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Old Tired Haggard Sluts Hanging Out Together of the Day

Here are two Old Vaginas that need to be hung up in the rafters of the local arena and retired becuase collectively they have made more men hard than the history of the US Army since they have reached the sunset years of their sex appeal, were spotted having a secret meeting about how they are going to bring it all back by working together as a team, because they think an infomercial about 2 washed up pussies everyone wanted to fuck combined being a better deal than 1 fresh pussy will be bigger than the thighmaster, but instead they should be enjoying their menopausal hot flashes and weak bladders when telling war stories of turning men on in their glory days over a game of Bridge or Lawn bowling. Just let it go girls….

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A Date With Pam Anderson’s Haggard Face of the Day

The problem with Plastic Surgery is that it doesn’t age well. It’s like the people who get the shit to try to make themselves look better, get kicked in the fuckin ass a few years down the road, when their faces start contorting in weird ways, forcing them to get more plastic surgery, eventually ending up lookin’ like a blow-up doll you found in the garbage and decided to patch up and bring home with you because your whore wife doesn’t fuck you.

The problem with having a crush on a celebrity in the 90s, is that 15 years down the road when you happen to be lucky enough to finally meet her, you decide to ask her on a date to live out that late Baywatch fantasy, forgetting that in those 15 years, many cock have run through her pink garage door in her red bathing suit, and now she’s a leathery freaky lookin’ piece of shit.

Here are the pics of her on a date.

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Pam Anderson Goes on a Hike in Little Shorts of the Day

Pam Anderson went on a hike. I guess she’s taking all the sights in while she can, you know before her whore-self follows her vagina’s lead and dies of hepatitis.

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Pam Anderson and her Pink Bikini Remember of the Day

If you’re wondering why Pam Anderson is wearing a pink bikini on memorial day, it is in memory of her pink vagina, that has over the years got greyer, thicker skinned, callused and diseased.

You know, remembering a time she was more desirable, a sex symbol and a woman other women aspired to be like because they knew their boyfriends and husbands were jerking off to her. Someone who helped build the fuckin’ breast implant industry.

Something I think deserves a fuckin’ parade and day off for.

Here are the pics.

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Pam Anderson Scratching Her Hepatitis of the Day

Pam Anderson went to her son’s baseball game because he isn’t old enough to be a piece of trash alcoholic, drug addict, party addict, sex addict, stain on society like his mother and father, but it will come and so will stints with rehab, therapy, and becoming roomates with Sean Stewart and it’s not that big of a surprise, the two kids I grew up with who had a whore mother, like actual hooker who worked from home are now both male strippers in the gay stripclubs who turn tricks if the price is right, because that’s all they know.

I guess if you grow up watching your mom scratch her hepatitis pussy at your little league games, or catch your friend jerking off to your parents in a sex tape, or even seeing momma rip lines off the toilet seat to practice for an upcoming club appearance, shit scars you and is the start of your journey into a very bad place.

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Pamela Anderson Titty of the Day

Here are some Pam Anderson cleavage pics for you in the event you’ve forgotten who she is and haven’t been paying attention to her hanging onto her sex appeal with all she has to offer.

On a sidenote, I started using Purrell as lube when I fuck nasty bitches, you know that hand sanitizer shit, I am testing it as a cure or weapon in this STD war…I think it’s genius. I’ll let you know how it works out for me, ideally with photo evidence, hopefully with my dick still in one-piece, and I don’t mean the bathing suit kind.

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Pamela Anderson at Some Stripclub Opening of the Day

Pam Anderson was at the opening of some NYC stripclub which was pretty obvious because that’s pretty much what her Hollywood career has been. You know big fake everything, fucking rockstars and guys with lame tattoos, getting STDs and now that she’s washed up and disgusting, it’s only natural that she go back to “den mother” all these girls just starting out, and I use the word natural very loosly.

I spend a lot of time in stripclubs, I know how these things work. I see the old haggard stripper who you wonder how she got where she got and why she’s still allowed to work and you realize that she’s been there for decades and can’t get fired and that she acts as a mentor to the other girls because she’s seen it all , and her daughter so happens to work alongside her to pay for her college and that together, they get naked for money and that they only talk to me when they are really really desperate for money and have been rejected by everyone else in the club, including the staff, so I know the whore game, and I know that despite Pam Anderson getting sidetracked along her true calling with that whole Hollywood, celebrity shit, it’s never too late to crawl back into the gutter position your fate had lined up for you, your tits, your fake hair, lips and fabricated, plastic sex appeal.

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Pam Anderson Picture of the Day

So this is the story that goes along with this picture:

I spotted Pamela Anderson at the “Angels and Athletes” party at Aja in Tampa, FL this past Saturday.

She was out celebrating (something) the night before the Super Bowl.

Pam was on hand as the headline attraction for the night…unfortunately for her, she forgot to bring her A-Game…or a hairbrush.


I have a feeling she is making this face because shejust felt her busted up uterus slipping out of her skirt because she didn’t wear underwear again, but I guess she could be making this face because she’s scared, or sad, or concerned or even surprised. Maybe it’s got to do with her dying career, beauty or sex appeal….or maybe someone just flashed her the 8 ball of coke she’s about to dig her whore face in, or maybe a guy she once banged just told her he has AIDS and has to tell past lovers by law. I really don’t know or care but someone emailed it to me and I figured I’d switch it up by posting it anyway because I have nothing better to do and no matter how hard I try to go back to sleep and no matter how tired I am right now, the alcohol withdrawal isn’t letting me. Asshole.

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Pamela Anderson’s Ass in a See Through Shirt of the Day

Here are some pictures of Pam Anderson fag hagging with some dude I assume is gay. Pam Anderson is an icon in the gay world, maybe it’s because she’s Canadian and Canada is Gay Friendly, but I think it’s because she looks like a tranny, but probaby has more to do with the fact that gay dudes are the only group of people who have had more cock than she has and don’t judge her for being a slut, or maybe it’s because she has this ego and has convinced herself that all the straight guys around her are constantly trying to get in her pants and she’s more than just a diseased pussy, flappy ass and set of tits that were once a sex icon, and she is tired of her girlfriends constantly being jealous of her and get all catty when they are out, while gay dudes just don’t give a fuck and take advantage of the opportunity to parade a famous girl around with them to further secure how fabulous they are already convinced that they are….

Either way, here’s them pics.

Pics: Pacific Coast News

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