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Lily Allen’s Pussy Flash of the Day

Lily Allen has a little landing strip, in the event you were wondering what the weapon who killed her baby looked like. I figured she’d have a lot more bush because she looks more like a ratty hipster chick than a brazilian waxing club slut and because I figured that after the miscarriage she wouldn’t give her vagina the time of day because it wronged her and needed some level of punishment and since all other forms of punishment made it cum, she figured that the silent treatment was the best approach to teach it a lesson so the pain of losing a baby doesn’t happen again, I was wrong. It happens, here’s Lily Allen’s pussy for you sick fucks who seeing the vagina of fat dumpy girls because it’s all you really know.

I don’t know when the pussy picture was taken, but these topless pictures of her are from this weekend, look at those legs, they look nice and sturdy like an empty school bus which is okay since it matches her childless stomach.

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Lily Allen Covers Up in a Bikini of the Day

Lily Allen didn’t end up killing herself yesterday to find her miscarriage in heaven, but she did decide to cover up her dirty fat chick tits. I can only assume that the biggest disappointment for her in losing the baby was that she was never going to get her big pregnant tits to balance out that ass of hers. I guess she could always go out and get implants but there’s no real challenge in goin’ under the knife, all it takes is money and based on today’s world useless bitches everywhere seem to have no problem having more money than me. That’s not really saying much considering the dude who collects cans from the trash all day has more money than me, but he does work a lot harder than I do.

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Lily Allen Topless in France of the Day

Seeing Lily Allen running around in France topless reminds me of the time this chick I knew who had a double mastectomy applied for a job as a stripper at the strip club, only she was doing it out of some post breast cancer political statement and was hard on cash and figured she could sue them for not hiring her as some discrimination against her amputated tits, and not because there are perverts out there who get off to all kinds of things. I was supportive but I was pretty sure she’d land the job since she had a slammin’ fuckin’ body and thought people would pay to fondle her amputated tits just to get closer to that ass.

The reason Lily Allen reminds me of that girl, is because she doesn’t really have tits, despite being a fat troll of a slut, but I guess that happens all the time. At least this pictures bring hope that Lily Allen is plunging to her death in hopes of meeting up with her miscarriage baby in heaven because she’s been having a hard time living without it in her stomach. The guilt of smoking and drinking while pregnant is just too much for her to keep on living….

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Lily Allen Birthday See Through of the Day

So it’s Lily Allen’s birthday and she’s wearing some kind of see through dress when she should really be wearing some kind of Mascot Costume because at least that way bitch would look cute. I can only assume that she forgot to wear a bra because she’s so distraught that her baby will never see it’s first birthday because it’s living in a pair of bloody panties she just can’t seem to bring herself to throw out. I guess that’s the harsh reality of smoking and drinking’ while knocked up and a miscarriage is just the small price you have to pay for being an irresponsible joke of an expecting mother.

Either way, here are her nipples that her baby will never get to suckle on for food, because her baby never made it out of her rotten vagina and I’d like to think that he’s not the first one to feel the negative effect of her lady parts. In reality, I think every dude who’s ever fucked her can relate to that miscarriage because as soon as they were done with her and looked into her face and realized what they did, they wanted to die too.

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Lily Allen and Her Miscarriage Skirt of the Day

I guess Lily Allen has lost all trust in her womb and has decided to wear outfits designed to deal with the problems it has historically proven to cause her. Sure the miscarriage could have been caused by her smoking and drinking while pregnant but the good news is that shit won’t ruin another pair of perfectly good pants if for whatever reason another miracle decides to leave her and that miracle is that anyone would be willing to stick their dick in this bitch, until you consider the money she’s got, in which case it’s just a good fiscal decision.

Either way, it’s good to see how crafty she deals deals with such a painful situation like she won’t let anything get her down and it reminds me of the time I cut a hole in my pant pocket to have easier access to get myself hard before pulling my dick out for girls on public transit…because it’s not creepy unless it’s a boner. It’s a fact, I did a survey.

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Lily Allen’s Makin’ Miscarriage Faces of the Day

I guess having a miscarriage feels pretty weird, especially when you really wanted to have the baby to keep your electronic music producing boyfriend attached to you for life, so much so that she drank and smoked the fetus out of her…..that’s why she’s makin’ such crazy faces.

At least the pregnancy wasn’t a total waste and she got herself some pregnancy weight out of it and I know that’s every girl’s dream….Maybe she won’t be painting the nursery this weekend or signing up for pre-natal aquarobics but at least she has fatter thighs than ever…I hear guys love that about girls with a broken uterus.

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Lily Allen Upskirt Fat Ass of the Day

Abortions….really suck the life out of you, or was it a miscarriage. Whatever it was, it left her uncaring ass exposed. I guess her lady parts are as numb as her heart after losing what was to be her very own miracle, no I am not talking about the fact that such a hag could get laid in the first place, I’m talking the miracle of life from getting fucked from behind in a tour bus. It was the kind of mess she was probably used too, because men will fuck anything willing, and thought it would just drip down her leg, so she could just forget about it like all those other times, but instead some of it stuck and got her into this sad mess.

All I can say is thank god for pantyhose, otherwise we’d be forced to see the mangled mess that her weight problem has done to her thighs….not to mention what her underwear is going through. I am sure it smells like death up in that shithole and it looks like her eating disorder is so out of hand that even her asshole has an appetite and it’s eating her fuckin’ underwear like Lily at that Extra Large Pizza last night while she cried.

I guess she should have listened to her ass’s appetite, because if she did, she could have completely avoided the whole pregnancy shit and would have just had a little limp in her step instead of fetus in her toilet.

Our hearts go out to her…

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I am – Lily Allen Shops for Lingerie of the Day


There are girls out there who I just don’t want to see get fucked and one of those girls is Lily Allen. I am usually up for seeing anything with a vagina getting down with whatever they get down with, naked or half naked, but sometimes a girl turns me off so much that I filter them out of my mind.

Lily Allen is one of those girls and I don’t know why. I am sure I have banged way uglier chicks than her, but for some reason, when I look at her, I just think of her as some kind of a-sexual beast. To me she’s built like a Barbie with no genitals at all, so seeing her at one of my favorite lingerie stores buying what I assume is sexy lingerie reminds me that bitch does have sex, that bitch does have a vagina and that underneath her oversized fat chick clothes is a girl who just wants to be sexy and I hate every second of it. Shit’s totally giving me a mind fuck so to make you feel my pain with me, I am posting these pictures.

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