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I am – Stacy Keibler Playing Volleyball of the Day


Ok – So I haven’t quite got the fat slob strippers out of my system, I wish I wasn’t poisoned by what I saw, but I can’t really help it. I feel this is what kids feel like when they see their parents fuck. I never really knew my parents because my mother was a hooker in Mexico and my dad was one of her John’s, at the time of her death, we had narrowed it down to 10 potential clients of hers, but that doesn’t really matter, what does matter is that she always banged in front of me, but it was her job so I don’t think it was that traumatic, or as traumatic as it would be for you to think of your mom on all fours taking it from your dad….

Either way, these Stacy Keibler playing volleyball pics, remind me that not all girls are lazy slobs who don’t realize they are lazy slobs and decide to live the hot girl with insecurities and daddy issues life as a stripper. Let’s hope that that is all I really have to say about this….because it’s starting to get boring, I know. Just look at the pics…Cuddles…..

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I am – Stacy Keibler Thinks Shes Avril Lavigne of the Day


I always found funny when I’d see girls I once slammed dating new guys and taking on a whole new persona for them . There were times when I saw crackwhores I banged turn Christian, or alcoholic sluts I met in clubs turn sober and there was even a time I slammed a chick who came up to me three years later as a man with a dick and everything, if I knew she had that kind of money, I probably would have stuck around a little longer.

The point of this post is to say that Stacy Keibler was a wrestling slut, the kind who only wore a bikini, the kind who you’d expect to see in a hot body contest on springbreak, the kind you’d see in a cheap dress exposing her ass cheeks and cleavage while drunk on cheap vodka…but then she goes and meets a dude in Etnies and thinks it’s time to punk up with a skull t-shirt and Freedom Hat. Fuck that noise.

I knew a jewish girl who went to a tattoo parlor to get a piercing and decided to dress punk rock, that same girl went to a hip hop show and dressed thug, the same girl went to the movies and dressed like a disney character, that same girl had as much confidence in herself as a bitch who stops flaunting her “SLUT” for some dickhead in a skate sweatshirt….

Good post admit it.

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Stacy Keibler

I have always hated wrestling, even when I was a teenager in the 80′s. All the white trash in my school would get hard on’s for all those classic wrestlers, I was too busy reading National Geographic, lookin for nipple. I guess I always knew what my calling was. I know Stacy Keibler is best known for her wrestling career, I know her from “Dancing with the Stars”. My fat wife loves that shit, probably because she can’t support her own weight anymore, so dancing becomes a dream. It’s like when paralyzed people dream about going for a jog, or impotent people watching porn, or gay men watching Oprah. It doesn’t really matter. What does matter is how bitch shakes her ass like nobody’s business.

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