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Nicky Hilton in Some Shitty Bikini Pictures of the Day

Nicky Hilton isn’t fun. She never really got naked in public and just lived off her trust fund, pretended to be serious and starteed businesses, and pretty much followed her sister around, looking more like a personal assistant than someone with equal capabilities, and when you’re talking about Paris Hilton, not having equal capabilities is pretty fucking depressing….especially when you’re also less interesting, less attractive, have less of a body, and look like shit from far and shit from close…

I am convinced Nicky rocks the same herpes as Paris cuz Paris is a bully and a cunt and probably feels like she can’t have something bad while Nicky goes on living clean, in her sick mind, it’s only fair in her sick mind for both of them to be polluted in the pussy, so she pranked her the last 5 years by rubbing her cunt on Nicky’s clean panty drawer every chance she got, and when that didn’t work she’d just fucked her boyfriends behind her back, cuz that’s just the kind of quality sister Paris Hilton is…

Here is Nicky Hilton in some shitty bikini pics….

Pics via Bauer

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Nicky Hilton and her Legs of the Day

I know Nicky Hilton is useless, no one cares about her and she pretty much doesn’t matter…but I don’t have the slightest idea why I am posting these pictures of Nicky Hilton…a feeling I guess any dude who may have accidentally banged her may have felt during sticking his dick inside her. You know after he jumped the gun and figured it wouldn’t be so bad to get with Paris’ seemingly less polluted sister, because with it comes access and the good life and sex is fucking sex before realizing he’s 3 inches deep into a pile of fucking shit.

But I guess I’ll post the pictures anyway, cuz skinny looking girls with sloppy looking legs, along with fat girls with small tits are some of life’s great mysteries….

Pics via Fame

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Nicky Hilton’s Period Bloat in a Little Dress of the Day

Nicky Hilton is fucking trash. She is cut from the same drugged up uterine wall as her garbage piece of herpes smelling shit sister but for some reason everyone likes to think she’s so well put together, so calm and collected, so smart, serious, focused and successful without exploiting her cunt because Paris is a piece of fucking whore panty crust and anything compared to her seems to be “alright”…but I know the truth behind Nicky Hilton is that she’s just as trashy as her sister, she just likes to be a little more lowkey, maybe it’s because she’s the fat one…..but probably because she’s got all the money in the world, and she’s at a comfortable level of fame, where only a few people will bother laughing at her for her period bload, while the rest of the world just doesn’t give a fuck and today, I happen to be one of those people and I’m not really sure why….but this isn’t group therapy so I’m not about to find out.

Pics via Fame

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Nicky Hilton Does the Paris of the Day

Paris Hilton’s really boring sister decided to slut it up in a pretty tight dress and midget escort because I guess she’s finally broke out of her shell now that no one cares about Paris Hilton anymore, and is going to do the Paris Hustle with her own twist and the whole thing is a few years too late, but as long as she makes blowjob simulation faces, I’m here to post the shit because I got nothing better to do and I figured the world’s been pretty shitty to her, because the whole real big inheritance came at a real huge cost I’m not sure I could have handled and that was being second in line to big sister Paris, an extremely demanding and annoying experience because Paris seems like that kind of uptight, useless cunt who bugs on everyone she knows, cuz she only cares about her cunt self….

Pics via PacificCoastNews

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Nicky Hilton and her Shitty See Thru of the Day

I have tried to convince the other celebrity blogs who sometimes answer my emails that we need to stop writing about Paris Hilton or posting pictures of her, not because we have the power to make her irrelevant, but because I like to think we do. The good news I don’t post shit about her, so that pretty much makes her non existent to me and that’s good enough, so I wasn’t going to post these Nicky Hilton shitty see thru pictures, thinking that maybe this was Paris Hilton’s way back into the limelight she never deserved, you know figuring out a way to exploit her ugly sister who was envious of her to get out there and get some coverage to pave the way for her big reveal, but figured that I shouldn’t get so emotionally invovled in all this, they spend no time thinking about me, so I shouldn’t waste my time thinking about them, and get back to just posting these cunts and laughing at their stupidity.

That said, here’s Nicky Hilton and a REAL shitty see thru.

