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Nicolette Sheridan and Some Pussy Lip Slip of the Day

Nicolette Sheridan had a bit of an unfortunate event getting out of a car recently, her expensive lacy underwear wasn’t able to contain her meaty pussy lip that Michael Bolton used to chew on like it was a piece of leather, and who knows, maybe it is, she’s older, menopausal and maybe trying to runaway from her body because either it wants to do what it was meant to do and have babies, but Nicolette is too vain to make that happen, or maybe it’s just trying to escape because Nicolette allowed Bolton inside it and that’s a shame that’s hard to live down. Either way, here are the pics.

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Nicolette Sheridan Shows Off Her Stomach of the Day

Looks like Nicolette found a new Michael Bolton to sniff her dirty panties, eat her used tampons, watch her shit, fuck, masturbate and cry in the form of a Golden Retriever, sure it may not be as socially acceptable when people catch him in the trailer licking Cheeze Whiz off her cunt, but having people know you fuck a dog’s a lot less embarrassing than admitting you ever dated Michael Bolton, not to mention the Dog’s a better singer.

It also looks like Nicolette Sheridan has a good body for an old lady as she continues to be my evidence that not having babies may be against natures way and may leave a lot of regret down the line, but at least you can drink that pain away, instead of sitting on your fat ass exhausted from changing diapers and driving kids to day care.

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Nicolette Sheridan’s Ass in Boyshorts of the Day

Nicolette Sheridan was out in her Malibu home, or what I assume is her Malibu home because despite the potential of being creepy enough for people to think I’d make a great stalker, I am far too lazy to bother with that shit, especially when living up in Canada and not really giving a fuck about much of anything, and she was doing it in a pair of white boy shorts. Now I know she’s older and I know it looks like she got some fucked up shit going on with her lips that probably involved surgery and I know that she’s probably got a pretty tight pussy. You know she hasn’t had kids, you know she does her kegels while keeping fit and you also know that Michael Bolton and her were engaged for 15 so I’ll assume they never had sex because with hair like he had, and songs like he sang, he’s gotta be a sister. You know, the kind of sister who prefers his significant other to be a top, but the truth is that I really know nothing and just wanted an excuse to post these pictures because I have nothing else to do and haven’t figured out my exit strategy yet. Enjoy.

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Nicolette Sheridan’s Bikini Bottom of the Day

Nicolette Sheridan went out in a bikini and showed off her ass this past weekend and I liked it. I think her body is amazing and hope for all you people who plan on getting married, despite the sad truth that the reason she looks like this is because she’s not married and trying to keep work coming in, but delusions is pretty much what go you into this whole marriage mess to begin with, so what’s another one to the pot that makes up your false sense of happiness…..

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Nicolette Sheridan is a Jogger of the Day

Nicolette Sheridan is a 45 year old who proves that if you want to keep your edge and remain a sex object in film an television, you can’t get irresponsible and get married and have kids, becauase we all know that if she had kids, she wouldn’t look like this, since they ruin your fucking life just as much as they ruin your hot body.

Husbands everywhere have to come home to a tired slob of a wife who doesn’t put out anymore and who they are happy doesn’t put out anymore because their bodies are fucking disgusting since they let themselvs go, forcing them to hit the internet and jerk off to pictures of Nicolette Sheridan to find any satisfaction in life. You know sitting in their garage to avoid having to spend time with the slob they married, wondering how their life would be different if the hot 25 year old they sold their soul too was a little more self absorbed, vain and in love with themselves. You know if they said no to the second serving of ice cream during their post partum depression that prevented them from losing the pregnancy weight they gained and spent a little more time jogging….

I guess you can argue that her life is empty and that she will end up alone because she didn’t take the natural course of reproduction, but I am sure the only people saying that are moms, who have brainwashed themselves to thinking having babies is amazing, because it’s all they have going for them after sacrificing themselves to make it happen, and a harsh reality that if they did admit sucked, would make them feel like bad humans, so it’s better to stay delusional about, but I think that with all that money and the fact that every single straight guy in the world is willing to have sex with her, while every Gay dude who watches her shitty Desperate Housewives shit is willing to go straight for her and the fact that she can buy herself a baby who is already 16 when she’s really milked this whole sex symbol thing and has totally cashed out on her body, so that she doesn’t have to go through all the annoying steps of early childhood and can still pretend she’s a mom as it comes to visit her in the old folks home when she’s developed alzheimers because it will be outlined in its contract that it has no choice but to do that if it wants its inheritance….

