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Liz Hurley and Some Chicks in Bikinis of the Day

Liz Hurley has a bikini line, but Liz Hurley isn’t the Liz Hurley she once was, so she knows better than to get in one, since people like me will pull some before and after animated gifs and blame the bikinis for making her look like shit, making her go broke, when really we should blame her aging, laziness, bad diet, marriage, babies, or whatever else makes a bitch’s body go south, when it should be going north, you know to wrap the fuck up in snowsuits while dog sledding as Inuits kill baby seals, so that we don’t have to see their sloppy asses. If you know what I mean.

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Liz Hurley’s Lame Panty Flash of the Day

This is the lamest fucking panty flash, even lamer than watching some girl dance on a table last night and trying to get down under her to see her bare ass shaking, only to get caught by the group of very large chachi guys she was with who didn’t find it funny and that’s why I am posting it.

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Liz Hurley’s Hot Tits of the Day

Here are Liz Hurley’s tits. I am sick of writing about tits. I am also sick of other people writing about tits. There is more to life than celebrity tits and obsessing over them in virginal writing.

I have always preferred grabbin and suckin’ tits than talkin about tits or obsessing over tits because talking about tits and obsessing over tits reminds me of the group of loser dudes on their couch together watching movies while everyone else is at the high school orgy eating high school pussy.

Either way, here are Liz Hurley’s tits.

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I am – Liz Hurley Hurts Kids of the Day


I don’t know what the laws are about posting pictures of celebrity kids, but I can only assume that I am not allowed to and if these pics hadn’t made me laugh then I wouldn’t have bothered because a kid can’t be responsible for his mother being a hollywood slut we all used to want to fuck and would still fuck if we were given the chance but the fact that we aren’t billionaires from India make it pretty much impossible to make happen because she likes to fuck wallets more than fucking guys who are good a videogames. Sucks for you.

I am posting these pictures because the kid is making funny fucking faces like it has to pee or something, I don’t really understand little kid language because I am one of those old bitter fucks who find kids scary. Either way, his mom is just ignoring the motherfucker, because it is the nanny’s job and her phone call is more important than the pain in the ass that came from her womb.

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