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Lily Allen Slutting It Out in Concert of the Day

Lily Allen disappeared to make a bunch of babies the last few years…but there was a time when she was having abortions, when being a huge fat star with no sex appeal, thanks to having connected parents who made her career happen for her, always envious of the other popstars of the time who got more attention..

Well now she’s making a comeback and her whole marketing hook is mocking the girls who twerk on stage…by twerking on stage…and if you ask me, or anyone with half of a fucking brain….they will tell you that girls who hate twerking and find twerking stupid will never twerk to mock twerking….but the girls who want to twerk but are too shy to twerk…will make a joke out of twerking…while twerking…

She’s a fucking joke, she’s not hot…and she’s trying by not trying…pathetic to some, but she’s making money by humiliating herself, and if she doesn’t mind….why should we….more importantly, why I am analyzing the psychology of this fat twat who should just retire…

I think I’m the one with the issue.

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Lily Allen Topless of the Day

Lily Allen dancing topless…disturbs me.

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Lily Allen Imitates Beyonce of the Day

Apparently this is Lily Allen mocking Beyonce at some club performance in London the other day and the shocking thing about it is not that Lily Allen hates on Beyonce and is using it as a marketing hook, its that I want to have sex with Lily Allen, provided this is actually Lily Allen…and not just some hot tranny doing a show…

You see, nothing about Lily Allen is really that sincere, she’s just a tormented rich kid with the right connections, not even her miscarriage was real back when she had that abortion, and now her new hook is to mock the negative image girls are giving out in their music, but at the same time looking more fit than she’s ever looked, making me wonder if her making fun of them, while being them, is an attempt to have more street cred despite being them, or if she’s just one big lie…and then I wonder why I am wondering about Lily Allen…and proceed to punch myself in the dick to see if I still feel…

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Lily Allen Titty in Concert of the Day

Here’s a very fascinating observation…I didn’t care about fat Lily Allen when she was at the peak of her career as the chubby girl who had rich parents…I didn’t care about seeing her topless, I didn’t care about her abortion she marketed as a miscarriage…I didn’t care when she got married and I would have cared if she had a sex tape unless it would make me money…I didn’t like her fat bikini body…

So even now that she’s slimmed down…and is showing off…bringing her tits on stage, despite mocking tits getting hits in her last video because all she ever wanted was for people to masturbate to her and say she was pretty…I really don’t care…but for some reason…I’m posting this…I mean I really don’t care at all…but here it is.


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Lily Allen’s New Video of the DAy

Mom Lily Allen who hated me enough to block me on Twitter years ago for mocking her miscarriage because I was pretty sure it was an abortion…but after years of reflection…I guess I could have been wrong, since she’s had a bunch of kids since, and I’m not just saying that cuz her body looks like she did…I am saying it cuz she referenced it in her song…a song about how she hates the media’s expectations of her…that co-stars some awesome models and twerking ….even if the twerking involves Lily Allen learning how to twerk…the champagne spanking is hotness…but then again, like the rest of the world…I love fat ass…these girls are hot…I mean except for Lily Allen, but she did cast them,…so I guess I have to like her, even if I hate her….and everything she represents….

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Lily Allen is Pig in a Bikini of the DAy

I don’t know if any of you remember Lily Allen, but she was always this pudgy little rich girl from the UK who’s parents gave a record deal to to keep her from embarrassing more than she already has…

She was always dumpy, never hot, always on the cusp of being what she’s become and that you can see her today, a fucking pig who has no business wearing a bikini,

I mean I have Pages of Lily Allen Archives from 2007 – 2010, and she’s always been a dumpy pile of shit….in clothes or in fucking snow suits…

So when you take 3 years off, there’s really only one thing a fat girl can do…and that’s eat her way through it…something this bitch clearly did….

I have had a lot of backlash for Lily Allen fans for making fun of Lily Allen’s abortion that was marketed as a miscarriage a bunch of years back…I think even Lily Allen told me off, but who can remember anything especially when distracted by Lily Allen’s mom body…half naked…that should have never happened….


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Lily Allen Tits in From Riches to Rags of the Day

I make fun of Lily Allen often. I laugh about her abortion she pretended was a miscarriage, and about the miscarriage in the event it wasn’t an abortion, partially because I am a very sick person who finds pregnancy that doesn’t come to fruition on privileged cunts who don’t deserve happiness a lot of funny…

She’s on some show no one cares about called From Riches to Rags. She showed her nipple, because she knows it’s the only way people will watch it, because even the title is horse shit, cuz I know she comes from a Rich family who made her career, and without that career, she still lives the good life…it’s almost mocking us actual poor people that she’s even put out smut like this…oh, it’s about her starting a vintage store…that makes sense…she’s still a delusional fucking pig can’t get over the fact Katy Perry and Lady Gaga made her obsolete and sent her back to England on the fat ass she rode in on…or that she pollutes our lives…but not as much as she pollutes her womb with her inability to make babies…

That said, here’s her nipple from the show…


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Lily Allen Hasn’t Had an Abortion Yet of the Day

Remember last time Lily Allen got pregnant, and she had an abortion that she pretended was a miscarriage. That was a good time, lots of laughs, lots of memories, probably not for her but who really cares about her….

Here she is pregnant again. Not as arousing as the last time, since Abortions are like porn to me, but Lily Allen being the star of that show, kinda cancelled it out.

I guess she felt so guilty that she couldn’t bring herself to pull out the vacuum again, but more importantly now that she’s pregnant she can eat whatever the fuck she wants and no one can make comments about it, not that she didn’t eat everything she wanted before, just now she doesn’t have to hide in her closet to do it, or cry after she’s done it.

This bitch is a pig and I think it is appropriate that she’s posing with other barnyard animals…and I don’t really know what inspired me to post this…I don’t find her hot ever, but I like to think it all stems from hate.

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Lily Allen’s Disgusting Legs Ruin My Teenage Pregnancy Fetish of the Day

I am disappointed in myself. Back when Lily Allen had her abortion the last time she was pregnant but told the media she miscarried, I had a lot of fun making abortion jokes and laughing at her….

When she got twitter and saw she was on it I took advantage of the opportunity to make abortion jokes to her directly, just to make sure she heard them all…

So I should have been on more on top of her uterus, and reacted quicker to this, but the reality is that she’s always had a body sloppy enough for me to confuse for being in the first trimester.

I also haven’t really heard anything about Lily Allen the last year or so, cuz she is an insignificant one hit wonder who had a little staying power, but who is still a fucking nobody….but I guess now she’s got an excuse for being a fat and lazy pig of a girl…I mean until she “miscarries” cuz the relationship goes sour like last time…but I guess we all deserve second chances…even after murdering our baby to be cuz it wasn’t convenient and she’s a rich spoiled brat who has the option to re-shape destiny, unlike my black and hispanic friends in the projects, who each have 8 kids…but that’s not the point…

The point is that pregnancy is never sexy, unless it is teen pregnancy, and just cuz she’s wearing a school girl outfit, doesn’t mean she’s really tapping into that fetish…

Shit. I wrote too much again. I gotta stop this rambling. It is out of fucking control…

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