I don’t really know what I am going off on, I get lost in my words sometimes, but what it comes down to is that watching Nicolette Sheridan jogging and keeping her old lady body fit is like porn to me, maybe because my 45 year old wife’s idea of exercise is eating a bag of chips, but probably because I want to fuck Nicolette Sheridan….

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Nicolette Sheridan’s Ass in a White Bikini of the Day

There’s nothing like seeing a little Michael Bolton sloppy seconds strutting her old lady body that puts most 20 year old bodies to shame around in a bikini, knowing that he ruined her like he ruined Frank Sinatra’s Music back in 2006. I do know that her body is definitely the kind of body you can try to pretend is still a virgin when you get with her, despite knowing that the only reason she’s on TV is because she’s not a virgin, if you know what I mean. If you don’t, bust out your mom’s Desperate Housewives Season 1 DVD boxset and see her trying to act, not that that would be too hard of a task for your lazy body, considering you keep it hidden under your bed for those lonely nights alone….which are pretty much every night…..

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Nicolette Sheridan is in a Bikini of the Day

Since the paparazzi agency that either got paid by Nicolette Sheridan’s people to take pictures of her in a bikini because they think she’s some kind of miracle being in her mid 40s and lookin like this and feel it’s an accomplishment worth drawing attention to, or that sifted through her garbage, tapped her phone lines, climbed fences and used expensive photo equipment to capture these life changing photos of Nicolette Sheridan’s old ass in a bikini, is an agency that wants to bring me the fuck down, sue me and destroy everything I have worked for, like they try to destroy the privacy of famous people I don’t really give a fuck about, but you seem to give a fuck about, putting me in this whole mess to begin with, I decided to do the post by linking to another site, so that you get the goods and I don’t get ruined in the process….because I know cumming to pictures of something Michael Bolton has cum on , and I don’t mean his microphone or outrageous undeserved record sales, but I do mean his girlfriend, is something important to you. So this is me, putting myself out ther for you. Enjoy.

To See Nicolette Sheridan in a Bikini

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I am – Nicolette Sheridan is a Hot Old Lady of the Day


Here are Nicolette Sheridan and her fiance Michael Bolton walking out of some LA restaurant called the Ivy with a doggie bag. I always thought that doggie bags were for poor people who wanted to get their money’s worth at a restaurant, you know, if there was one slice of pizza left, they’d take that shit home because they paid for it and wouldn’t let it go to waste. But rich people are supposed to be assholes, who buy everything on the menu, take one bite out of the meal, spit it out and send it back, only to walk out pissed off at the world and to never go back and to make sure their other rich friends never go back. So despite having never having heard of her before Desperate Housewives, I have unfortunately heard Michael Bolton, and even though it gets every 45 year old woman and her mother wet, even after menopause, that shit rapes my fucking ears. But there are a lot of women in the world and it is safe to say he’s sold a lot of albums and that he could afford to send that meal back even if his fiance only took one bite because she’s trying to watch her figure, and thank god she is because she looks fucking solid for a 45 year old woman who still gets wet for Michael Bolton, even after menopause.

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I am – Nicolette Sheridan's Red Lycra Pants of the Day


I am pretty sure these are old, but they were sent into me and I had no choice but to post them because her ass looks amazing and they remind me of some chick that I just saw walking with her annoying 15 year old son. I assume that she was a trophy wife who has some really rich husband and spends her days at the gym fucking the fitness trainer, at the hair salon talking to her fag stylist about giving blowjobs, at the day spa yelling at her masseuse about rubbing her down harder, at home yelling at the maid about cleaning better and at the cook about using more low-fat ingredients because the shit he’s cooking doesn’t fit in with the South Beach Diet her nutritionist put her on. The benefit of making a life out of being vain and self absorbed and superficial was that her ass was probably one of the most solid asses I’d ever seen and I tried to let her son know that he should be jerking off to her while she’s out at the pool and not trying to land blowjobs at his Jewish summer camp because she is that good.

When I finally made eye contact with the kid, I pointed to his moms ass and gave him the thumbs up hand signal. He just gave me the finger and went back to his phone conversation. I guess he hears about how hot she is everytime his friends tell him how bad they want to fuck her, or how they end up hanging out with her instead of him anytime they go over. The reality is that she is probably the only reason he has friends.

So seeing Nicolette Sheridan’s fit ass is just an extension of this celebration of bitches in their 40s who still have it going on enough for you to rub one out to, even though your desperation leaves you rubbing one out to pretty much anything with a vagina, including your fat neighbor who likes to garden in short shorts…

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