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Lindsay Lohan is a Drunk in Bikini of the Day

There’s a lot of scandal going around about Lohan for being a drunk…I find the whole thing retarded, mainly because I have been a drunk for many years, and I’ve never been put on some bullshit alcohol program like I was in fucking Private School and causing issues to rebel against my parents or some shit…and that’s why I think the whole thing is some PR stunt. I haven’t figured out the benefit of this stunt, or the logistics of how they set it up, but I do know that everyone who though Lohan was a washed up drunk and now watching her closely to see her fuck up…like she’s not a fucking adult and this isn’t a free fucking world…where DUI or not…we can drink our fucking faces off all day in our trailer park if we want….but maybe things are different in LA cuz the whole city is designed to be like a boring bullshit TV show people apparently care about….

The good news is that I have no standards…and Lohan’s drunk ass got into a bikini, and a bloated old haggard Lohan swollen tits is lovely enough for me, which is more than we can say about her bloated old haggard Lohan swollen face…

***Thanks Billionaire Ron Burkle, who fucks teenage models and his Team at RadarOnline for these pictures…..

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Lindsay Lohan in Some Lingerie Shoot of the Day

Lindsay Lohan got hired or hired a photographer to make people think she got hired to do some caveman in lingerie shit or native in lingerie shit that I hope she gets in trouble for…cuz natives are really sensitive when it comes to mocking them…

I don’t know what it is for or what the point of the shit is but I do know that she’s walking around showing off her fat ass and fat titties and despite hating the bitch for being boring….She’s just bottom feeding bullshit who has fallen apart. She is jealous of bitches more popular than her, she is unable to accept the fact that her time has come and gone and she has a real haggard face that is permanently damaged because she self medicated…and got swept up on the whole Hollywood life…despite not working the last 4 years…

She really has a few options….suicide… moving away and giving the fuck up. Living off royalties. Sure she is just a victim of the whole hollywood machine…but I don’t feel bad about that cuz she made so much fucking money that she coulda lived a good life for a long time…but like most idiots she liked the fame and did all this to herself…or softcore porn….

I still think we should encourage her to get as nude as possible as often as possible…she’s still got something worth lookin at no matter how battered it is cuz you can’t catch things from looking…and I think her naked is really something everyone would be interested….a whole new career for a has been at 25…..which isn’t really a stretch since we’ve been seeing her being raped in public for the last 8 years…

I guess this is a bit of a preview…

Here is a topless picture of Lohan that recently hit, that was aggressively photoshopped, with erased nipples and a new face, that are doing the rounds…

Pics via Fame

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Lindsay Lohan as Linda Lovelace of the Day

This Tyler Shields dude is clearly someone Lohan is fucking because she’s been letting him take pictures of her enough to establish a name for himself. I wish she was that good to me cuz riding her coat tails as well as her used up, dried up pussy would be lovely as far as I’m concerned….

Here she is in some preview stills of her Linda Lovelace movie that I don’t think has been shot yet, but that I know is going to be her break out role, like she was Mickey Rourke or Halle Berry or whoever was down and out and made a comeback with a riveting role that’s hardly far from the truth cuz Lohan’s deep throat ability is what got her this far and pretty much all she’s been doing the last few years…along with drinking, drugs, getting arrested and a stint with lesbianism….

Here is the actual Linda Lovelace…

She was the star of deep throat who died ..not that you care

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Lindsay Lohan Flashes Her Ass of the Day

These are old pictures of Lohan in terms of celebrity gossip….they are from last week and you have probably seen them. I am only posting them cuz bitch is in court right now and this is my tribute to her and celebrity justice and the lack of it. If I was as criminal as some of them I would have been locked up a long time ago and more importantly if I was one of them and locked up, it’d be in some really luxurious prison….life is unfair…

The update is that Lohan is not going to jail and that all she has to do is wear a SCRAM bracelet, that monitors alcohol in her blood…I feel ripped off….

I emailed Lohan earlier today telling her to take advantage of the attention…have a freak out…start a campaign to legalize drinking and driivng…to take her million dollars and move to Southeast Asia and live like royalty…there are so many things she can do with this legal scandal that could be a lot of fun and that she should fucking do it….but she never answered me…..

So all I gotta say is that we’ve come a long way from Lindsay Lohan being the girl everyone wants to fuck…..she has finally become the girl we want to run up and cover-up, not cuz we feel bad for her, cuz her privileged life has been so hard on her, but because we feel bad for ourselves cuz we’re forced to look at that shit….

