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Lily Allen’s Disgusting Legs Ruin My Teenage Pregnancy Fetish of the Day

I am disappointed in myself. Back when Lily Allen had her abortion the last time she was pregnant but told the media she miscarried, I had a lot of fun making abortion jokes and laughing at her….

When she got twitter and saw she was on it I took advantage of the opportunity to make abortion jokes to her directly, just to make sure she heard them all…

So I should have been on more on top of her uterus, and reacted quicker to this, but the reality is that she’s always had a body sloppy enough for me to confuse for being in the first trimester.

I also haven’t really heard anything about Lily Allen the last year or so, cuz she is an insignificant one hit wonder who had a little staying power, but who is still a fucking nobody….but I guess now she’s got an excuse for being a fat and lazy pig of a girl…I mean until she “miscarries” cuz the relationship goes sour like last time…but I guess we all deserve second chances…even after murdering our baby to be cuz it wasn’t convenient and she’s a rich spoiled brat who has the option to re-shape destiny, unlike my black and hispanic friends in the projects, who each have 8 kids…but that’s not the point…

The point is that pregnancy is never sexy, unless it is teen pregnancy, and just cuz she’s wearing a school girl outfit, doesn’t mean she’s really tapping into that fetish…

Shit. I wrote too much again. I gotta stop this rambling. It is out of fucking control…

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Lily Allen Shows Off Her Tits of the Day

I don’t know what Lily Allen is doing here, but it looks like she’s got a job working at Disney or some shit. I guess it’s got something to do with the botched Abortion she denies having back when she was at her peak, hard drinking, hard drug using, and actually getting cock..

Maybe shit left her infertile and now forces her to connect with kids working at a theme park where she dresses like she lives in a fairy tale where she shows off her fat tits because she’s fat…the same tits that once wanted to nurse a child…but were robbed of that right…by her selfishness….

I know under this dress and under the push up bra is a serious set of wonky and uneven tits, but I figured that despite being left in the dust by Katy Perry and Lady Gaga and other popstars, Lily Allen still hasn’t killed herself, even though some would argue she should. Enjoy.

Pics via Fame

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Lily Allen’s Ass is a Serious Mistake of the Day

I don’t know what the fuck was going through Lily Allen’s head when she decided to wear this outfit, but I do know that her lower body is fucking disgusting.

Shit brings back memories of when I worked at an old folks home cleaning shit off pretty much almost dead, old, sloppy, saggy, flat, fat asses. There’s really not much more to say about this as I deal with the confusion of why a cunt so vile would try to pull off the pantsless performing style on National TV.

Maybe she’s upset Gaga who never wears pants is a huge phenomenon because let’s face it, Gaga isn’t famous because she doesn’t wear pants and does wear stupid costumes, she’s famous because there’s a whole lot of gay teenagers and retards who buy into her shit.

But I can guarantee Lily Allen would get more fans without making the public sick to their fucking stomach, contemplate homosexuality, and run to our Lady Gaga posters to perform our daily ritual of worshiping her just so that Lily Allen and her fat disgusting ass disappears….

Pics via Bauer and Pics via LFI

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Lily Allen’s Disgusting Thick Leg Update of the Day

This just in….Lily Allen’s legs are still fucking disgusting…but some of you still think she’s hot and want to lick her from ankle to unkempt hipster fat lazy chick bush…..because you are a fucking loser with low standards and so am I, but the difference between you and me is that I know when I am fucking shit, where as you’re just happy to be fucking.

Pics via Fame

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Lily Allen Shows Off Her Thick Legs at the Tennis Game of the Day

I wonder what goes through Lily Allen’s mind when she puts on a pair of shorts. Is she just a typical hipster who takes pride in not showering, having a huge bush and wearing dirty clothes, or is she legitimately just a lazy fucking pig. I mean there really is no way to tell because none of us know her and I guess who really cares why her legs are they way they are, the fact of the matter is that they are the way they are.

It’s like my wife is fucking pig too, only we try to keep her as covered up as possible, because it is humilating when the bathing shit or dress that shows off her fat ankles come out, so I can relate to whoever is fucking Lily Allen, except in their case she has a lot of money and celebrity and other perks to make fucking her fat ass a lot more acceptable than me, but that makes her public display of disgusting even more unacceptable…

Maybe that’s why she got covered up in the blanket while watching bitches being physical while she just sat there with her fat hanging over the sites of the stadium chairs….and really who cares. Lily Allen is fucking over anyway…

Pics via Fame

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Lily Allen’s Got Disgusting Sloppy Legs of the Day

I may hate my life but not as bad as Lily Allen’s legs hate her. They are staging a revolt…or some kind of shit to overthrow her career cuz they’re ready to just sit around and eat chocolate…they are done with this singing bullshit…it’s like they are in Haiti and they are starting to rape and piledge cuz their desperation has put their humanity to the fucking test, only maybe her legs are the fucking earthquake killing the little sex appeal she may have had in a devastating rattle….

I don’t know what she was thinking when she decided to not wear pants in concert., but I’m assuming it was “Lady Gaga’s doing it, that means I have to do it”, without actually taking the time to look at her sloppy body in the mirror and remember how offensive that is to the average fucking person. I am sure there are sloppy cellulite fetishists out there, cuz there is a fetish for everything, but I doubt that’s gonna take your shitty bought career back to the top of the mainstream, because it’s vile.

Either way, here are the pics Lady Gaga is laughing at because she’s ugly and ugly girls always laugh at their rivals inadequacies…

Pics via PacificCoastNews

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Lily Allen Does the Lady Gaga of the Day

Lady Gaga, Lily Allen and Katy Perry were the trifecta of ugly popstars who came up at the same fucking time. It made me lose hope in society when something so bad could get so much positive attention. I personally like my ugly chicks on the sidelines crying and feeling like shit about themselves and not making millions, it just confuses me. But thats not really the point of this post, the point of this post is that Gaga is the one who came out on top and the two ugly bitches trailing her are doing all they can to appeal to the public, but they don’t realize that Lady Gaga isn’t famous because of her outfits or look, she’s not even famous because she caters to losers like Perez Hilton who write about her 10 times a day making other losers thing she’s amazing, she’s famous because she belongs to Akon and Akon owns HitLab and has scientific research behind each song they release knowing it will pollute our brains and make us buy shit she promotes and we can only hope they glitch one day and make the entire world want to murder her….cuz when the world turns on you…I hear chances of survival are limited….

Here’s Lily Allen making a fool of herself.

Pics via Bauer

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Lily Allen Shows Off Her Sloppy Fucking Body in a Bikini of the Day

Lily Allen is a fucking slob and here she is in a pair of bikini bottoms showing off what not working out, eating too much, drinking too much and doing a lot of drugs thanks to the money you made using your mother’s connections and landing your a stupid record deal,recruiting dumb girls as fans and being boring while unsexy at all the same fucking time…here are the pics…

Pics via Fame

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Lily Allen is Disgusting and Pantless in Concert of the Day

I may never see pigs fly in my lifetime, but I think I just say a pig get a record deal, a fanbase, put on a really low cut leotard that grabbed its pig pussy and show off its little big tits and big pig guy get on stage with a mic and perform like it was something that wasn’t a pig, but a hot chick, you know something that people other than farmers wanted to fuck when no one was lookin….and the whole thing is pretty much…digusting as fuck….

Pics via Fame

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