army of Vietnamese woman are needed for back-up.

I was going to say that Kim Kardashian gets pedicures because the weight her feet have to endure has a pretty negative effect on the condition of her feet, like back when I first started dating my wife and she worked as a cashier at a department store, every night she’d take her stinky fuckin’ callused feet out of her discount shoes and soak them in our salad bowl before asking me to rub the shits, making it pretty much impossible for me to ever eat salad again, or think about, because I did used to rub them, I was more of a bitch back then and she had me by the fucking balls and I am ashamed to admit it, despite having to live with the horrible memories being punishment enough.

I am kinda losing focus here, but here’s Kardashian getting her feet rubbed for the foot fetishists…

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Kim Kardashian Behind the Scene at a Vegas Magazine Shoot of the Day

Watch Kim Kardashian Behind the Scenes Footage on RawVegas.tv

So Kim Kardashian considers herself a Vegas girl and I am not surprised, because she is a tacky whore, who likes tacky expensive shit and Vegas is a hot bed for half naked girls lookin’ for their big break, or a high roller to buy them champagne and designer clothes….

Kardashian was booked to do the cover of some Vegas Magazine and shit’s not very hot, but I am posting it anyway because I figure no one else is. If you ever wondered what music innovators like this cunt are into, now you’re chance. I think it’s funny to see the unphotoshopped version of her, because it pretty much proves she’s not hot and hopefully this will help other people blinded by her fat ass realize that…

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Kim Kardashian Votes Twice of the Day

So Kim Kardashian went out to vote. Unlike the general population, she got to vote twice, once for herself and once for her parasite ass she’s been carrying around and raising as her own. I know. Bad joke. It happens. Pretty much all the time.

I mean how many this lazy girl eats too fucking much and just gains weight in places guys deem sexy when really it’s just sloppy comments can I make about her. Or how many times can I go on about how she’s a useless, good for nothing whore, who fucks on camera, and gets pissed on by black guys…I bet she voted for McCain.

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Kim Kardashian’s Wonder Woman of the Day

Kim Karashian dressed like Wonder Woman in it wasn’t wonderful, it was a fucking disaster and the only thing that I am left wondering is how the fuck she managed to find a costume that fits her fat ass. I went through a phase where I wanted to dress my wife up as various obvious fantasies, because I thought it would make me whoring myself to her for free rent seem less like one of Discovery Channel’s dirty jobs and more like I was playing out some of my fantasies/fetishes and I could only find a beast of a woman to go along with it. Like the time I almost scored a threesome with 2 small breasted fat girls with acne because probably hadn’t showered the last 2 weeks because they were too busy eating, something Kim Kardashian know way too much about, at least that what her big dumpy ass looks like it does in this stupid costume.

For the record, I’ve seen the sex tape and trust me she’s pretty much got no super powers, unless you consider being used as a black man’s toilet a super power, or maybe her power lies in her ability to sit on her fat ass all day mustering up the power to lift her lazy self off the couch and out to an event/ the kitchen…but I don’t think it is one according to comic book motherfuckers like you….

Either way, look at the pics.

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I hate Bouncers of the Day

Here’s a video of the bouncers at One Nightclub in Hollywood, where celebrities hang out, fucking up some punk who obviously did something wrong according to them at their night club. I am sure this is a shitty fucking place, where the people inside feel they are more important than they actually are, who wear Ed Hardy and buy bottles of Grey Goose, you know the 9 to 5 millionaires pretending they are partying like rockstars while charging the night to their credit card they can’t afford and end up getting rowdy enough for the staff to take them outside. Bouncers are fucking thugs who feel like they can fuck people up at their discretion, because they think that is their job and at every club, they are power tripping people who are bitter at the world because they have to deal with people having a good time, while getting paid 10 dollars an hour.

I have had my fair share of trouble with bouncers for doing a variety of things. Once I passed out puking in the bathroom of a club after being over served and the bouncer picked me up over his shoulder, threw me down a flight of stairs and banned me from coming back. Another time, I got in a fight with a bouncer for kicking me out with a hat on and I ended up trying to choke him, which turned out to be a minor mistake, because dude was a fucking ninja. Another time, they asked me to leave a bar after I purchased a pitcher of beer and when I tried smuggling it out because I felt that it was rightfully mine, they jumped me, leaving me with a fractured skull. Another time, the bouncer wouldn’t let me into a bar and I offered to pay him 10 dollars an hour to stand by my bathroom door and teach me to be a tough guy, ending up in gettin punched again. Then there was the time I called a bouncer a rockstar and it turned out he didn’t like being called a rockstar and he beat me up only for me to tell him while bloody as fuck that he just proved he’s a fucking rockstar only to get me beat down some more. I have always liked getting kicked out of clubs, especially really shitty ones, I liked getting banned from clubs a lot more because it made me feel like I left my mark, the only problem is that police never side with you after getting assaulted by these motherfuckers and you can’t sue or get them arrested for assault because the cops see them as an extension of the law and so do they. I even had a drunk friend who was walking outside a club and wasn’t even a patron of a club get beat to death, those bouncers ended up going to jail, because they were murderers bullying on some loud dude on the street where they don’t really have any jursidiction, but shit’s just representative of how they think they are O.J. Simpson and above the fucking law and I am posting this video because I hate them even when they beat up little wimpy motherfuckers who I wouldn’t normally side with because I hate everything they represent, but I guess I hate bouncers more….

