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Nicole Richie’s Mom Nipple Cheating in a Bikini of the Day

I have a pretty deep rooted hatred for Good Charlotte sisters. I am really not sure where that problem started or why, because they hit the music scene long after I knew what a music scene was, cuz I was not a teenage girl – and I was nottrying to sleep with one….and even if I was, I would have avoided their mainstream smut as hard as I could….

For some reason, their suburban punk with their strategic tattoos, and the fact that I was convinced they used to fuck each other cuz they felt it was just next level twin masturbation, used to really irritate me….for no reason other than they fucking sucked…

I also have a pretty deep rooted hatred for Nicole Richie. Not only is she a worthless unwanted baby of some groupie trash who pawned her off to live the good life with Lionel, but she’s also a rude little cunt. She killed DJ AM, she blocked me on twitter, she used to have no sense of humor when I’d prank call her, and she just fucking sucks….She’s a troll, she’s not hot, she’s not interesting, she does nothing with her privileged life but waste space….she just fucking sucks….

So when I heard she was in Mexico with a new man, I was happy, because it meant maybe Good Charlotte will kill himself for his failure as a dad….but then realized that I hate her equally and can only hope before Good Charlotte kills himself, he brings her down too…only to discover she’s with Sam Ronson, another crackhead who totally turned on me after she used to text me all the time for press and call me up to hang when she was in Montreal…..adding a third layer to this ugly, irrelevant, rich kids who don’t do anything important, love triangle, that I hope also ends in bloodshed…..

But she was in her bikini, and I do see her mom nipple I doubt her kid sucked on….cuz that’s too much work for Nicole Richie’s laziness…these people are all fucking trash…I hate giving them attention that makes them feel relevant…

To see more shitty pics of Nicole Richie’s shitty body in a shitty bikini cuz she’s shitty…Follow this link

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Nicole Richie Showing Off Mom Tit of the Day

I hate Nicole Richie. I always have. I hung out with her once. She was the cunt you’d expect her to be. This was 5 years ago, but she thought she was amazing and I thought she was an overrated little troll who should never have had the publicity she had…I just couldn’t believe people cared about her wonky inbred looking face…but they did and I guess that gave her the ego to carry on with her useless cunt behavior….

I mean the world shouldn’t be nice to adopted kids with drug addictions and eating disorders who are only relevant for indirectly killing DJ AM by dating his friend the Good Charlotte Sister cuz he had to pull his dick out of his twin brother’s mouth eventually and what easier transition than having babies with this cunt….but for some reason I am digging her little tits in this outfit…I think it’s out of hatred and since she’s blocked me on twitter, the only way I can get thru to her to tell her I am ready for those pussy pics we discussed is by posting this here cuz she reads the site daily…it’s a little known Nicole Richie fact…cuz no one cares to know about Nicole Richie…but she doesn’t grasp that…cuz that’s what happens when you’re spoiled.

Either way, here are the pics of her mom tits…

Pics via Fame

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Nicole Richie is Wearing Lingerie Cuz She’s Ugly of the Day

Like Lionel Richie, I have a serious hatred for Nicole Richie. She is an ugly troll that I may not have dragged away from her groupie drug addict mother in trying to do a good deed, only to realize that saving this girl from a horrible drug filled, dick sucking to get by while running after rockstars in efforts to get knocked up and paid off like her biological mother life, she became the most disgusting thing money can create. From a rude, selfish, spoiled brat cunt who doesn’t realize she’s fucking ugly because she’s got so much of an ego it blinds her from reality. She is nothing but a piece of shit from the fucking gutter, who somehow scammed her way into the good life and I think it’s safe to say that her joke of a clothing line or her looks got her there, it’s all Lionel’s fault….motherfucker.

The only sadness in this story is that she didn’t kill herself like all the other adopted kids I know…she just made her ex-boyfriend and her Godfather kill themselves cuz she doesn’t just look like the devil, she is the fuckin’ devil.

Here she is in some lingerie, showing off her useless tits, promoting her serious junk…..

Pics via Fame

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Nicole Richie and Her New Mom Tits of the Day

Nicole Richie finally has the tits she always wanted and all it took was getting knocked up twice by one of the Good Charlotte sisters.

She went through being fat, being bloated from drugs, wearing push-up bras and nothing ever filled her awkward little body out properly, until she found pregnancy.

I guess it jacked her up with female hormones she was lacking due to developmental issues that she had thanks to being born premature to a Lionel Richie crackhead groupie….before being adopted and living the Orphan Annie dream.

She is coming to Montreal in two days, I think I should hire some crackheads to get some exclusive rape videos….

Pics via Bauer

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Ready to Drop Sluts Bump into Each Other of the Day

I always find it funny when I see pregnant girls standing together, not because of all the bitching and complaining and moaning about how they are retaining water, how they are craving weird foods, or any of that other moody shit that goes on with pregnant chicks, but because I like identifying the bitches who don’t used contraceptives and who don’t believe in abortion so that I can warn my friends to stay the fuck away from them when their perfect little family lives fall apart and they are left with nothing but a broken home, kids they don’t want and a shittier body than when they started this whole baby making bullshit. I also like the farting and the talking about various gyno experiences, but that’s just because I like all things vagina, even if the fuckin’ thing is on it’s last legs, I mean that’s the whole reason I cruise the cancer ward in the hospital…..

