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Phoebe Price in Some Staged Beach Photoshoot of the Day

I still don’t know who the fuck this Phoebe Price is. I just know she took her old lady body to the beach to have some staged pictures of her in some stripper gear taken…This gold dress is straight from the sex shop Phoebe probably buys her very large dildos at, as most 50 year old lookin’ women, especially the slutty ones in their animal print one-piece porno bathing suit can only be her mating call for attention….It’s like she’s is Blanche from the Golden Girls, craving to get her big southern box filled with whatever Kentucky Fried phallus she can find…including black dudes…to live out slave fantasies she’s had since she was a little horny teenager back home on the platation that finances her ridiculous California life….

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Phoebe Price Thinks She’s a Model of the Day

I still haven’t figured out what Phoebe Price does or who she is, but she’s got some serious fucking ego who thinks we actually care about what she does or who she is. The only thing I can assume about her is that she has orange pubic hair and I have a serious history with orange pubic hair that started with me gagging at the thought of orange pubic hair when I was a teenager, leading to me mocking every ginger I came across, until realizing that I was actually fascinated by the shit before giving it a chance and turning every ginger I came across against me, like my name and picture was sent out on some kind of ginger information network, so in all my years of fucking, I have never had a taste of it. I figure it’s just punishment from God for giving all those girls a complex when they were easily influenced, probably one bad enough to keep them totally shaved at all times, if they weren’t too awkward to fuck dudes until they were pushing 30 and only did it cuz the dude was also ginger, because I was an asshole who couldn’t appreciate something so unique and different and could that I’ve been banished from every stroking my fingers through….not that you care about my orange pubic hair fetish…but then again you don’t really care about Phoebe Price either….

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Phoebe Price’s Ass in Silver of the Day

I guess Phoebe Price thought her ass was good enough to Bronze the shit so that it will eternally live with us, like a mother does with her babies first shoes, but since Phoebe Price is too old and self involved to have a baby, she went for the closest fucking thing, or maybe she’s just wearing a pair of metallic leggings to give off that effect and hope the sun reflects off the shit and blinds a passer-by causing a car accident, so that if gives her the illusion that she still has whatever it is she had that led her ego taking her to Hollywood to share with the world in the first place, when really shit’s just old and sloppy….

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Phoebe Price in a See Thru Shirt of the Day

I have no idea why Phoebe Price is invited to all these hollywood functions, or why the paparazzi know who she is, or why people write about her in tabloids and on the internet. I just know she has been in one or two things as an actor, she probably comes from a very rich Southern family and I guess is just one of those Socialites who spends her days getting ready for the red carpet events she’s addicted to, when she’s not staging photoshoots with herself in her bikini. I also know that I have a red carpet addiction of my own, just not the conventional red carpet but the red carpet in a redheads panties, making me a Phoebe Price pretty much one in the fuckin’ same. Unfortunately, she’s not 18 anymore, but she is wearing a see through shirt and that kind of effort’s gotta count for something, I’m just not sure what….

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Phoebe Price in Some American Apparel Leggings of the Day

There is always something weird about seeing an older lady dressed like a teenage girl. I don’t find it hot now, because I like teenage girls and I’m not too into old ladies, but I will tell you this, if I was a young guy, I’d be applying for a job at American Apparel, because this whole hanging onto her youth bullshit, you know a bitch wearing shredded leggings, or a bitch in a sheer top, is a bitch who wants some young cock in her to help her forget her age or about her husband and annoying responsibilities, and they are usually the kind of bitch who will actually seduce a motherfucker in the changing room, you know ask him to adjust her bra for her, because life gets boring and depressing and the taste of youth makes it a little better, even if you look like a fucking clown in the process….

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Phoebe Price Applies Make-Up to Her Leg of the Day

Wanna see a waste of fucking money? You know a bitch just pissing the shit away for the world who can’t afford to eat or pay their fucking utility bill to look onto with envy of such a glorious fucking life of luxury that she lives….because these are pictures of her getting a make-up artist to cover up a cut on her fucking leg. She actually went into a salon and paid a bitch to do this for her cuz she’s got some serious ego and false sense of importance because she was invited to the Emmy Awards or some shit, and maybe this kind of high maintenance southern belle with a flaming red pussy turns you on, so here are the pics…


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Phoebe Price Stomach of the Day

Phoebe Price is lookin’ pretty doughy. I guess there’s nothing more magical than seeing a woman’s curves slowly morph into a boxy menopausal midsection, one that should be kept under wraps and saved for a surprise for the poor fucker who brings your ageless ass home to fuck one night when drunk, unsure of whether you are 25 or 60, but willing to cum inside you because not much else is goin’ on, but also because he clearly knows you don’t get your period anymore. This is some push-up bra shit, but on a whole other dry pussy, extremely emotional level and I still have no idea who this bitch is.

