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Mila Kunis’ Exciting Russian Fetish Video of the Day

I’ve seen this video circulating….and I didn’t bother with it because I figure seeing a Ukrainian immigrant speaking Russian when in Russia doing promo for a movie wasn’t all that exciting, you know call me crazy….

If anything I find it irritating when I’m around imported women and I can’t figure out what they are saying, or whether they are plotting my death cuz my threats of sending them back to their war torn countries aren’t going over as well as I hoped….cuz Russian girls are all spoiled brat who don’t remember what communism or the iron curtain is all about…especially since they were raised here…

I mean and I also find Russian as erotic a language as German or Arabic, you know all hacking and coughing and violent like I’m gonna get prison raped sounding….

Not to mention, the rumor is she’s defending Justin Timberlake in the interview….cuz she’s probably fucking him….making this even less erotic than it already is….

I think Mila Kunis is just good to look at, or masturbate to in her re-runs of that 70s show…

Here she is in LA…probably speaking english…except maybe when she buys her illegal firearms and cocaine….from Dimitry and Vladimir her Russian mobster friends she met when she was a kid at Vodka soaked Russian work camp….

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Mila Kunis GQ Photoshoot of the Day

Mila Kunis finally got into her panties for something other than that homosexual Culkin who I’m pretty sure is HIV positive and who I like to believe never had sex with her because she doesn’t have a penis….

I guess the lift of oppressive child star tormented soul cuz everyone loved him as a child and now everyone can’t be bothered with him cuz he looks like a street kid who sucks dick for meth money, a charm that sucked this hot pussy in for a decade, maybe cuz she had a creepy home alone fetish, with his pictures on the wall back in the Ukraine, leading to his AIDS cock being the real american dream she was seeking….and who really cares…cuz it has led to this probably Terry Richardson pics I want to fuck…but that’s just cuz fucking pictures on my computer is the only thing my tiny dick can actually penetrate…..if you think about it, it makes sense…

Now fuck yourself, and use these pics as an aid, cuz Mila Kunis is by far my favorite AIDS in Hollywood…

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Mila Kunis is the Cover of Flare of the Day

Here’s a boring fucking fashion spread if I’ve ever seen one…Seriously, I don’t really understand how you can get a bitch in a photostudio and end up with this standard, dull, uneventful shots…if I was the fashion photographer on this one…I’d aim for more titties for fashion….More labia for fashion…more hipster bush for fashion…and I know Kunis would be down cuz she spent the better part of the last decade with Home Alone Culkin who’s gotta be a heroin addict trust fund hipster who feed off the bullshit art and fashion world…it’s not like this bitch is all Vanilla…she’s for sure done anal…bothing giving and receiving…if you know what I mean….

That said, if I was the fashion photographer on this one, I’d probably be too busy fucking models on private jets on our way to 5 star resorts to write nonsense about nonsense…thus making me the loser in all this…It always ends like this.

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Mila Kunis Gets Felt Up By Justin Timberlake and Grabs His Crotch of the Day

I didn’t know the MTV movie awards were last night. I was too busy eating 50 cent tacos and drinking shitty tequila…I figure this celebrity shit is boring and does nothing for me…I’m never going to be a TMZ, so why bother polluting life with is, cuz seriously, I find it boring, uninteresting, and pretty much a waste of fucking time, which is saying a lot coming from someone who loves wasting time, gets nothing done, and enjoys all things with vaginas, whether commercially successful or just the cunt on the corner buying peanut butter I can only assume is for her dog to lick off, cuz that’s the only reason bitches buy peanut butter right?

That said, Mila Kunis got grabbed by Justin Timberlake, Justin Timberlake got grabbed by Mila Kunis. They played off that they were fucking…cuz mocking celeb gossip is great…and great for the fucking kids watching to see how to treat each other in the fucking school yard..