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Nicole Richie’s Mom Ass in Leggings of the Day

So Nicole Richie brought her ass out in a pair of leggings and I really can’t figure out what I think about it. She looks like a troll or Ashlee Simpson and DJ AM once told me that her pussy looks like a corpse, but in all fairness to her pussy, he did tell me that in a dream I had of him trying to kill himself and failing, and he didn’t tell me that in person, so maybe I just made that shit up and her pussy is some kind magical place that men who suck off their twin brothers call home and destroy with a baby, in hopes of it morphing into something that looks more like the empty ball sack he used to diddle.

Point of the story is……who really gives a shit? She had no business being famous in the first place, based on having no talent and being pretty fucking ugly….and she has no business being famous now. Her biological parents had the right idea and got rid of her when she was a baby, we should take their lead.

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Nicole Richie’s Got Some Titties of the Day

I hate Nicole RIchie. I like to think she’s my enemy. First she annoyed me on the Simple Life, even though she was the funny one on the show, because compared to Paris Hilton, anything is funny, even the immigrant kid in my building who is learning english by watching reruns of Friends and reciting the bad jokes from that show, in bad english, which may not be a great comparison, because after writing that out, I realized how funny that immigrant kid actually is and I should get him on camera making his Chandler jokes, because it could be the next huge viral video, I’m talking Chris Crocker big, and it may make me famous….or at least famous enough to be a cunt like this Nicole Richie adopted child no one wanted and Lionel felt bad for….

Nicole Richie is responsible for DJ AM’s fame and success and I hate that he is famous. I also had the chance to meet her 5 years ago, when she was with DJ AM in Montreal and security thought I was friends with the couple for some reason and brought me to her. She was too stupid to realize I had no business ther and assumed I was friends with DJ AM or some shit and I spent the night being carted around with her and some publicist chick. Everytime I made conversation with her, since it was just me and her in the booth, she acted like a cunt to me and would talk to me through the publicist and smoke cigarette after cigarette doing everything she could to ignore me, until she caught me trying to swipe her phone, something that at the time, would have provided lots of content for the site and it made her mad, when I tried to explain that I just wanted to prank text Lohan, she asked security to keep me away from her and that was the end of our love affair….and the start of my hatred.

So when I was sent her phone number a while back, I’d send mean spirited text messages to her in hopes of getting my revenge, but she took herself too seriously and changed her number a few hours later….because I guess she was too busy getting knocked up by one of the Good Charlotte sister’s suburban mall tattoos, despite them only really loving each other, and for some reason, she’s suddenly got tits and I guess no one really cares about her and tits aren’t going to change that, it’s not like they make her hot, or worth fucking, so I haven’t quit figured out why I am posting this.

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I am – Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie Have Lunch Together of the Day

Image Removed due to Papparazzi

Here are some pictures of Paris, Nicole and Paris’ sister no one cares about out for lunch together like this was 4 years ago. There was a time when these girls felt like they were on top of the world. They had their TV show and everyone was making a big deal about them. Now one of them is pregnant and the other is serial slut who no one will ever love because they just turn to her for bad sex and money and no one really gives a fuck about them, they’re washed up has beens, but the problem is that they haven’t been replaced and I’m excited for when they are because I need some new blood because it’s come to a point where thinking about either of them sexually is like thinking of your grandmother taking it up the ass, which is a good time, but still smells like shit….and not just any shit…old person shit.

It’s funny what a couple of years does to a person, it’s like riding high one day and in the gutter the next, that’s why I like to stay in the gutter because I don’t think I could handle that kind of disappointment. I guess what it comes down to is that everything always comes around full-circle and nothing in life is permanent, except maybe for AIDS.

I know whenever I see girls from my past I try to get them to show me their vaginas because it’s unnatural for a girl I’ve seen naked to be in my presence and not willing to get naked. If they don’t feel comfortable doing it, then I just keep on walkin’ like they are dead to me. The last time it happened, I ran into a girl i banged years ago on the street with her husband and kids and I said hi, moved in and said, so you gonna show me your pussy or what, I wanna see how it’s aged and she grabbed her kid and stormed off.

Either way, there was a time when these girls loved each other, then hated each other and now they are having lunch together while Stavros is out fuckin Mary Kate Olsen. I guess the rich kid drama will always go on and I feel like I’m watching a Cheers reunion special and Nicole Richie’s playing Norm. I wonder if Cheers jokes work, but I haven’t watched TV since their last episode, so it’s the only reunion special joke I’m packin’ and you’ve probably never seen an episode. I guess I really fucked this one up. It happens pretty much every post.

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I am – Nicole Richie is Hiding from Us of the Day


Here are some pictures of Nicole Richie hiding from the cameras because she’s finally realized that she’s ugly, or maybe the fact that she let some gay dude who fucks his twin brother because they feel like it’s not gay but masturbation since they are pretty much the same person and because it helps them create the shittiest music out there, impregnate her and now it’s too late to abort the fucker has finally set in…

The truth is that I would totally Good Charlotte this whore, because Good Charlotte are a bunch of faggots and fags like anal sex and i never turn down a girl when she asks for anal, especially when pregnant because I have issues with fucking 2 people at once, especially when one of those people is only a 5 month old fetus.

I’m hot like fire today.

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