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Shauna Sand is Everyone’s Favorite Trashcan Whore of the Day

I don’t know what it is, but I take great joy in watching Shauna Sand doing the mose menial, useless things….from her useless career, her useless porno, her useless tits, her useless teenage male hooke boyfriends, her useless parenting, her useless publicity stunts, just always make me laugh….

It’s like this sack of shit of a woman trying to be sexy, but accidentally turned herself into a scary clown, unable to make a dollar, unable to keep custody of her kids, unable to even successfully do porn cuz she waited til her pussy was dead and black…at least that’s what it looked like in the Shauna Sand Sex Tape attempt….and she just makes me feel good about my shitty life…

So thank you Shauna Sand. You whore.

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Shauna Sand’s Class Girls Night Out of the Day

For some reason I think this night ended up in a hotel room that smelled of death, decay, fish and afterbirth.

If you’ve ever seen Shauna Sands pussy get fucked , you’ll know that I’m right.

She’s a bottom feeding, dying for attention, mom of 3, who just last year finally got into porn, after decades of vaginal abuse, and we should embrace that, cuz it’s better than seeing girls get out of porn and addiction to become Christians, I like a slow and gradual fall into the gutter.

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Shauna Sand Looking Amazing of the Day

Shauna Sand is not a big part of my life…but…I am just amazed by a big part of her body…her pussy…

I don’t think that makes sense, but I’ve seen her Sex Tape in action, actually I was the first to leak it to the internet, in her quest to be famous, or at least more famous, than being some stripper dressed slut who was once in Playboy who is probably going to have some really fucked up kids when they grow up, you know thanks to her mom fuckin male prostitutes on camera to really solidify her position in the entertainment world and the whole thing is so weird…but not as weird as her fucking plastic surgery ravaged face…

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Shauna Sand Feeds Her Male Prostitute of the Day

It’s only fair, you know considering dude has to pretend to date this monster, and dude is probably shooting another sex tape with this monster, which means sticking his dick inside her scary, black, gaping pussy because that’s the only pay day the bitch has had, I mean other than when her soap star ex husband cuts her child support checks….cuz you know she’s such an involved and focused parent, an idol and inspiration to her kids, a role model as to what they shouldn’t do with their bodies, a reminder of their mom’s hooking to give them life luxuries so they don’t have to hook everytime she steps out of the house, going to clubs or laying on the beach half naked with multiple boy toys she hires to be her companion…

Hopefully, some of her time is spend analyzing her sex tape’s performance….to figure out how to do better next time around…cuz you know there’s going to be another one…cuz you can’t be a whore crying for attention without one.

I call this a pornstar in denial….No she’s not in denial, she should just be denied the opportunity to do porn…She’s the kind of bitch who shows up at the audition with a vagina on her face, that could probably double as one, cuz based on the dead animal in her panties, it probably would be the safer alternative, and more importantly just as fucking numb.

You gotta see her sex tape – It’s hilarious…….

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Some Shauna Sand Bikini Pictures of the Day

I don’t understand what inspired this staged photoshoot with Shauna Sand, I mean other than the fact that she’s hungry for attention because I can only assume she’s got another sex tape coming out and that her black dead vagina is ready to play in a sex tape….cuz she’s gone from Playboy to Pornstar, it only took 20 years…but I do know that seeing her posing with various bikini bottoms is fucking hilarious, I’m thinking this is some trash whore bikini company paying the only pussy desperate enough to take that kind of product placement money….but then again this is hollywood – they are all desperate for money…Shauna Sand is just affordable…and here is her pretty hot body – as plastic as it may be , it’d try to taste it if I could….but I’m just a pervert who finds this kind of shit prestige…

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Shauna Sand in What Could Be Recycled Bikini Pics of the Day

I’ve been covering Shauna Sand and her really weird looking existence for a pretty long time now….I had the official exclusive of her Bottom Feeding Sex Tape ….I released her vile, dead looking animal looking vagina, which you’d probably expect based on her face and history as a ballerina turned pornstar due to daddy issues story….and here she is in a bikini staged pictures that are interchangeable with all her other staged bikini pictures….that could even be the same bikini as her bikini pictures of yesteryear, the only thing that’s different is the French Male Escort who is clearly gay and on salary that she’s got carrying her purse…

For some reason, she’s using the same PR strategy, even though she’s tried this already and still hasn’t sold out her shitty euro fag dance music album , it has hardly workled….but I guess it’s worked enough for her low standards….cuz people are talking about her…and here are the bikini pics…that bore me…even though she’s definitely some kind of well built science experiment that deserves her own show on Discovery….

Who cares about this low level pornstar……especially since she’s on repeat…well based on this post…I guess I do…that depresses me.

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Shauna Sand’s Inspiring Song TO Start the Day of the Day

I know this is yesterday’s news…and I posted this in my stepLINKS, but as the official promoter of the Shauna Sand Sex Tape, I figured I needed to make a post of the shit…because it is really shit…such shit I can’t believe it even happened…but the world is full of bottom feeders…and Europe is always into bad music…so I can assume this will be the biggest shit to hit Ibiza this summer…and probably the post hysterical…

I mean why the fuck is she saying sex, fuck, fornicate in french….trying to get as much attention singing about her sex tape, hoping to get a few more sales of it, cuz that’s all the work she gets and it doesn’t even pay the bills..

I think a Ballad to her broken vagina would have been more fitting…

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Shauna Sand Flashes Her Underwear for the Kids of the DAy

Shauna Sand is a great mother….Here she is taking her kids out to the pumpkin patch…something a mother who doesn’t care would never do…unless maybe she knew hundred of paparazzi were there and she was a total attention craving prostitute who made a career as an exhibitionist both before and after she turned herself into a horrible looking monster with a dead fucking vagina

I have no idea what’s going to happen to her kids, I do know that having a disgusting sex tape with one of her many houseboy’s she imports from european modeling agencies, along with stupid tits and outfits….and pretty much being a novelty act everyone laughs at…is bound to do some serious damage and I think it’s gonna be fun to watch….and that’s probably one of the reason why I track Shauna Sand’s every move…and push her disgusting pussy getting fucked in her Sex Tape that I did jerk off to twice to see if I could….the other reason is pretty much having nothing else to do.

I want to see the video of how this shit went down…was it a girl’s gone wild situation…where the paps egg her on, or was it just her way to get noticed like a college girl..30 years too late….and the whole thing is amazing…

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Shauna Sand Showing Off Her Delicate Features of the Day

This bitch is a fine delicate angel, if you’re like me and you think any bitch with hard features and a hacked up by a cheap Mexican Plastic Surgeon face and titties, with a tight old lady body, who is down on her luck and found in a truckstop running away from her abusive pimp boyfriend, hoping to start a new life, by being delightful company, with delightful conversation, over a delightful blowjob in a back alley to finance her new life….only this is the luxurious version, the Hollywood version, living the good life doing nothing…

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