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Sophie Monk is at the Same Event as Her Ex and I Don’t Care of the Day

Here are some pictures of Sophie Monk looking like real shit in Australia at some event.

I’m guess she was up all night tending to the Paris Hilton herpe scabs on Good Charlotte’s dick because he came crawling back to her after breaking her heart by leaving her for Paris Hilton only to have Paris Hilton leave him for some other dude, making him realize what he had and lost in some serious emo pussy bullshit true love he found in Sophie Monk.

Pretty much giving Sophie Monk little choice but to go back to him, because that’s just what losers do and because dating him was good for her career, it actually got her work and noticed, unlike her own desperate publicity stunt attempts, all for reasons I don’t understand, since I don’t even get how the Good Charlottes have money, work or fans to begin with, let alone the power to make a decent lookin chick more relevant, but I guess that’s just the way Hollywood is….and here are th pics…not that anyone cares…she’s pretty much done….

I guess those pictures weren’t too hot of Sophie Monk since she normally looks like a muppet I’d like to fuck, despite the smell of Paris Hilton in her pussy, so I figured I’d throw these recent pics up of her legs to compensate for whatever the fuck went on at that event she was at…..

Pics via Fame
Pics via PacificCoastNews

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Sophie Monk Working Out Her Sloppy Body in Tights of the Day

Sophie Monk was working out in as little clothes possible for shit to not fully scream a publicity stunt, until she decided to do what any bottom feeding attention whore would do and call the paparazzi to come and snap off some pics of her, because I guess she’s been working out or at least staying fit since her body is really all she has to offer and she figures if the paparazzi send out the pics, maybe people will post them and maybe producers who already know and ignore the fact she exists, will change their tune on her and give her work, despite her having no talent.

I guess the only thing we can learn from Sophie Monk and her hanging on to whatever she has as hard as she can is that delusions can take us across the world and into the bed of random popstars and in turn into a household name, cuz let’s face it, she’s only a somebody cuz of that pussy her pants are so gently squeezing…

Pics via Fame

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Sophie Monk’s Still Seducing Us in Her Little Black Dress of the Day

Sophie Monk is still crying for attention and I like it. It’s like my very own Katy Perry song only way more interesting to look at. I only woke up a few minutes ago, I have no stories for you just now, I just spent the last 20 minutes listening to my 58 year old, crazy immigrant coffee and sandwich man tell me about how he was up all night and didn’t have a chance to shower because he just figured out what the internet is and spent the night jerking off to gangbang porn. Not normally a conversation you wanna have before eating a sandwich he made you for free, but beggars can’t be choosers and it was a great sandwich in case you were wondering. A lot like Sophie Monk’s pussy, you know it has herpes thanks to Paris Hilton, but that’s not gonna stop you from smelling it’s aroma or tasting it’s lovely sauce…

Pics via Fame

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Sophie Monk Naked in Some Straight to DVD Movie of the Day

Here’s a leaked clip of topless scene from some Sophie Monk movie called “The Hills Run Red”. The shit that is clearly shit because it is being distributed straight to DVD and via digital download tomorrow is most likely the final nail in the coffin that is her career.

I also like to think it is part of the reason why she has been running around, showing her nipples in bathing suits and paying off paparazzi to follow her, because anyone who agrees to be in this kind of shit, knows that their career has got to the point of bottom feeding. When the only work you get is low budget horror movies that require you to be naked the end is pretty much already happened and she knows she better fuckin’ act fast on the PR front, and I’m not complaining cuz I like watching the demise mainly because seeing hot chicks struggle after thinking they had the world in their hand is like porn to me, especially when they are half naked during that realization, even if they have sloppy flat asses if the rest of them is decent to look at, but ideally this story ends in in sex tapes. I guess only time will tell….

First Clip – Some Strip Show

Second Clip – Topless on her Back

Third Clip – The Bondage Scene

Fourth Clip – Shitty Lap Dance Montage

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Sophie Monk Bikini Titty Slip of the Day

Sophie Monk released some posed bikini pictures with her nipple exposed. Her quest to fame is getting more and more desperate and that is a good thing because it means more and more nudity.

This is the kind of post that is pretty much hot enough to make my day and I don’t mean make my day in personal celebrity sexual fetish satisfaction, because I hate celebrities, but in terms of posting pictures of celebrities on the internet for idiots who still like reading and seeing pictures of celebrities, because apparently there are still some of you out there. Meaning I don’t have to post anything else today because we’ve got pretty much all we need with Sophie Monk tit.

