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Megan Fox Hot and Crying in Jalouse of the Day

I don’t know if these tears are real, but I assume they are….not because Megan Fox is no longer getting work….and her relevance is fading as she’s getting older and less young and hot…..but I like to think she’s just like all battered wives, conditioned to love their abuser, fearing escaping him, even though they know he offers nothing good to them, and the only happiness or excitement he brings, is the comfort they are used to…..It’s the same old try to get out….make it halfway out the door…but when you see the door shutting behind you run back in situation….that in Megan Foxes case came when she was young, he was a guy she wanted to fuck growing up, only to become a jealous freak that pretty much took her out of Hollywood because when they married she stopped getting work, all because his career was shit and if he suffers she should suffer….while being the only guy who actually loved her….while everyone else was just after her fame, money, career….you know cuz he was there int he beginning…before she was anything and she owes him her loyalty…kinda shit…that breaks a bitch down when she gets in front of camera…crying for help….the passive agressive, fear ridden way.

She’s hot, even if she fears for her life, thanks to her abusive husband….in fact…maybe that makes her hotter.

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Megan Fox Does Miami Magazine of the Day

Megan Fox is making big moves….I mean she just did Miami Magazine…which is huge…in some circles it is known as the more high profile Vogue….mainly in Miami…by the publisher of the magazine…who can’t admit it is a pile of shit that no one reads…cuz that would work against running ad deals…

What it comes down to is that I’m just posting this to laugh at her fall from the celebrity hot pussy top….taking any bottom feeding shoot offered to her…can’t wait til she hit rock bottom…then maybe I’ll be able to convince her to do a shoot with my camera phone for a bag of meth…

Good times knowing all good things come to an end…this is funny….next time she’s crying for attention, she should be more naked…

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Megan Fox Hot as Fuck Bikini in Hawaii Pics of the Day

Good Megan Fox….making a comback that all parties involved can appreciate….and by all parties involvde I mean the network of pervert fans who love looking at her hotness half naked…especially when it is tainted with tacky prison tats, or more importantly, rocking a deadbead has been who only was thanks to 90210 in the 90s, who brainwashed her, kidnapped her, made her his wife, cuz that’s what happens when you bang a girl in her youth…you guilt her to never leave you, making her fall off the map, get kicked out of movie gigs, luckily not knocked up…cuz that will just be the nail in the coffin for this bitch as she re-invents herself….

And here are the pics…I am sure more will surface soon…

To See the Rest of the Pics

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Megan Fox Pantsless for Some MetroCity Campaign of the Day

Megan Fox may not be acting all that much anymore…and her decision to sympathise with her kidnapper like she was Patty Hearst, only to take it to another level of criminal, by marrying the fucker….who we can understand she had a crush on growing up, and who we can understand has a big dick that was a novelty to fuck, but that we can’t understand why a bitch at her prime would fuck up her image to such an extreme that no one wanted to touch her…all to make a jealous failure from 90210 feel secure…while she shoulda been out fucking A-Listers and really securing her fucking future…so that she wouldn’t have to do model jobs for Korean brands you never heard of….you know bottom feeding to maintain a lifestyle…cuz sometimes major life decisions can fuck you up the ass….

Either way. She’s still hot.

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Hottest Megan Fox Pictures of the Day

These are the hottest pics I’ve seen of Megan Fox all day…and I’d write hateful shit but why bother I’m traveling…drunk…done with customs and ready to drink more…when I find a computer all be back…while this may be my last post ever….and this is my legacy….Megan Fox on her period traveling….which would be great since I’m a real fucking winner…

Check back later fuckers…

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Megan Fox for Armani of the Day

I saw this picture of Megan Fox’s back for some Armani campaign that was probably put out a long time ago, but since you’re a virgin loser who probably doesn’t like change, and who probably is pretty committed to specific celebs, like a Megan Fox because in you’re mind you’re married to her as soon as she finds out who you are, which is probably not even a stretch when you consider who she did marry….I decided to post it….back is the new pussy….

Which reminds me of his hotness…..

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Megan Fox Tight Pants of the Day

Here are some pictures of Megan Fox in some tight pants that I am only posting because I thought I could see vagina definition but didn’t see any vagina definition, you know seeing her pussy lip stick out like a tongue instead of her tongue sticking out like a tongue, leaving me all alone, scared, confused, and forced to remember that she keeps her vagina sacred, for a dude who played David on 90210 in the early 90s, and who has since done nothing, giving all the other losers out there hope, that one day they too may get some cunty, insecure, hot, but never naked celebrity bitch with no talent, who was replaced by a model cuz that’s how good she is at her craft, provided they have a couple million dollars….

Here are the tight pant pictures….

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Megan Fox’s Bra is Too Small of the Day

Despite popular belief, David from 90210 hasn’t killed off or caged Megan Fox, he hasn’t held her captive, although he might as well did, since marrying him has led her no where….if anything it has brought her into a bad place where she’s emotionally eating and unable to figure out that her old bra is too tight for her…maybe he is medicating her due to jealousy of her career, success, etc…or many he’s jus like most older guys who date young girls…controlling as fuck….or maybe she’s all medicated and confused on her own…cuz no one wants her anymore so she’s handling it badly….or maybe she’s just fucking pregnant and ready to have his kids, instead of pulling the Jesus Martinez and stepfathering the motherfuckers….

All this to say, Megan Fox lives…I’m not sure how good she still is, but it is good knowing when all crashes and burns this non-nude actor’s gonna be getting naked to just pay the mortgage and lifestyle and if that doesn’t bring you hope, then you have no fucking soul…

Now stare and her titties getting squeezed tight by undergarmets like the little b-cup sluts they are….

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Megan Fox Proves She has Wrinkles and Doesn’t Use Botox????…of the Day

Here is Megan fox proving she doesn’t use botox by showing off a mutant forehead….

This is ridiculous. I can’t believe I am posting this shit.

I’ve never seen a face do anything like this…I mean shit looks Klingon and you probably like that….and it looks vaginal…and I kinda like that…cuz I’m always down for a good forehead fuck…but this is unnatural whatever the fuck it is…and really why would anyone care about anything Megan Fox…unless it involves her naked in movies trying o make a comeback.

She sucks.

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