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Sophia Bush Cameltoe of the Day

Sophia Bush is one of those looks good for 40 year old girls who in early 2000s was on some ridiculous show that people loved…

I don’t really even want to bother googling it to see what show it was…I just remember some virgin loser nerd kid I used to work with…was really obsessed with her and the show she was on…I remember going to his house once, and it felt like I could have got murdered, but luckily his socially awkward ass only had light sabres and unopened box set DVDs of creepy teen dramas….along with a framed poster of Sophia Bush…it was creepy…

So for anyone from the early 2000s groupies who haven’t moved on in any aspect of your life…because I can’t imagine she’s been up to much other than this Cameltoe…so here’s that camel toe…because when you’re hungry to get noticed, the message gets sent to your genitals, and if your genitals are working with you and not against you they show how hungry they are…by eating a pair of fitness pants… for the paparazzi and/or penis that has job offers…that’ll put a bitch back on the map…unless he’s already back on the map…I wouldn’t know, I’m not very good at keeping track of things…

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Sophia Bush has an Uneventful Ass of the Day

The only thing I know about Sophia Bush is that she was on some show that really spoke to nerds everywhere….making them loyal to her…..which is good for her…because I don’t think she’s really done much…if anything in the last decade but yet…to some virgin losers out there…she’s still their queen…a queen with a dumpy ass…


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Sophia Bush High Heel Challenge of the Day

Tight pants and ridiculously high heels is all I really ask for out of a bitch….from 16 – 30 this simple fucking move is all it takes to remind us that you are still alive, that you matter, that you are willing to do whatever it takes for another big hit like “ONE TREE HILL” or whatever the shit she was last on that made motherfuckers, mainly weird virgin loser awkward people love her….especially when it is self shot and put onto twitter….because actual photographers don’t give a shit about you as they are onto the more relevant…while I am more into watching people hold the fuck on….

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Sophia Bush in Shorts of the Day

There are girls who get me excited me when they put on a pair of skimpy shorts, you know that hug their asses and their pussy while showing off nice legs. You know that whole American Apparel movement where girls from 14 to 30 are rocking the shit proper, but with all good things come the shit and there are a lot more girls, like Sophia Bush, who make me hate the fact that this trend exists because they don’t listen to their short fat legged body-types, but instead listen to the fashion magazines and take the lead from girls who have the right to pull this look off, making me wish for snow so they can put their pants on.

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Sophia Bush Pedicure of the Day

Sometimes I like to stand outside an asian “Sexy L.A. Nails” place, where women from all walks of life come together to get their feet scrubbed down and painted, to watch them women get their feet touched rubbed and played with. I don’t do this because I am a foot fetishist, but because I want people to think I am. I’m weird like that.

Here’s a video of Sophia Bush getting her feet did that will make you feel like you’re peeping in from the comfort of your own Mom’s basement.

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I am – Jail Bait and Whores at the Teen Choice Awards of the Day

Teen Choice Jessica Alba Tits

I was at a house party on the weekend with a friend of mine and we were outside on the patio when this loser came up to us. He didn’t say anything at first. He just stood there listening to our conversation, staring blankly. After about 3 minutes of this, there was a break in our conversation and a moment of silence. I guess jackass thought he would use this as his “in” to start talking to us and of all things he could say, blurted out “So, you have 2 beers, huh?” pointing at the beer I had in each hand.

I looked at my friend, and my friend looked at me, and he just stood there very please with himself, with a look on his face that suggested he actually thought this introduction to our conversation was going to get him some pussy. Now generally I try not to be a bitch when it comes to guys coming up to me, but in this case, I couldnt help myself and i laughed in his face. I know not all of you are Don Juan, and I will pretty much sleep with anyone who is a 6/10 or above, but even I like there to be a little effort in the initial pick up sometimes. Why not just say “So, I see your wearing shoes.” or “Hey, you have hair, I like that in a women.” You get the point. I honestly would have been more receptive to “Nice shirt, wanna fuck?”

One more example of why guys like you will be virgins until you die, or until you finally breakdown and pay a whore with the money you have been saving in your piggy bank, which ever comes first.

Here’s some pics from the Teen Choice awards. Virgin or not, none of these girls will ever sleep with you, ever. And yeah, some of these chicks are borderline Jail Bait, but you are a Perv and are into that type of thing.

Aimee Teegarden

Audrina Partridge

Jessica Alba

Megan Fox

Sophia Bush

Vanessa Hudgens

Comic Nerds Wanking to Jessica Alba of the Day
Megan Fox isn’t that Hot and is Banging David from 90210 of the Day
Sophia Bush goes to the Bathroom of the Day

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I am – Sophia Bush Working Out in Spandex of the Day


I never watched any of those teenage girls shows like One Tree Hill, Buffy, the one with Kerri Russel, Gilmore girls or any of that shit, probably because I have a penis and like sex, but I do know they exist because I write a stupid site. I don’t know much about Sophia Bush, because she is about as famous as the guy who works at the deli down the street, everyone seems to know his name, but she is still good enough for the paparazzi to take pictures of. When I first opened these up, I thought she was the president’s daughter and I was going to write something political since this is a political site and I know so much about global issues. Unfortunately, she’s not so I’ll just talk about spandex….

I once knew some steroid motherfucker who was a personal trainer because he liked middle aged women, he would work at the most exclusive gyms in the city in hopes of landing a hot wife since he loved himself and his muscles so much. He was the kind of guy you’d go out with and would stand at the bar flexing and rubbing his biceps for the barmaid as he ordered his drink. The dude was a fucking idiot and had little to offer, but for some reason he was what these younger wives of rich dudes wanted to fuck. They weren’t lookin for love, they were looking for a good fuck while the husband was at work and he ended up getting asked to train them at their home gyms. His business basically became going to see one lady, training her by stuffin her like a turkey, then she would be so impressed with his services that she’d refer her to her friends. So dude was fucking 40 or 50 women a week or something insane like that. He ended up having a breakdown, he realized he was a man whore and he couldn’t keep it going. His dick kinda broke on him because he was sad. That just goes to show you that even the people you think have a dream job, still hate what they do. I think the 60 year old fat lady was what put him over the edge and made him realize he was being used. I still think he was a fucking pussy. I think he is fat now.

Either way, here’s Sophia Bush, not as fit as my friend was, but still a whore to me….

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