So if you are in LA, don’t go to One Nightclub, shit looks pretty fucking lame, proven in the fact that Kim Kardashian hangs out there….

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Kim Kardashian’s Pretty Fucking Useless of the Day

The quality of this video is shit, but since I have a bunch of you who are into this slob, I figured I’d post it to remind you that she is neither hot nor serves a purpose beyond letting black guys piss on her. She is one of those uneducated, ill-informed, waste of space, who offers nothing to the world. In her defense, maybe her brain has been suffocated by fat tits and fat ass and the cum she’s choked on all these years. Maybe she has syphilis and it’s driving her CRAAAAZY, or maybe she’s just always been a spoiled cunt raised by a materialistic wallet fucking mother while her immigrant father was busy making money to buy his kids ponies, who fucking knows, but I do know that she just lives her self-absorbed life, worrying about what to wear and finding something to fit her ridiculously shaped body and figuring out how to make time to visit her boyfriend in New Orleans and has no real concern for anything beyond her spoiled brat self and you are all feeding this bitch’s ego, which is better than feeding her dinner because I hear you need a trough for that.

I suggest if you own a TV, watch the fucking debates, especially if you are someone in the public eye, because you might get asked some questions about it and it’s just better to have an opinion versus a useless “I don’t do politics, but I do do amateur porn” attitude. Today, I continue to hate Kardashian. How are you doing?

Here is the debate for you with an hour and a half to waste, I didn’t watch it because I am not American and don’t care, but I think you should.

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Kim Kardashian’s Bikini From When She Was 14 Of the Day

I don’t know the legalities of posting a 14 year old in a bikini on a website, but I do know that parents are doing it all the time on FLICKR, Facebook and all the other photo sites and they aren’t getting in trouble for it, despite the fact that those images are coincidentally the ones with the most views and they so happen to pop up on other websites with the intent to make people masturbate, and none of those folks are getting in trouble, so I figure it’s okay to post these pics Kim Kardashian posted of herself to prove she didn’t have plastic surgery.

I have no idea where these plastic surgery rumors came from, I never heard them, mainly because bitch has a far from perfect face and is in pretty serious need of plastic surgery, and I have a feeling that is what was actually said, and Kardashian’s ego didn’t let her process the truth, like calling a fat girl fat and having her turn around and think you just complimented her or some shit because she’s in fucking denial.

Either way, she had some pretty big tits for a 14 year old. I blame the hormones in the food.

Bonus – Kim Kadashian and Her New Friend Cheryl Burke From Dancing With the Stars, I Haven’t Figured Out Who is More Desperate, But I am Going With Both of Them….

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Kim Kardashian Takes a Shitty Fat Chick Jog of the Day

I always find it funny seeing fat people work out. I don’t know what it is but I always laugh in their face and feel the need to give them words of encouragement like I am watching someone run a marathon and are covered in shit and puke and 100 yards away from the finish line, only instead of actually doing anything impressive, the fat people are fully decked out in sports gear and are walking briskly, but still manage to have the look of impending death on their faces. I guess it’s nice to see people attempt to improve their overall health, but sometimes its a little too late for them and they should have probably taken the initiative by saying no to cake over the last 10 years of their life. I mean I am a fat guy and I live with a fat woman and I see both of us struggle to do everyday things, like fit into chairs, stand up after sitting on the couch and even when trying to fuck we end up giving up because of pulled muscles, uncontrollable heart rates and light headedness, which has turned out to be the greatest excuse no to bang my wife and also to never dress up in athletic gear and make a fool of myself in public.

Here’s Kim Kardashian still delusional about being a fat chick, she seriously thinks she’s normal sized and has the right to do what normal sized people do and that is funny.

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Kim Kardashian Speaks After Being Kicked Off Dancing With the Stars of the Day

Kim Kardashian dances like she fucks and that’s why she was kicked off of Dancing With the Stars last night. In the interview after the show, where her mother defends her for doing great despite having no performance experience should be a sign that she is a talentless nobody who doesn’t deserve to be on TV. There was a time long ago, when getting on TV meant that you had some kind of basic talent for performing, whether dancing, singing, acting or comedy. With reality TV shows, any asshole can get on there, even if their personalities are as empty as this bitch, and people seem to get sucked in and watch. The worst thing in all of this is that all she has going for her is a fat fucking ass, that she doesn’t even know how to move, which should be fucking illegal.

Guess what, I’ve got a fat ass too, my friend’s call me Willy when I go to the public pool, I am not fucking around, this shit is criminal and I want to know where’s my fuckin’ reality show, clothing line, dancing with the stars appearance and 40,000 dollars a night to host club nights around the fuckin’ country.

Life just isn’t fair for the poor and the real tragedy in all this is that getting kicked off a show isn’t like it was in the Roman times, where they’d feed the loser to the fuckin’ lions, because let’s face it, that’s really where Kim Kardashian belongs.

