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Marisa Miller Fills a Kiddie Pool of the Day

This is a lot hotter than when the ghetto fat french white trash lady from the apartment complex fills up her kiddie pool in the back alley for all the neighborhood kids to play, piss, shit and splash their dirty poor selves in….it is a lot hotter than when the fat 50 year old homeless looking dude down the street sets up his kiddie pool mid summer on the front yard of his apartment complex for him to soak in like he was on a fucking resort when really he’s on the side of a fucking busy street…

The only problem with seeing Marisa Miller and her amazing body with her kiddie pool is that the concept is so unrealistic, I know this high maintenance bitch doesn’t do kiddie pools, she does infinity pool, and that she’s probably got a staff of Mexicans to fill, empty and clean the shit, so this picture is just fuckin’ fantasy to those of use who actually have to deal with kiddie pools, like mocking us saying “you’ll never see anything like this in your life, you piece of fucking trash, I am better than you” and it would make me really mad, if I wasn’t so busy trying to photoshop her panties off.

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Marisa Miller in Vegas Magazine of the Day

Marisa Miller is a model with a great body, she was in Vegas Magazine and she looked alright for a model with a great body. I would have preferred to see her spread eagled on a bed fisting her pussy like the whore that she is, but won’t admit that she is, because she’s masked that bullshit with an actual profession and has an ego that limits her vaginal fisting to the privacy of her own home.

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Marisa Miller’s Ass in Celebrity Flag Football Game of the Day

Celebrities or “Hardly-Celebrities” always try to get into the action. If some big event is going down, they have to do some stunt to annoy the public with, thinking that we care, when really it makes them look like they are latching onto something bigger than them, for a little attention….so obviously when the superbowl came along – they had no choice but to do a flag superbowl for the stars, and by stars I mean Olivia Munn and Marisa Miller who are hardly stars to begin with, they shoulda thrown in that guy from the viagra commercial and one of the Extras on Golden Palace to make shit really legit and all I know is that if I was playing I’d be tackling Marisa Miller too, and after the game, I’d try to make Oliva Munn choke on my cock…but that’s just cuz she’s a whore….

Olivia Munn

Pics via PacificCoastNews

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Marisa Miller Dressed Like an Angry 15 Year Old of the Day

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There’s something funny about seeing grown women dress like teenage girls. Sure most of my sexual fantasies involve a barely 18 year old and her cotton panties, but whenever I try to get my wife to play that shit out, it always turns into a disaster, mainly because I know it takes years of hard eating to get as fat as she is, and my whole excitement level goes out the window with harsh reality…

I don’t know why Marisa Miller isn’t wearing her bikini, or her lingerie and I don’t know why she looks like she’s going to the mall to flirt with boys and listen to CDs at the music store but I do know it isn’t as hot as it could be….but you’ll probably like it cuz she’s a girl and girls have vaginas and vagina is something you never get to lick, touch or fuck.

Pics via Bauer

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Victoria’s Secret Girls Not in Lingerie of the Day

This may seem obvious to you, but obvious it isn’t obvious to the people at Victoria’s Secret, but if you have a team of lingerie models who work for you on a full time basis and who are the core of your marketing of your brand, you have a responsibility to the people who jerk off to these women and in turn to your brand, who make all your execs rich and allow you to afford the expensive photoshoots and to afford the scouts traveling the world kidnapping hot pussy and greasing government officials to bring to America to exploit for their hot tits, and that responsibility is to always keep the bitches in their fucking panties or bikinis, not in jeans and pink t-shirts.

We dont give a fuck about seeing these whores in everyday clothes, we have enough women in our lives who we are forced to see in everyday clothes cuz we can’t afford to bribe them into getting half-naked like Victoria’s Secret has done for us and this is pretty rude on their part, you know the whole giving us a taste and not following thru making this the biggest cockteasing company out there…assholes…

Here are some extra pics of Marisa “the body” Miller’s face lookin’ old.