Pics via PacificCoastNews

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Nicky Hilton in See Thru Shirt on the Beach of the Day

It’s funny that one daughter from a family can turn out to be pretty low profile and off the radar, who stays out of the media spotlight and who uses her priviledged life to set up businesses that she likes, while the other one turns into a heavy cumslut attention craving piece of shit whore with a sex tape and no fuckin’ shame or dignity, just an eye on the dollars and camera flashes, willing to do and say anything to get noticed because her dad didn’t hug her enough as a kid. It doesn’t really make sense to me, because after watching Paris all these years you’d expect her younger sister to be the kind of girl willing to suck off Paris on the dancefloor at some club, because of constant sisterly competitiveness in one-uppin’ each other, just in hopes of getting people to talk about her, but instead she just walks the beach covered up with her boyfriend who is wearing some annoying “rich person humor” hoodie. Assholes.

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Shitty See Throughs of the Day

In trying to stay in touch with my one reader, I figure I’d post these shitty see through pictures, in a take what I can get kinda way. You know, because it is the story of our lives, never really having much choice in the tits we get to see, and really just taking what we can fuckin’ get. So here is some Gisele and Nicky Hilton from last week mainly because I had the pictures uploaded, but also because at least one person out there wants to fuck these bitches because they are better lookin’ than their disgusting wife, who won’t stop trying to kiss my neck today, I think it is because I haven’t showered and smell like last night’s dinner and she’s hungry (all the time).

Nicky Hilton Shitty See Through of the Day

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Nicky Hilton Buys Toilet Paper of the Day

I have no fucking shame, nothing embarrasses me anymore and I think drinking has something to do with that. When I first started up this whole alcohol abuse thing when I was a teenager, I’d feel like an asshole when I did stupid things like tried to get my friend’s girlfriend’s naked, or touching girls inappropriately, or getting in fights, I’d wake up a self hater who didn’t want to show his fucking face. Then as time went on, I got into bigger messes, made a bigger fool of myself everytime I drank than I did the time before and I’d be tearing people apart, puking, pissing, shitting fucking anything and everything you’d think you’d wake up regretting, and instead I just embraced it. There were times I couldn’t get it up for girls I was about to fuck, or times I came too fast. There were times I probably took advantage of situations and did real evil things and I just figured it was all part of life, you know normal fuck ups.

That said, over all these years there are still two things that humiliate me. The first is walking out of a public bathroom that smells like shit after taking a piss, knowing the next person in line will assume I stank it up because I am fat, so whenever that happens I catch myself justifying myself to a guy I don’t know about how I didn’t take a fucking shit despite what it may look like. The other thing is buying toilet paper. I always feel like the clerk thinks I am groundhogging/ you know ready to fucking dump as I rush to pay her for the shit and for some reason, I feel like a caged animal being watched when I just want privacy.

I have suggested to people I know to invent toilet paper vending machines, I have resorted to stealing toilet paper from public bathrooms even when I have the 3 dollars to buy a pack, I have used old socks, magazines and newspaper on my ass to avoid this shopping experience as best as I fucking can and I find it way more destructive to my self than pulling out my mini dick to fuck a chick only to have her laugh at me….

By the looks of it, Nicky Hilton and her drippy asshole don’t have the same issue as me. Instead of getting her maid to do her dirty work, she proudly parades to the world that she shits, and that she most likely has to shit as she rushes to her car to get home before it end up on her car seat and the whole thing is disgusting to me, but not as disgusting as the possibility that she’s picking this shit up for her sister’s drippy pussy.

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Nicky Hilton in her Bikini Bottoms of the Day

Sometimes when role playing with my wife, I like to pretend I am Nicky Hilton and she pretends to be the badly dressed asshole no one cares about that she’s dating at the time because my wife is about as worthless as him, except for the fact that she pays my rent and I am about as boring and sloppy lookin’ as Nicky Hilton. So I ask my wife where she got her stupid board shorts and she asks me why I am not as relevant as my sister and asks if I want to make a sex tape and I blow it off by telling her she’s no Rick Solomon down there and I dont want to admit I let such a small dick inside my barely there ass, and I then I tell her that I have to go shopping and I’ll be taken my Benz and storm off only to jump into my stepdaughter’s boyfriend’s 87 Hyundai and my wife goes to the bedroom to masturbate because she finds playing useless rich kids who have done pretty much nothing with their lives so fuckin’ hot she can’t contain her over-sized labia.

Here’s some Nicky Hilton in a bikini bottom.

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