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Halle Berry’s Pink Half Black Ass of the Day

I guess Halle Berry is trying to connect with her 1/2 white side, her 3/4 white kid and her 100 percent white ex-husband, because she’s out with the word’s pink on her ass….but then again…a rapper once told me something important about women and that’s that they are all pink on the inside, you just gotta flip the lip to find it sometimes, so maybe she’s making reference to her pussy now that she’s single, but I like to believe it’s got more to do with the fact that she’s already milked the African American shit, she got an Oscar for it, and she can fall back into her rich white life she’s created for herself, and wearing this pink shit is just trying to fit in with her other rich women from her baby swimming classes who she gets salads with 3 times a week….

Pics via Bauer

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Pink Drinkin’ Beer in a Pink Dress of the Day

I know Pink wearing a dress is probably nothing exciting to you, but in my quest to find out if Pink’s got a dick or just looks like she does it is a big deal….

See her hair is short, she’s drinking a beer, her legs are thick all signs of being a fucking dude but she’s in a dress and heels and a dress and heels is one step closer to making me think she’s probably a girl who just looks like she has a cock and not a man who pretends to be a girl…but then again I did have this neighbor who died a few years ago and when we snuck into his apartment to steal his shit, he had a closet full of women’s clothes, and dude was never married, but he did have a lot of dainty men walk in and out of his place multiple times a day, every day, not to mention the landlord also found him dead wearing nylons and heels…..making me think that maybe this dress proves nothing….

The real scary thing in all this is that I have met straight men who have told me they find this girl hot…something they may want to take to their therapist to help determine the root of all their problems is the fact they are in the fucking closet….

So this post proves nothing and is just a waste of fucking time, something I like to think I’ve got good at the last 6 years of this shit…

Pics via PacificCoastNews

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Pink Goes for a Jog of the Day

I am a man with a very fat, unhealthy, out of shape wife who sounds like she is drowning everytime she breathes, so for a while, I used to jerk off to women jogging outside my apartment window. My fetish for healthy bithces got so bad that I even got a job volunteering at the local YMCA where all the college kids and prozac suburban moms would work out in their really tight pants that showed off their pussy definition. It was like they were in such tight clothes I could visualize them naked, they were sweaty and I could hardly contain my erection no matter how small it actually is…..but every once in a while, a bitch who got addicted to the workout high would become totally jacked and totally masculine, making me wonder if getting off to them makes me gay, or does the fact that they have a vagina, despite not lookin’ like they should have a vagina cancel it out….The point is that Pink is one of those girls that I think you are gay if you get off to her and really fucking messed up if you get off to her music while crying and masturbating in your bedroom closet so no one catches you….

So this is not celebrity workout fetish cuz you have a fat, lazy wife and this brings you hope pics, this is the test of if you are capable of getting hard for an actual man by putting a bitch as manly as they come in tight clothes up to bat….cuz the truth is that sometimes a vagina isn’t enough.

Pics via PacificCoastNews

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Pink’s Cocaine Injury of the Day

Pink had the performance of her lifetime. She didn’t need smoke and mirrors to blow the public away. She didn’t need fashion stunts to get attention like she was Lady Gaga…. I mean unless you consider singing while not missing a beat in the midst of an acrobatic Cirque du Soleil performance that ended with getting hosed the fuck down smoke and mirrors or a nude suit with glitter covering her genitals and nipples a fashion stunt to get attention….and I guess she went and celebrated with hard cocaine use resulting in injury….

Bonus – She also brought out a cameltoe to keep the mystery as to weather she is a vagina or a penis alive….

Pics via Fame

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Girl Fight I Can’t Jerk Off To of th Day

If you care about girl fights like I do, then you know that they can usually get fucking hot. A bitch on another bitch beating the fuck out of each other, clothes being ripped off, sometimes in a vat of Jell-O or Mud and the whole thing makes for a lot of fun, but here is a video of Pink performing her song Stupid Girl and she does the Beyonce dance because it doesn’t take a genius to realize that Beyonce is full of fucking shit, and I guess Pink getting this message out to the dumb cunts who listen to pop music is a good service, but I think she should just stick to humps the stage like she does at the end of the video, it’s a little more interesting than her bullshit message she’s trying to get across, and I fucking hope none of you actually care about this, because that would concern me.

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Pink Riding Her 10 Speed of the Day

There’s nothing hot about Pink riding a bike, but that may be because there’s nothing hot about Pink. That’s all I have to say about that…it’s Friday and I’m hungover and seriously do not give a fuck about Pink and her fucking bike or her gay husband who doesn’t want to admit he’s gay so he gets with chicks who look like they have testicles…fuck yourself…

Pics via PacificCoastNews

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Pink Strips and Simulates Sex With Her Gay Lover on Stage of the Day

I just saw this on TMZ and posted pics of it the other day without realizing that Pink was taking her sex life with her husband to the public. You know some exhibition public sex shit for all her little girl fans to witness. She starts off by making out with him, then she strips him down to his underwear and rides him in a pair of lingerie lookin’ pants after a pillow fight. The whole thing is pretty weird and sexually charged that I know they took back to the dressing room for a little Pink dick in His Ass after the show, but I figure some of you get off to live tranny porn on stage so here’s the video….

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Pink’s Manly Tit in Concert of the Day

I make fun of Pink for her manly features all the fucking time, but the truth is I like her songs, I like her voice, it is almost angelic, but I’m only saying that because a bitch in a tight dress named Angel who I accidentally brought home one night, despite her raspy voice and adam’s apple, tied me to the bed one night and sang me lullabyes before making me suck on her pacifier, which actually turned out to be a massive cock. It wasn’t a high point in my life, but I kinda got in over my head, kinda like what happened with Pink’s costume designer, who came up with this concept without realizing she’d stick to it by sticking on pasties, and the whole gender bending weirdness is too much for me to really appreciate, if anything it just confuses me, but tit is tit even if tit is on a muscular mound attached to someone who may or may not have testicles…

Pics via INF

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Pink Trying to Be Sexy of the Day

I am not too sure what Cary Hart was thinking by casting his “chick” Pink to model his clothing line, but I am guessing it’s got something to do with him thinking she is the hottest thing in the world, considering he married her…twice. I guess he also figures that Pink is worth more to the brand than some no name hot chick, but I find the whole thing confusing, mainly because of their “Gender Bender” relationship, just look at Cary Hart’s hair, motherfucker looks like he’s on some emo bi-sexual kid you’d wake up to with your dick in his mouth after passing out at a party, while PInk’s muscles make her look like she’s got more testicles than my friend who started a backalley dog castrating clinic in his basement, and she’s wearing male underwear, not really convincing me that jerking off to this is ok, but then again, I’ve always hated girls who wear men’s underwear and when that whole thing became popular amongst the emo kids 10 years ago, I was pretty disappointed, but that’s got nothing to do with anything. Here are the pics of a couple 30 year olds pretending they are 15 in a shitty photoshoot..

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