Pics via Fame

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Marisa Miller Bikini Pictures from her Blog of the Day

I don’t know if it is some primal instinct for every single girl on my facebook to have at least one picture in a bikini, no matter how unattractive she may be, and to be honest, I don’t even care what the reason behind it is, I’m just glad they are doing it, because otherwise masturbating to random people I don’t know would be far less convenient, I’d have to imagine you naked or doing dirty things, when a bikini picture just clears it all up for me and as a lazy man that means alot…

So when I heard Marisa Miller had a blog, someone people only care about because she gets in a bikini, I figured there would be a lot of bikini pictures and I guess, I was right but in Marisa Miller’s defence it probably wasn’t for attention like the girls on my facebook trying to feel like they are Marisa Miller, but instead because bikinis are all she wears because she is Marisa Miller….

Here are some pics of her tits on set for America’s Next Top Model…

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Marisa Miller is a Vintage Pin-Up for Harley of the Day

All American Marisa Miller is the spokesmodel for Harley, because she uses her tits to make her money and here she is in some throwback pin-up girl themed shit for some Military Appreciation month that Harley is milking to get publicity, and I guess it’s always nice to see a bitch dressed up from an era long ago, but I always prefered going after the real deal, you know going thru grandma’s photo albums lookin’ for bikini pics, because getting off to women who have been dead for decades is far more naghty than getting off to girls dressed like they’ve been dead for decades.

I don’t really know why they still try to pretend that people in the military aren’t homosexuals, I mean only homosexuals would sign up to live in close quarters with other men, you know playing with guns, wrestling, working out together, showering together, with the only available pussy belonging to a bunch of dykes who are in the military for the same reason the gay dudes are….but I guess I could be wrong, I just doubt that I am….

I mean the whole overcompensating pretending your straight by going nuts over pin-up girls and the ladies in “the pictures” is behind us, save that shit for WWII and Korea, but whatever, let’s just go along with this and pretend it makes sense….because Marisa Miller has a banging body….

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Marisa Miller and her 3 Million Dollar Bra of the Day

The Vicotria’s Secret fashion show is coming soon, so these motherfucker are stepping up their game pushing their bullshit, because people seem to think half naked girls are news worthy or at least worth talking about, when really the whole thing bores me. Sure I like bitches who get naked as much as the next dude, I’m a fucking pervert, why wouldn’t I, but I don’t like the whole business around it.

So not only are Victoria’s Secret exploiting immigrant women but also all working these American should-be strippers like Marisa Miller and here they are dressing her and her fake tits up in her 3,000,000 dollar bra like she was Heidi Klum, but I guess she is really just proving that you can dress a hot bodied pig up like woman, but shit doesn’t make it okay to bring the pig to meet your family…

I know calling Marisa Miller a pig is a little insane, I just think the whole thing is a waste of all of our energy…who fucking cares about a bra company, what are you guys a bunch of fucking cross-dressin’ homos???

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Marisa Miller’s Hot Bikini Change of the Day

They say this is Marisa Miller getting changed into a bikini during some Victoria’s Secret photoshoot, but it doesn’t really look like her, and since pics of any girl, especially a model, getting changed in public is what my voyeur dreams are made of, it doesn’t really matter whether they are of her or not, what does matter is that I get to take part in this joyous, hot and amazing moment from the comfort of my own couch without the awkwardness of having to casually pretend I’m not staring when I get caught for staring, I’m sure you know what I mean cuz you are a dude and it takes a very rare breed of man to stare at a girls tits drooling, we call that breed rapists because even the most perverted of us try to hide the fact that tits are all we care about….just like last week I was peeping on some college girl in her panties running around her apartment and she busted me and even though I was fully busted, I still had to pretend I was playing with my dog or picking up his shit on her lawn and had no idea she was there…..it is just encoded in our DNA or some shit…..

Here are the amazing pics….that turned out to be of Candice Swanepoel….but the ass shots could be Marisa Miller and really who cares…

Pics via Bauer

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