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Phoebe Price is in Cannes of the Day

I know you don’t care about this bitch, but I accidentally downloaded these pictures of her thinking they were see through, and I never turn down a see through picture, but I was wrong. The truth is that along with Dlisted, I am fascinated with this bitch. Not because of her red pubic hair, a weakness of mine, but because she has never really done anything, but manages to be everywhere, including Cannes. I assume she comes from money and that her trust fund just supports her “acting” career, and I guess none of that really matters.

What does matter is that I was at a fashion show a couple weeks ago for a local college, in efforts of seducing bright eyed young girls into thinking I could help their confused selves find a career now that school was over and they don’t know which way to turn, and I fell in love with a Phoebe Price of my own. Tall, Red and luxurious, but she never answered my Craigslist misconnection, maybe it had to do with the ten bullet points of what I wanted to do with her vagina, but I like blame the Craigslist killer for fuckin’ up my game. Taking responsibility for yourself is a waste of time.

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Phoebe Price and Her Fatty Lips of the Day

Phoebe Price has reason to celebrate because the paparazzi took a fucking picture of her and that means she counts. Good job Phoebe. I gotta say I like her party get up, those lips are what weird dude with anime fetishes would totally love to get their hands on to use as a pocket pussy and imagine the glorious sensation of getting your dick sucked.

Speaking of getting my dick sucked, I think I need to leave my wife because she’s being retired like a Jersey at a basketball game, only without all the glory, you know now that I have international Twitter success, internet succes it’s time to start fuckin’ bitches I don’t know badly, send in your pictures, I’m ready and promise you the worst sex with the smallest dick you can imagine if you’re down with a little treasure hunt through all the fat….it’s a celebration of disgusting…

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Phoebe Price has Some More Staged Bikini Pictures of the Day

Phoebe Price is still trying to ride the wave of finally making it onto the cover of some tabloid for having the most disgusting cellulite ridden legs, only this time she’s hired a photographer who does some touch-ups, I guess she’s finally realized the less clothes she wears the more people care about her and by people I mean me, because I encourage girls coming to terms with this obvious concept, even if they’re doing it about 25 years too late.

I remember when I was hanging out at an old folks home for kicks and I started talking to this crazy senile bitch who had a pretty stacked body for an old lady and she knew it because all the dudes in the home all tried to get up in her. She loved the attention and would play it up and when I suggested a Geriatric Wet T-Shirt contest she was the first one in line. Unfortunately, she drowned. I am just kidding, we got stopped before the fun went down and I was asked to never step food in the home again because my kind of volunteering is not one they appreciate, but I’ll never forget that little heartbreaker who was a literal heartbreaker because she killed at least more than one dude in her seductive, big breasted, cock teasing antics.

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Phoebe Price’s Staged Bikini Pictures of the Day

My power went out a bunch of hours ago and I thought it was because I hadn’t paid my electricty bill and the company shut me down and I was happy because it re-affirmed my ghetto lifestyle, but then I walked outside and realized the whole block was out and that I wasn’t as much as a hurtbag as I thought I was.

My ghetto accomplishment, wasn’t much of an accomplishment at all and I think the same goes for Phoebe Price who got some press for being in a bikini candid shot showing off her fat legs and thought it was so fuckin’ amazing tht she made it to the cover of some tabloid magaine that she has has since staged a bunch of photoshoots with the paparazzi to relive those glory days, unfortunately she completely delusional and thinks that she made the cover because people want to fuck her and that delusion carried over into today’s pictures where she’s trying to exude sex, when shit should just be covered up and not cover material.

* Access to material has been disabled in compliance with DMCA *

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Phoebe Price Bikini Pictures of the Day

I don’t know how much Phoebe Price paid for this bikini photoshoot, but it is obviously staged and retouched. It was only last week when Phoebe Price made me sick to the stomach with her sloppy fuckin’ legs and I guess she realized that she had to redeem herself, because despite being useless to the world, she doesn’t think that she is. It’s the kind of delusion that allows fat chicks to wear spandex or ugly chicks to go to modeling casting calls because they’ve never been shut down in their life, despite a dire need for them to be shut down to save us the fuckin’ headaches of having to post about them and by us I mean me.

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Pheobe Price Bikini Pictures of the Day

Phoebe Price is a whole lot of nothing, and by nothing I mean cellulite. She’s always bringing her freckled pasty body out to events and now she’s showing it off in a bikini. Sure no guy in his right mind would get up in this sack of shit but at least she’s got her dog, because he can’t report her to the authorities when she tries to shove him into her womb head first.

Speaking of sack of shit, I was in an immigrant taxi when wasted this weekend and dude stank of fuckin’ spicy armpit. I was wasted and gagging in the backseat and my only salvation was to stick my head between my legs and fart my drunken farts. Sure it wasn’t my proudest moment as I sat there smelling my own fart as to not throw up to his fat Taxi Driver stench, it was a defense mechanism that was a much more enjoyable that lookin’ at these pictures. I guess to be fair to Phoebe Price, I kinda like smelling ass…even if it’s my own.

