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Lindsay Lohan Jogging cuz She’s a Fitness Icon of the Day

Lindsay Lohan may be an unstable crackhead, addicted to countless pills as well as illegal drugs and alcohol…you know a walking disaster who I’ve been with at least once after she locked herself in her hotel room with her friend to “do party tricks”…before coming out and doing a dance show…

She’s a broken girl and I just don’t think she has it in her spoiled brat soul…to ever grow the fuck up, realize what she has, and focus on doing good things, producing good product, or whatever other opportunity that comes to an under 30 who looked 60 with her level of fame…

But throughout all the hard times, the emaciated half dead to the chubbier faced filled better years…she’s always been one thing to me…a fitness guru…

So seeing her post her fitness on her instagram, is just as insane as she is….and for some reason it is a fitness program I would sign up to…because I am sure it’s like a fucking horrible circus.

I am into whatever the fuck this is.

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Lindsay Lohan Drunk in Cannes of the Day

You want to know what I like…Lindsay Lohan…especially when she’s medicated, has fallen off the rails, and starts to deliver or produce good content in some kind of manic episode…it entertains me…

I am not the kind of guy who likes to blame parents for the way their 40 year old looking daughter turned out, she’s an adult, still rich, living the good life…and most importantly still Lindsay Lohan…

I am just the kind of guy who likes to watch the empire collapse…because I’ve met her at least once, I’ve talked to her at least once, I know what the media says about her is partial lies, but more importantly, I know she’s crazy and unstable as fuck…and if you’re not dating it, it’s great to watch, especially when it gets violent…

I am into her Cannes pics, it’s just a bummer knowing these could be her last Cannes trip before one manic episode destroys her…because I think I may be in love with her…10 years later.

And video…

It’s nice to see her having a good time falling through the cracks, one step closer to death…

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Lindsay Lohan’s Shitty Upskirt of the Day

Lindsay Lohan flashed her panties, which isn’t really a scandal or worth talking about, but more of a science experiment, in trying to understand why said panties didn’t dissolve from the acidity of her dirty fucking box she’s got them rubbing up against…

You know, the real thing that makes me laugh in this pic is her face she’s fucking destroyed, like it was her career, or even like it was her soul…

She’s damaged goods, has a shitty attitude, shits on people willing to help her, is just fucking bratty crazy bitch, and her constant failure, is deserved…

There comes an age where you can take ownership on your life, and Lohan chose Botox instead of getting focused and putting in work…

The sick thing in all this is that I’d still wear these panties like gas mask, so I could sniff whatever mess happened in them, a mess you can assume is on par with the girl wearing them…now all I’m craving is is 2 week old sea food platter…just to sniff…

Shitty panty flash for someone who needs to have better panty flashes to matter because panty flashes are probably her best work…boring.

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The Highlight of the Lindsay Lohan Deflated Pics – Her Labia of the Day

Lindsay Lohan’s labia is the kind of Labia that makes her deflated tits seem ok. Even though it looks deflated too. I guess that’s what happens when your spirits are down…

It’s the kind of labia I would write love songs to, at least for old time’s sake, because I feel sad for it…so I would but only do it from afar, because if you got too close, it may try to eat you up and destroy you from the inside, with an ebola like virus that may or may not be herpes…not that I even fear herpes, I just fear Lohan’s herpes, herpes I once wanted to have drip off my face, but now it’s just herpes I think should be contained to a pair of panties or a diaper while strapped to a bed in an insane asylum..

It’s a sad storyline, in theory, but in reality, bitch did it to herself, even if her parents destroyed her, because she’s an adult…I mean look at her vagina, it looks 73, and I don’t fall for the bad parent angle…and here’s her freckled back for instagram…


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Lindsay Lohan’s Deflated Tits of the Day

I’ve been a fan of Lindsay Lohan’s tits for a long time. They have carried both her and me through some dark times…not that actually care that much about tits…but through it all, even her anorexia and drug use, when she was a walking skeleton, she still carried her solid fucking tear drop shaped implants like a fucking star…implants that I guess got popped along with her spirits now that she’s forced to do reality TV that is less successful than Jersey Shore, when girl is a big actor, with so much potential, who just got eaten up and spat out…which would be sad, if she had a soul, sincerity or compassion in anything she does, but rather she’s just a miserable human being, who will die a premature death, like her tits, and who will never achieve the level of greatness she probably could have before her psychosis got int he fucking way…

I would say it was too bad, but this girl has zero empathy for anyone…I guess the saddest thing is that now, without her tits, she’s really got zero purpose or value to me…

She can keep crying for attention, and having train wrecks, but sometimes horrible people deserve that…

I don’t care if her mom and dad made her this way, she’s a grown up and can take charge of herself. I have no respect for victims…especially when they don’t have nice tits anymore.

