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Megan Fox Bullshit in Harper’s Bazaar of the Day

This made me laugh…..

On her sex partners:
“I’ve only been with two men my entire life. My childhood sweetheart and Brian. I can never have sex with someone that I don’t love, ever. The idea makes me sick. I’ve never even come close to having a one-night stand.”

On giving provocative interviews:
“My biggest regret is that I’ve assisted the media in making me into a cartoon character. I don’t regret what has happened to me, but I regret the way I have dealt with it.”

On her sex scene in the upcoming DC Comics adaptation ‘Jonah Hex’:
“I had on underwear and silicone covers that you wear over your breasts. My body parts are all I have left now that are only mine – the world owns everything else.”

Cry me a fucking river you whore who always knew you were a fucking whore, you can’t retract statements you made when you were milking the fact that people thought you were the sexiest pussy in Hollywood, when you were feeding into that “cartoon character” now that you know your career has no longevity, she is bullshit… but I do believe she’s only fucked 2 people in her life, it’s really the only explanation for why she’s still with David from 90210 after all these fucking years. He brainwashed her at a young age into thinking people only want her for her body, making her trust no one, believing that he is the only one who truly loves her….keepin’ her as fresh as he possibly can by stickin’ close to her and not letting her test the waters…proving yet again that a lot of girls are fucked up and lookin’ for dads….

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Megan Fox Cowboy Tits of the Day

I had this theory that cowboys were going to make a huge comeback. I figured that zombies had their revival, as did vampires and aliens all concepts from the 1950s. Cowboys were the only group of people who weren’t getting the media attention they deserved, I mean other than Brokeback Mountain, but that shit’s just homo….

I’m talking the cowboys kids used to play with, that America as we know it was built on that….So part of me was happy to see a good Western in the works, but unfortunately Megan Fox is attached to the project, making me think the revival is gonna end before it even starts. She’s got the ability to taint things like the meat I fed my wife the other night hoping her stomach of steel would shut the fuck down, but it didn’t bring the elephant down. So maybe my vision for people dressing like cowboys will still come true…

Pics via PacificCoastNews

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Megan Fox in Lingerie for Armani of the Day

I know most of you don’t realize that Megan Fox is a piece of fucking tash who is holding onto her title as the hottest pussy in hollywood as hard as she can. I know you have her pictures on your desktops and stapled to your pillow cases to feel like you wake up with your angel every morning. I know you have jerked off to her at least once and I know you don’t see the gutter trailer park stripper achieving her dream, but instead the embodiment of everything you think a woman should be, including being emotionally dependent on the loser from 90210 because being emotionally dependent on the loser from 90210 comes with some pretty solid fucking tits…tits you know would make a killing getting tweaked while riding random trucker laps if it wasn’t making a killing starring in shitty fucking movies…Either way, Armani’s hit the bargain basement and is no longer a premium brand, but I guess we already knew that everytime we saw a Chachi piece of trash out in public back in the late 90s in his Armani jeans.

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Megan Fox’s Swollen Dick Suckin’ Lips of the Day

Megan Fox was trying to stay sexy over the holidays because sexy is all people want out of her and it’s pretty clear that will eventually disappear so she’s holdin on, only she went a little overboard and now her lips look like a whore’s pussy after getting gang raped by 50 africans with 12 inch cocks….nice and beat the fuck up…but in her defense at least she went under the knife to better herself, when most people stuck dating David from 90210 and stepmomming his babies would go under the knife in hopes of ending the suffering…

Here are the pics…

Pics via Fame

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Megan Fox and Her Keeper Get Lunch of the Day

These are some pictures of Brian Austin Green holding on to Megan Fox as fucking hard as he can. He can’t let her go as she is all he fucking has. He has spent many fucking years brainwashing the shit out of her, fucking with her self esteem, trying to make her think no other guy will love her as much as he will, and all that emotional abuse had paid off, because bitch is still by his fucking side, and I can only assume under his fucking spell/control, but every once in a while he has to make appearances with her to remind people she belongs to him and to remind people that he exists while making her think she is free to do anything she wants, as long as she doesn’t get out of his site, or else it’s back home in the cage he locks her up in….and none of that really matters because these are pics of Megan Fox and she has a cameltoe….even though I think she’s seriously over-rated…..

Pics via INF

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Megan Fox in Ill-Fitting Panties for the New York Times of the Day

Megan Fox did some photoshoot for the NY Times. Since I don’t read the newspaper, as I like to stay as ignorant as possible in politics and curret affairs, partially because I don’t give a fuck and also because shit is boring, but most importantly it is really just depressing and we can’t do anything about it, so we might as well just ignore it and live in our bubble until we all die of brain cancer from our cell phones, or get blown the fuck up by nuclear attacks, or maybe from biological warfare like H1N1, or even when the sun burns the fuck out in 2012…..

So I had no idea they were turning their newspapers into “Lad rags” or whatever they call those UK magazines where bitches get naked and that made people like Katie Price famous.

I know the closest thing I ever got to this in my weekly newspaper back when I pretended to be a normal member of society in ’89 was the Sears leaflet lingerie section, and by the looks of these Megan Fox pics, it looks like that’s where she pulled these ill-fitting panties from, or maybe they are from her dead grandmother’s closet, which is equally unattractive.

But you love her and I’m posting it cuz Megan Fox in panties, even ill-fitting vintage panties, it’s better than my wife at her best, which isn’t saying much but is saying something….

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Megan Fox Rolling Stone Outtakes of the Day

I think Megan Fox is totally overrated and that’s exactly the reason why I am posting this pictures from some Rolling Stone Photoshoot that went down months ago because I figure it will get me traffic and take me to the fucking top of the internet where I feel like I belong…but unfortunately these pictures are boring and they aren’t going to do shit for me in terms of internet stardom or even in terms of getting off because there’s no pussy being flashed, not cock being sucked and Megan Fox remains the pornstar who go away….she’s nothing but a huge disappointment.


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Megan Fox Bootleg Lesbian Scene of the Day

Some idiot wasted his money on that new Megan Fox movie and he decided to break the law with his cell phone and film the sex scene. The quality is shit, Youtube will take it down cuz it is a HUGE offense, but if you live on my site like you should, you’ll get to see it and I know you like Megan Fox cuz you’re obvious like that. So it’s a celebration.

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Megan Fox Talks About Her Shitty Movie Like We Give a Fuck of the Day

Megan Fox was part of some kind of Meet and Greet, which I guess is on the same level and Obama and McCain and their bullshit town hall meetings in random towns around America, you know in efforts to connect with her fans, have a little question and answer with her fans about such exciting things like her new movie and I really wish I was there to laugh at the shit as I am sure you wish you were there to masturbate under your trench coat, you weird motherfucker….

Thanks to Youtube, Here’s a video of the Meet and Greet……saying things like that the movie is better than we think it is and that it is “fuckin’ rad” and then she goes off on some whole other bullshit, shakes her tits like the whore that she was destined to be and the whole thing is funny….not that I watched the whole thing…because I’m just not that interested…and because I have a severe hatred for Diablo Cody….but it’s nice that I didn’t have to fly to LA to be a part of this joke. Thanks internet.

Pics via INF

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