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Paris’ BFF is still a Fucking Attention Whore Clown of the Day

This Paris BFF girl is a fucking joke. I mean it was pretty much understood when she signed up to be on the show that she was never going to be taken seriously, but now that Paris is over the 60 days she decided to give up to pretend she actually liked this girl, by letting her walk into events with her, stunts need to be pulled to prevent her slowly slipping back into obscurity. The only problem is that she’s a useless, talentless cunt, who only got here for being on a garbage show that she tried sucking another useless, talentless cunt’s dick off to win. So here she is with crazy clown hair, which I guess is a good practice for when she’s living on the street and too poor to afford a hairbush.

Here she is in Video Promoting Some Dude’s Band and Dissing Paris Hilton….Good Times….

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Paris Hilton’s BFF Keeps Trying of the Day

If you’re wondering why this bitch won that Paris Hilton BFF reality show bullshit, it’s because Paris is shallow, loves herself and needed someone with an uglier face than her to make her feel good about herself.

Now that this girl has had a taste of Paris’ life for about a week before Paris collected her check and moved on with her life and left this cunt on a monthly allowance and D-List status, she’s struggling to stay relevant. She knows that if something doesn’t break soon, it’s back to wherever she came from, leaving hollywood and her TV career as just memories to tell the patrons at the stripclub she’ll be launching her long career at before killing herself after not being able to deal with being such a failure.

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Paris Hilton and Her Magic Tits of the Day

Paris Hilton is out with her new boyfriend and she’s showing off her tits. I don’t care, maybe you do…sure I like tits as much as the next guy – but Paris Hilton I can do without. She was born a rich kid, never had to work a day in her life, but instead decided that that wasn’t good enough and that she needed to go out and do things “on her own” and become famous “on her own” and now, 10 years later, we’re still fucking talking about her, still taking pictures of her, and the only talent she really has is being a whiny brat who gets what she wants. So fuck you Paris Hilton for making me post this by dressing like a slut with tits, even though you don’t have tits, making the whole thing that much more confusing than it already is.

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Paris Hilton’s BFF in Some Staged Bikini Bullshit of the Day

Why would anyone give a fuck about this girl being in a bikini, I guess because she is a girl and is half naked, but that’s about it. It’s not because she’s famous or worth anything, she’sj just a famewhore who happened to win some stupid Paris Hilton produced show.

I guess she’s staging these shots, trying to take the celebrity stayin in the media approach, only she doesn’t realize no one really gives a fuck about her and that her 15 minutes are up. If she wants attention, she may want to stage a sex tape with an actual celebrity, like Verne Troyer or something, cuz that Jew bitch is more famous that this useless BFF piece of shit.

To make shit worse, she has a shitty fucking body and is better off posing on the beach in a snuggie like she was Katy Perry.

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Paris Hilton Shows Off Some Tit of the Day

This fame hungry rich kid’s plan still seems to be working. I don’t think anyone really gets that people are talking about a girl who peaked on the first season of Simple Life, because the concept was actually funny, and because Nicole Richie carried the show by being a cunt to the everyday people, but we’re still talking about her. I guess that’s just proof that my life is really fucking lame, but let’s face it, I didn’t need Paris Hilton, or her cleavage to learn me that, I kind of already knew, you know with a combination of failing at pretty much everything I’ve tried and having bad sex with bad women since ’85, posting on Paris is just another nail in the coffin, even though I died decades ago….You get what I am saying and here is her cleavage…

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Paris Hilton Flashes Her Panties of the Day

I get called a hater all the time because I tease useless bitches. I can’t really help but be judgemental and tease, it just kind of comes to me, and probably a huge percentage of the world. I think the real thing to fear are the idiots who drink the fucking Kool Aid, you know the people who stroke the egos and sign this trash up for high paying jobs and shit like that, you know perpetuating the lies, the bullshit, the disgusting behavior and all that shit. I don’t claim to be an authority, I just think what I say is logical, almost as logical as seeing Paris Hilton flash some panties, it’s come to the point where she doesn’t need to even try to hold her skirt down, fuck, she could just walk around naked, we’ve all seen it all already, we’ve been with her at her most intimate moments, she’s played the fuckin’ system by exploiting herself for fame and shit fucking worked, instead of just taking her trust fund and chillin’ she needed the fame stamp of approval, and I am wasting my time writing about this and I can’t figure out why, I think it’s gotta do with hating myself and that is the real joke in all this.

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Paris Hilton Robot Bikini of the Day

Paris Hilton did a photoshoot where she’s wearing some stupid Lady Gaga glasses, which I guess is representative about how full of shit Paris is provided you didn’t realize that she was full of fucking shit. I am sure when they were in High School together, Paris didn’t even notice the weird, fat, mutant girl in the stupid clothes, I mean, unless it was to laugh at her, but the second she’s fucking popular, this cunt jumps on it and stains in with her dirty sticky fingers, where her gaping soul sucks anything she can monetize or get buzz from in and by gaping soul, I think you know what gaping body part I am actually talkin’ about.

Talking about her STDs or that she’s a slut is a waste of time, we already know that shit, we need to focus that she is single handedly responsible for the fall of a generation of girls, who could have amounted to be the next fucking President, but are instead fucking multiple men and their wallets, lying, doing coke, and pretty much wasting the fuck away and for that, this bitch needs to be shot.

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Kathy Griffin and Paris Hilton Publicity Stunt that Worked of the Day

I generally don’t discriminate when it comes to pussy, unless that pussy belongs to Kathy Griffin. There is really nothing hot about her, except maybe her fire pussy, but that’s just not enough for me. Maybe it’s because she’s ugly, but I’ve fucked ugly girls, I think it’s got more to do with her comedy, or whatever the fuck it is that she does that involves her making fun of her shitty career as a dlister and pretty much shamelessly compromise any integrity she may have left.

So she did some publicity stunt with Paris Hilton, where they went shopping, she flashed her panties and there are even pics of her in a bikini that I am not paying for, they tipped up the paparazzi, because they are both on a sinking ship and like the movie Titanic, this is them trying to hold onto the floating piece of boat while a rich fat pig of a woman doesn’t share with them and watches them freeze to death…if you know what I mean.

I don’t know what that reference was, don’t try to look into it too much motherfucker….

Here’s the video of them hanging out, I didn’t bother watching it, so I don’t know if they panty flash was caught on tape but I really hope it was….

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Paris Hilton Defending Her Tits in a Blue Dress of the Day

At this point in Paris Hilton’s life, why the fuck does she bother wearing clothes. We’ve all seen her naked enough that you’d think she’d view the world the way my wife unfortunately views our aparment, and that is one wear she is always fucking naked no matter how many times I tell her she’s disgusting or spray her with Febreeze, or try to disinfect everything her disgusting bare ass and flappy fucking tits touch.

I guess it’s gotta do with her trying to be classy, you know denying that she’s a fucking whore, and the whole having lots of money to medicate buy buying herself everything her heart desires, and the whole fun getting ready process cuz it wastes some of the ton of free time she has doing nothing, but most importantly, because it would be a health hazard. That’s not to say I wouldn’t fucker, but I am a pig and it’d be real unfortunate seeing a little stickin’ his tongue on the phone receiver Paris just accidentally fucked because she was walking by it and her pussy suction took over.

Here she is fighting with her dress….

Here’s the video….

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