Pics via Bauer

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Lindsay Lohan’s New Lesbian Pussy of the Day

I communicate with Lindsay Lohan sometimes, sure it’s usually when I am drunk and telepathic conversations in my head and sure it may seem crazy, but when you’re connected to the soul with someone, logic doesn’t really play much of a factor, and if I’m not talking to the actual Lindsay Lohan but instead something I made up in my head, I’m cool with that because the Lindsay Lohan I is interesting and fun and interested in catering to my needs…without all that Hollywood bullshit that comes with the real Lindsay Lohan…not that it matters…

What does matter is that there are two reports coming out about her today, first that she’s fucking this pig bitch in the pictures who she’s helping promote, which is a lie according to Lohan, and the other is that she’s fucking Amanda Seyfried’s boyfriend, which is very possible, because Lohan loves dick but also resents Amandan Seyfried for stealing her Mean Girls glory….I know for a fact that Lohan hates her and that fucking a bitch you hate’s boyfriend is the ultimate revenge, part of the reason I love Lohan, the other part of the reason is her amazing tits.

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Lindsay Lohan Half Naked in a Photoshoot of the Day

Lindsay Lohan pisses me off. I’ve been talking to her for years and she never really bothers with me. She never let’s me play with her tits, she never come to visit me to take pics of her, she doesn’t even follow me on fucker twitter and to be honest, I don’t even know if the person I text back and forth with once a month when she decides to answer me, is probably not even Lohan to begin with, but the delusion or fantasy that it is is enough to keep me happy and think my life is a bigger deal than it is, not cuz Lohan is a big deal, but because she’s a bigger deal than the assholes in my apartment building, you know since Lohan, no matter how cracked the fuck out, pathetic, useless she’s still the hottest pussy in Hollywood, and I’m not just saying that cuz when you’re done with it, you look like your dick has second degree burns, but because she’s fucking awesome.

She did a shoot for some photographer, she didn’t invite me to it…but it’s kinda hot….if you like Lohan covered in fake blood rolling around in her panties like I do…

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Lindsay Lohan Playing It Up for the Media of the Day

Lohan is bullshit and until she is dead….as far as I’m concerned her getting carried out of a bar by some dude is just her cry for the photographers to snap off pictures because these whores love the paparazzi and all the attention they get. They love faking stories and get off to tricking the public, because it is funny. It’s not like bitch is working anyway, so when she sees a lie about her as a cover of a magazine, it’s like she’s tricked us and all she had to do was stumble out of a bar, it’s her way of staying in the limelight and I’m convinced Lohan is sober….

I am exicted to watch her prove me wrong….because dead celebrities are better than living celebrities so we don’t have to bother with them and remember them for what they were good for and in Lohan’s case that was being a busty 18 year old slut we will only get back when whatever she has become dies….

Pics via PacificCoastNews

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Lindsay Lohan Tries to Model for her Leggings of the Day

The leggings comeback over the last few years has been pretty amazing except when fat chicks wear the shit, but even that is tolerable, because of all the hot bodies I can pretty much imagine totally naked because shit is so fucking tight and girls don’t seem to think it’s a big deal that they are in fucking spandex for all us old people to stare at because when were were 18, girls only wore that shit to dance recital and gymnastics class, so I am a fucking fan. They are everywhere. Girls where them to bars as much as they wear the shit when they are slobbing out making for a lot of full ass and pussy definition I wouldn’t normally get to see…..

Lindsay Lohan is involved in a leggings company that I assume is not doing as amazing as the investors probably hoped when they figured attaching Lohan to the brand, but they have decided to give it another shot but throwing her in the ad campaign and the whole thing is pretty disappointing, I’d rather see bitches at the coffee shop rockin’ the shit than whatever teenage angst this shit is trying to represent…but like leggings on fat chicks, this is tolerable knowing hotter pussy is buying her designs and wearing it in places I get to stare..

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Lohan’s New Marketing Campaign of the Day

She’s an actor. Maybe she’s not a very good actor, but an actor nonetheless. Actors lie. That’s what they are trained to do. They are also very image conscious and aware and every move they make is totally scripted, especially for someone who isn’t getting any work and who’s only opportunity to act is in their everyday life….

I am convinced she like the attention she’s getting. She probably finds it funny and found an angle. You know one of those don’t fight it, join it, cuz as more and more people talk about her dying or her fake feud with her father, who is just going along with the whole thing, the more people are saying the name “Lohan”….

I am a fan of her. I think she’s amazing. I would be friends with her if she ever dropped that deadweight cunt Samantha Ronson, and I think this is probably her best role yet, if I was the Academy Awards, she’d get best Oscar for her role in life.

Pics via PacificCoastNews

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