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Paris Hilton’s Obnoxious Self Shot Bikini Photoshoot of the Day

I don’t know what’s wrong with me, but I want to sniff her bathing suit…just to see how what it smells like…I mean I’d go as far a say that I’d wring it out and drink the water from the crotch…like a man who just spent 3 days lost in the desert….

I guess, despite hating the bitch as much as you can hate a vapid tacky rich girl who craves too much attention but fails at it because she’s as old and tired as her one trick…I would be into K-Fedding her, because let’s face it, she’s still Paris Hilton, and free hotel stays for life herpes is better than gutter drug addict who’s pimp may come after you and kill you herpes…right?

Here are her self shot pics, cuz no one’s bothering taking pics of her.

To see the rest of the pics CLICK HERE

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Paris Hilton Bikini for Instagram of the Day

Paris Hilton must be 45 years old now, but it’s nice to see she’s still putting in effort to get some level of attention, despite the whole Kim Kardashian winning at her own game against her, despite being fat….

You know, two rich girls who really don’t need to make themselves famous, but do anyway, through sex, because being famous is more fun than just having unlimited funds to finance their spoiled cunt behavior…

I was a fan of Paris falling off the map after years of being over exposed unnecessarily, and I am a fan of the fact that the paparazzi don’t even bother with anymore, and that the only people who actually care about her posting bikini pics are herself, and I guess me, because I’m posting this shit…but in my defence, I have a hard time letting go of the past and that’s why I am an alcoholic..

The good news, is that unlike that Kardashian, this party slut rich kid, isn’t fat….

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Paris Hilton in a Bikini of the Day

If you’ve been wondering where Paris Hilton has been all these years of irrelevance, where she belongs cuz she’s a useless cunt who just happens to not be worthless thanks to Grandpa..

She’s been teaching her dog this move for the paparazzi…you like like the circus clown she is…


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Paris Hilton Panty Flash of the Day

I thought I would never say this, but thank God for the Panties….

I’ve seen Paris Hilton’s vagina in a variety of ways over the years. From sex tape, to short skirts and no panties while getting out of low cars for the paparazzi, because she’s just the kind of people who wants to show people her panty meat. But I guess she’s either grown up, matured and realized it’s ok to wear panties, you can flash them just as easy and the blogs will still post them. That or she’s’ in the midst of a herpes outbreak and dripping all over the place all blistered up and the panties are being used as a shield for her to not humiliate herself and/or to hold in the topical ointment in place..

Here are some pics of her posing in her bikini….for herself…because she’s the only one who cares, I mean her and the guy gold digging her hard enough to be the next K-Fed, hotel stays around the world for free and a billionaire lifestyle, make a bitch more tolerable….

For the record, I don’t hate her as much as I used to. I think she’s a lovely delicate flower sent from hell.

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Paris Hilton Brought Her Herpes to the Beach of the Day

Paris Hilton an era where I was more relevant, more passionate about hating all these vapid cunts, a beacon of hope and by hope I mean a bitch I would slander and shit on using the blog on the regular, I mean some of my best posts probably involved her…and seeing her, older, sloppier, with her very own K-Fed, I am reminded of a better time, with less cellulite, less monogamy, just as much herpes scabs…herpes scabs I’m not even compelled to make fun of…because I’m old, tired and so is Paris….we’ve been down this road already….so many times….it’s done.

I guess this is growing up…


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Paris Hilton Modeling Lingerie Even Though She’s Old and Fat of the Day

Paris Hilton is way too old to be staging these kinds of shoots for herself, because you know no one hired her to be doing this.

This is up on some bored housewife shit. Hiring a photographer for the day in efforts to feel sexy and glamourous while the husband is out fucking new , young pussy.

I mean that is the world she was born and raised into, with her third or fourth generation rich parents too busy doing coke to parent her. It was the 80s people.

It’s just too bad that she’s already lookin’ like a botoxed up, divorcee who runs around with her younger K-Fed arm candy, fatter than ever, but like she still matters….in Sears catalog caliber shoots….

Not that she ever mattered, but her trust fund hired the right PR person to make us think she did back in the sex tape era…

All this to say, she’s the worst, looks like shit, and needs to save the lingerie modeling for Cora Keegan …she’s my favorite…in fact she’s the only one who matters….

Here are those horrible pics…if you look close enough…her vagina and/or uterus is hanging on for it’s life in one of the pics….and if you’re like me, it’ll make you laugh..


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Paris Hilton Pussy in the Million Dollar Pussy Video of the Day

There’s something hilarious about Paris Hilton being in a music video about pussy, you know that million dollar pussy that makes you itch, thanks to how well traveled and experienced it is thanks to her wild rich girls filling her void vagina in her late teens and early 20s, back when she was a pornstar, when she didn’t have to be one, thanks to being a million dollar pussy.

Nicki Minaj shaking her booty and singing about her pussy being the baddest but that’s kind of expected, it’s the white Hilton Hotel heiress, who actually was born with a billion dollar pussy and had a billion dollar pussy when she did porn pussy…..that is a little more obscure and thus awesome.

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Paris Hilton Makes Her Boyfriend Wear her Name on his Head of the Day

I vowed to never post Paris Hilton pictures ever again, because as far as I’m concerned Paris Hilton listened to all of our requests back in the 2000s, and died. Even if she’s still alive, she might as well be dead, since no one remembers who she is or that she was a big enough deal to land TV shows like “Paris Hilton’s New BFF”, in some vapid cunt garbage we should hold the production company accountable for shoving down our throats. To me it was a sign of the apocalypse…or at least that our people are doomed.

But I couldn’t help but grab pics of her bitch of a boyfriend who is probably so excited about her bank account that he’s willing to get herpes to get access to the shit, and he plays the part, wearing a “Paris” hat, to show her he belongs to her, in hopes of knocking her dead HPV uterus up, so that he can follow K-Fed’s lead.

It makes me laugh. I threw in a pic of her modeling bikinis for her mirror cuz it’s the only thing that can look at her with a straight face because you probably don’t care that her boyfriend is a bitch.

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Paris Hilton is Not Dead Even and in a Bathing Suit of the Day

Even if you think Paris Hilton is dead….she’s not….she’s with Everyone who is anyone, or who wants to be anyone, or who was once someone thanks to her grandfather…is is Miami…as I’ve said before…

I am not in Miami..because I am no one…and I like it that way…but unfortunately Paris Hilton hasn’t really embraced her falling off to insignificance as gracefully…I am sure she hates every single Kardashian episode or article more than any of us do…which should make her on our site…but it doesn’t…because she hates them cuz she wants to be them….since she’s the bootleg version of them….not that it matters…what matters is she’s in Miami to get noticed…and in trying to get noticed…hoping for a second wind…she’s pulling out her tits…and the worst thing about this…you know the greatest fucking tragedy is that I think she looks fucking hot…ass and titties I’d play connect the dots with her herpes scab like I was Peewee Herman…whatever that means…

Here are the pics…

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