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Mila Kunis Bad Ass in Khakis of the Day

I have officially spent too much time praising this bitch. I’ve said shit like “she’s the hottest girl in hollywood” at least once, yes I just quoted myself. Because at the time I really believed it. Cute faced, tiny body, had it going on as far as I’m concerned, I mean except for the Culkin AIDS that kept them together all those years, but seeing her dressed like a lesbian soccer mom in her Khakis before going on a hike to the organic food market in her Subaru, is probably the worst she’s ever looked…..This should have never happened.

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Mila Kunis Not Showing Her Vagina of the Day

Here’s are some pictures of Mila Kunis not showing her pussy, but she should be…this whole hiding from the camera shit’s not hot, unless you’ve got rape fantasies, in which case these may be your thing, you know, bitch not looking you in your face, fighting you off cuz you’re penis is unwanted, but she’s weak cuz the roofies just kicked in, but maybe I’m just reading into shit a little too much…

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Some Pussy at an Event I wasn’t Invited to of the Day

This is some Cosmo man of the year award that I wasn’t nominated for, hell I wasn’t even invited to the shit, cuz to these media people I don’t even exist, except when they send me their bullshit email blasts hoping I plug their garbage smut for free, cuz they like keeping all the money in thier bank accounts, instead of sharing…cuz to them…sharing isn’t caring…mooching off a motherfucker is….

I am sure they awarded some bullshit mainstream man of the minute, you know cuz his PR people made them, cuz all this shit is staged, I’ve worked in the back room at a magazine before and their top 100 list was all decided for by the editors and whoever brought the best perks. Bullshit…

That said here is some pussy I’d like to taste but can’t cuz I wasn’t there and they were, cuz they are more important than me….

Mila Kunis is always good….even in lesbian, non-sexy, conservative Hilary Clinton pantsuits that is so bad it could lead a husband to fuck Monica Lewinsky…

Catt Sadler is unknown to me…but I’m already a fan of her tits…so I may google her…if I remember to…but right now I’m too busy hinking about saddlin’er and riding her into the sunset..

That said, maybe next year will be my year…maybe next year, I’ll get a fucking invite. Not that I’d go…I generally don’t leave my house….which gives them even more reason to invite me…it won’t cost them shit or take up one of their fucking seats….Assholes.

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Mila Kunis’ Ass Doing Lunges in Jeans of the Day

If you’ve never seen Mila Kunis doing lunges before, you know cuz you don’t go to her fancy gym and your not her personal trainer, cuz that would go against you being fat and lazy and married to your couch and fridge in your mom’s basement… Well…Now you have.

Not that it’s all that exciting, but then again, nothing excites me…..so I’m not really the one to decide these things…I’m no expert..If anything I just get annoyed by it. So I’ll leave the virgin fan boy shit to you.

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Mila Kunis and Natalie Portman Dyke Out in Black Swan of the Day

It’s Christmas Eve, should I really bother posting today? I don’t know…

If you read this site then you know that I am a pretty big fan of Mila Kunis on all levels, mainly her appearance, despite the whole rockin’ the Culkin Aids…It’s Home Alone and Home Alone 2 season, I can understand his appeal, No Pedo….

I think this movie Black Swan is amazing…I unfortunately don’t have the money it takes to go see it….but I did find some really hot preview clips on the Internet that I am pretty sure Hollywood won’t be happy about, even though this is pretty good marketing for a movie I would have never bothered with cuz it is about ballet….mainly cuz you generally never get to see Jewish girls behaving like this, except when you are Jewish and at summer camp…you know since they are brought up to only behave naughty for guys in the community, keeping people like me out of the fuckin’ loop…

I think it is safe to say that today’s Christmas Miracle is these 2 Jewish girls who don’t celebrate Christmas, celebrating each other while getting paid to think they are broadening their careers, while really they are just broadening the pool of cum they have collectively filled around the globe by the chronic masturbaters….

I may be going out on a limb here, but Jesus was a Jew, and I have a feeling these two ladies may be the next messiah….so the movie is pretty time relevant…


Here is a clip of them going at it….Hollywood Lesbian Style….Suggestive scissor grindin’ without actually scissor grinding and that’s okay by me….


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