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I am – Some Emmy Award Coverage of the Day


I wasn’t going to cover any Emmy Awards shit because the Emmy Awards are fucking lame and it was my attempt in protesting them. Reality is that I tried to watch them yesterday because I figured it would inspire me to hate the world more than I do or maybe even take the 4 hours of my life away from me. I promised a reader that I would live-blog but that didn’t happen. Life lesson, never trust a drunken Mexican.

I first tuned in on my neighbors TV during the pre-show red carpet shit and saw the fag from Queer Eye doing fashion play-by-play like it was a fucking sports show. I thought the concept was stupid and was forced to change channels, but that was after I saw lesbian Ellen and her wife who is not so lesbian but realizes that eating Ellen’s pussy is good for business, being interviewed. Ellen was a manic weirdo who must have been jacked on something and it made me question why we let Lesbians on TV.

I tuned in again for the opening performance that was some Family Guy shit, Stewie and the dog were singing about how shitty TV is, I think I laughed a few times but I was drunk and don’t really remember. I do know that I like Family Guy and think it’s the best written show, so I hope they won something.

Ryan Seacrest came on and didn’t make me or anyone in the audience even crack a smile. His jokes weren’t jokes and it was nice to see his Seacrest ship sink, I can only hope this continues in the next events he is involved in, because his demise is well deserved. He’s a 5 minutes of fame gone wrong situation, you know the kind of dude you hate that gets on some Dating Show but somehow turns it into years of success when his talent only should have got him to the elimination round….

The second Ray Romano came on was the second I turned the shit off. I hate his voice and seeing him on TV reminded me why I don’t watch TV. I used to go crazy everytime his show came on, I am talking throwing shit at the TV to make the pain stop.

I also kept catching my neighbor staring at me while rubbing his leg, and despite being all for dirty old men, I can’t accept dirty old men giving me the eye mainly because I am not into gay but also because I am disgusting looking and anyone giving me the eye whether man or woman is clearly fucked in the head and someone I don’t want to be around…I felt like I accidentally walked into some kind of secret gay man hook up zone like a public bathroom that fags use as a meeting place to fuck while their wives are out shopping or some shit…and despite it being more exciting than the Emmies, I still had to get the fuck out.

Here are some pictures of the event:

Christina Aguilera and Her Pregnancy Tits

Eva Longoria and Her Mexican Ass

Hayden Panettiere and Her Floppy Tits Hiding Under a Tent of a Dress I can only assume she wanted to wear adult sizes for once and this is the result

Heidi Klum is Living Beauty and the Beast

Jaime Lynn Sigler Brings Her Eating Disorder as Her Date

Jaime Pressly 4 Months After Letting The World Knows She Has Unprotected Sex By Having a Baby

Jennifer Love Hewitt Hiding Her Fat Ass We All Know She Has…

Kaley Cuoco Because She’ll Never Be On TV Again

Katherine Heigl is the Big Winner…Literally…

Kristen Bell Because I Don’t Know Who She Is…

Lisa Rinna Because She Hasn’t Been on TV for a Decade…But Her Fake Tits Get Her Past Security…

Maria Menounos Because She’s Greek and Takes it in the Ass

Michelle Pfeiffer is Old But Still Hotter Than Anyone You Know…

Phoebe Price Because Her Dress Has Windows

Portia DiRossi Because She’s a Fake Lesbian and We Like Fake Lesbians Because It Means They Will Let Us Fuck Them While They Eat Out Their Friends…

Teri Hatcher Because She Banged Ryan Seacrest

I am sure there are more, but this took me long enough to do and I am over the Emmy Awards….

Bonus – Christina Aguilera Performance with Tony Bennett

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I am – Phoebe Price Bikini Pics of the Day

Phobe Price

I have no idea who Phobe Price is but they talk about her on a few other sites I go on, and I didn’t want to make it seem like we weren’t in the know, even though I just admitted to all 3 of you reading out there that I don’t know who she is anyways, thereby admitting that we aren’t in the know. But thats beside the point.

The resident slut of my old highschool was famous for befriending loser fat and/or Ugly chicks in hopes that it would make her more physically appealing to the round of jocks and preppy assholes she opened her legs to on the regular. Nothing makes a dog hotter then when you put it next to a pig. She would let them gang bang her at the big partie’s they would have when their parents went out of town to Florida, or whever the fuck rich people go on vacation these days, I wouldn’t know.

It was a fantastic twist of fate when during a yearly physical for the football team, one of the guys found out he had got Herpes and that not only had he traced it back to getting it from this slut, but half the fucking team had it thanks to all the group activities they had been having on the weekends. It got even more funny when a few of the fat girls found out they had it too. Turned out that the slut was bi-sexual and used to fuck around with her fat friends before she dropped them. The outbreak was so bad they had one of those school assemblies about safe sex and showed us those awesome outdated movies from the 1950’s full of safe sex propaganda.

I doubt Phobe Price has Herpes, but you can bet your ass she’s been the “Ugly Friend” on more then one occasion.

hugs and kisses
Marie-eve Martinez

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