Maybe this anger just stems from me mourning what was…The good news is that there are so many more Lindsay Lohan replacements now…she’s obsolete. The Atari or VHS player of childstars…

Lindsay Lohan’s Deflated Boobs are Freaking me Out TO See More CLICK HERE

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Lohan for Terry Richardson of the Day

Lindsay Lohan and Terry Richardson are friends, I mean that is if people in Hollywood actually have friends, which I doubt, since they are surrounded by a bunch of using assholes who just make money off of them, including their own parents, at least in Lohan’s case…but you know superficial friends, to superficial people, are just as good as any kind of friends….everyone lets you down in the end, like these pics Terry took of Lohan, the delicate angel filled with face fillers and BOTOX…that are so fucking tame, don’t exploit her awesome implants we’ve all seen in movies and in Playboy, in what makes me wonder why they even hung out together in the first place…maybe to remind us all things just aren’t what they were and a new regime is about to take over…at least that’s how I interpret this, but maybe I’m just looking into things a little too much…but boring pics do that to me.

This is some tired, rehab, or AA meeting in a church basement shit…not fun at all…WHERE’S THE FUCKING SMUT….

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Lindsay Lohan’s Golden Shower on Jimmy Fallon of the Day

Lindsay Lohan apparently simulated sex with Sam Ronson, a gusher, thanks to her big penis sized clit, on Jimmy Fallon..

I couldn’t really watch the video, because I have better things to do than look at the beacon of Hope that is Lohan humiliate herself for some overrated variety show host I can’t stand watching, even though the rest of the world thinks he is sent from relevant comedy heaven…

But I did see the screenshots, and from what I saw, Lohan plays a good golden showered, rebuilt face, broken down actress…it’s like she’s done it before…this is up on some Oscar winning shit..


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Lindsay Lohan’s Trailer for Oprah of the Day

Lindsay Lohan has gone the reality show, put her personal shit out there, hang her dirty, cum soaked panties on display for the world to get a real life sense of her struggles, that will obviously result in people laughing at her real life struggles, not because they aren’t real life struggles, but because the general public wishes they had Lohan’s life and the fact she threw it all away, makes them hate her…

But not me…I want to see Lohan win an Academy Award…I want her to repackage herself as an older Jennifer Lawrence, who just books good roles, partially because I like the underdog, partially because I like a good comeback story, partially because I like her tits, partially because I want to be her friend, and by friend I mean have her herpes ridden vagina smeared on my face erotically…

I am a firm believer that people, especially celebrities, should keep their stories and personal lives to their fucking self, so I can focus on their bullshit movie roles, so that when I hear her cry in a movie I don’t think, I bet that’s what she did when Sam Ronson shoved his dick in her without asking…

You get what I’m saying here, and that is that Oprah is an exploitative cunt, like Dr Drew and like Lohan’s parents, milking the child star cow pretending to be helping her…and I just wish Lohan would let me save her…or just play with her tits.

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Lindsay Lohan Press Conference in Sundance of the Day

My girl who is no longer my girl ,Lindsay Lohan, seems to be making a comeback.

I like to think I keep track of what she is up to, but I am lazy and don’t actually care that she’s still alive. I just pretend that I am her number one fan, who is probably not her number one fan at all because I don’t really keep on top of anything she does, I’ve barely seen any of her movies, and I don’t really bother remembering all the nonsense that has happened in her crazy life…other than remember a few of the many dudes she’s fucked…and some random stories of her insanity that are entertaining…

I do however like to pretend we are connected at the soul, and I do actually believe she will win an Oscar one day, and I have been rooting for her comeback because let’s face it, she’s entertaining and has great implants….

Well, she was at a press conference in Sundance…looking nice and botoxed…and in unrelated news, I got a text from her old phone number, a number that hasn’t texted me in over 1.5 years…with a mysterious “?”…she’s so hard to figure out…but she is looking good enough for me…which isn’t saying much but is saying something.


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