Here are the first three videos I found on Youtube for Kim Kardashian Dancing With the Stars. I am sure they prove how hard she sucks….but I am not going to watch them to remind myself, but you can.

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Kim Kardashian’s Cameltoe at the Dance Studio of the Day

Looks like Kim Kardashian isn’t the only thing with a big appetite in her world, looks like her vagina’s eating her pants.

I woke up this morning with no interest to write about people I don’t care about, who have money I’ll never have and live an empty souless life I don’t want, only to get a lawyer’s letter to take down the images 3 minutes after I make the post. It’s like I am on suicide watch or someshit, and everytime I get that noose tied perfectly and snuggly fitted around my neck, the men in the hospital whites come in and take all my hard work apart.

These could be old, I may have already posted them, who really cares, it’s still fucking tedious, but not as tedious as lookin’ at these pictures of Kim Kardashian’s massive vagina eating a perfectly fine pair of pants. I wonder if shit left a mark..a pussy-shit mark….actually I really don’t.

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Kim Kardashian Can’t Dance of the Day

I went through all this yesterday and I don’t really think there’s a need to repeat myself. The first thing I have to say about this video is that Kim Kardashian thinks that everyone thinks she’s sexy and knows how to move, which is hilarious because she isn’t sexy and the only moving she does is from her couch to the fridge to get Ice Cream. The second thing I have to say about this video is that Kim Kardashian thinks we think she knows how to move her ass but in reality she needs a booty lesson, which is hilarious because I’ve seen the sex tape and know that that ass is weighing her down. I want to know who the fuck told her these things, where did this delusion come from. The last thing I found funny about this video is that she can’t dance for shit, she can’t move for shit, she can’t perform, and she can’t make that booty talk. So she remains useless novelty with a fat ass who is much more tolerable in pictures or if you own an ice cream shop and even Dancing with the Stars mock her by playing “baby got back” as some kind of bad joke, because she does have back but just doesn’t know what the fuck she’s doing with it. Either way, watch the video then Vote this Bitch Off…

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Kim Kardashian’s Cry For Attention on Dancing With the Stars of the Day

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So Kim Kardashian is always willing to further her career and better herself by taking that fat ass to greater heights by jumping in front of the camera every time it’s around. I think it stems from a jealousy of her friend Paris Hilton, who is irrelevant now, but at the time Kim copied her Sex Tape formula was a big deal, so I guess that means that Kim has taken the crown of uselessness.

In continuing her quest of uselessness, she was on Dancing With The Stars last night and I’ve always been told that you watch a girl dance to figure out how well they fuck, in Kardashian’s case, I saw her fuck before I saw her dance, and could have told you that this cold, dead fish of a pussy is nothing but a fat rich kid who is only good at laying there. She hasn’t got the energy or flow to put in the effort where it is needed, and her ego makes her think that’s okay because anyone she’s fucking, is just lucky that she let them in her. It turns out that her dance is even worse than her blowjob skills, and I really didn’t think that was possible, so maybe Kardashian’s breaking boundaries by proving to me that she is in fact even more of a waste of space than I originally thought she was.

The highlight of the clip is when the judge tells her she should make herself more available because she’s a treasure trove that everyone wants to explore…..without realizing that she’s already done a decent job of that…..either way, watch the clip and vote this whore off.

Here she is trying to show off some of her dance moves, and by dance moves I mean her ass in spandex. Enjoy.

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Kim Kardashian’s Got Some See Through Leggings On of the Day


So as American Apparel slowly takes over asses everywhere, there’s a common theme that I see everytime a girl in a pair of leggings walks by me and that is that these overpriced pieces of shit that have made leaving my house a better experience, are not very good quality. Whenever a girl is wearing them bends over or rock’s a size too small, they become pretty fuckin’ see through and I have done all I can to not let this get out of the bag, because if girls knew they were showing everyone their underwear or bare asses when they just think they are dressing casual, they would probably start buying a bigger size and that will ruin my chances of spotting vagina outside of the strip club.

Here are some pics of Kim Kardashian wearing too small of a size, showing off her ass crack, but in her defense, American Apparel is made for eating disorder, drug addicted kids, and even their extra large is small, so I guess if she wants to dress like normal girls, she’ll just have to hit up the big and tall store and if that works against her ego, she could always take on exercising and eating better like other fat kids trying to fit into trendy clothes do, or she could just stick to squeezing into these pants that don’t have enough fabric to cover that ass up, because let’s face it, I’d rather see fat ass crack than no ass crack, but that’s because I am a pervert.

UPDATE – The images were removed because the cocksucker paparazzi are ganging up on me and trying to put me out of business. They send me invoices for insane prices that I can’t afford and I think there should be laws against that. I try to fight them off and will be getting sued, but I don’t think they have a case, especially since I am moving the company to Kenya.

Either way, I told them that I am using screencaps of the images and that they are infringing on my right to freedom of speech, because I should be allowed to comment on things I see on my computer screen, I also told them that Kim Kardashian’s ass is offensively fat. I think the pictures should be used as a childhood obesity campaign and not something they make money off of….Fuckin’ asssholes….


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