This post may even be the post of the fuckin’ week since celebrity nudity is drying up almost as fast as Sophie Monk’s career, but before it fully fades into obscurity, she’s willing to pull all kinds of stunts, trying all she can to remind us she is still around, and it is workng because with a dry career comes a wet pussy in effort to lube up opportunities and by opportunity I mean producer cock.

I guess I technically never have to post, it’s not like this is my fucking job or anything, it’s just what I do to remind myself that living my own life is a waste of time when I can post pictures of other assholes who I fucking hate, despite the fact that I’d totally fuck….

Pics via FAME

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Sophie Monk’s Dumpy Ass in Sweatpants of the Day

Sophie Monk still hasn’t been deported even though I think her time here is up and that her true calling working in the Outback of Australia picking up Kangaroo shit is a much better idea for her, at least based on how shitty her ass looks in these sweatpants, because this mess doesn’t belong on TV. She really looks a whole lot of sloppy and I figure if you’re out wearing sweatpants that on their own make you look like a slob who has given up on life like me, you better have a hot fucking ass to make it seem like it is ok. I’m done with this bitch, send her fuckin’ home….

Pics via INFpoto

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Some Sophie Monk Almost Showing Off Her Pussy of the Day

Everyone likes Sophie Monk. I’m starting to think she looks like some kind of puppet with a rubber face, and not entirely human, but maybe that’s what people are lookin’ for these days, or maybe people just like her because she’s a nice girl with a whole lot of substance, I mean that’s the only explanation why her ex-Fiance would leave her for a vapid little whore with herpes like Paris Hilton, you know cuz Sophie Monk just had some much to offer than dude thought he couldn’t live up to her god-like personalty and shoved his dick into the fuckin’ sewage pipe that is Paris Hilton….or maybe, just maybe Paris Hilton was a step up from this bottom-feeding whore…
I know every post I write about Sophie Monk is about how she got cheated on with Paris Hilton, but I just think that explains a lot about her and why she doesn’t have a fuckin’ career and pays the paparazzi to follow her around to give the illusion that she is famous, you know because she’s got nothing to offer and even Paris Hilton’s got more substance….which says a whole lot about her considering the dead squirrel I saw in an alley had more substance than Paris Hilton because at least the fuckin’ thing could feed a couple homeless dudes…
EIther way, Here she is showing off some leg, but not some pussy, cuz she hasn’t really figured out what we all care about….that’s why she’s barely famous and paying people to leak stories and take pics of her….

Here she is at some other event…..

Pics via PacificCoastNews

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Sophie Monk and Her Boring Scandal in Leggings of the Day

Sophie Monk is part of another bullshit scandal that she’s staged to get people talking about her. First it was some stalker bullshit where she’d only walk around with security, when we all know that no one has ever stalked her, not even her ex boyfriends who normally have a hard time getting over their ex girlfriends cuz they were off fucking Paris Hilton, probably playing a real number on her self-esteem, I mean especially coupled with how irrelevant her career is, making most people end it all, you know pack it all in their designger bag and head back home to ghetto suburban life she had in Australia. But I guess she’s giving it one last push and hasn’t given up yet because then she did the whole staged bikini pictures where she hired the paparazzi agency to follow her to the beach where she posed for them, then convinced them to follow her in her everyday life, giving bored bloggers who like something to write about…

Now, she’s dating some Beverly Hills plastic surgeon I am guessing she went to see to perk up her dumpy little ass, or maybe it was to get her flappy Paris Herpes ridden twat tightened up, but shes’ gone on to say that it’s nice to not be with someone in the limelight, as if the Good Charlotte sister was ever in the fuckin’ limelight, and this mother fucker’s apparently got his filmography on his fuckin’ website trying to be the California Playboy he wants to be and I guess what it comes down to is that he’s fuckin’s Sophie Monk and we’re not….

Pics via Fame

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Sophie Monk in Her Staged Bikini Pics of the Day

Yesterday, Sophie Monk’s people released a story about how she is being stalked because she’s so desirable in hopes of getting her work, you know making people think she’s got an audience, and today they released some staged pictures of her in a bikini to try to get some more media buzz and I guess that’s a cause I am willing to support, because desparation and eagerness to get naked for exposure is alright with me.

I didn’t have the right to post pictures cuz my site is Ghetto, but I can link to them…

To See The Pics You Better Follow This Link….

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