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Stacy Keibler Bikini Picture for Twitter of the Day

Stacy Keibler posted this picture of her bikini bottoms on twitter…because the press from fucking George Clooney isn’t enough for her….and the fact that he won’t cum in her is making the illegitimate pregnancy angle impossible for now….but she is doing follow up work…to remind us she’s still here while people are talking about her, by posting some bikini bottome pics to twitter and despite not having enough tit or leg in them, they’re hot enough for me…but that’s cuz I fuck fat girls….and hate fat girls….Enjoy.

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George Clooney Premieres Stacy Keibler Out in Public of the Day

George Clooney has decided to premiere his new pussy, Stacy Keibler, who happens to be hotter than his Italian pussy from Dancing with the Stars who aren’t stars cuz her claim to fame was fucking George Clooney…..

And the next thing about Stacy Keibler is that she comes in the form of an ex WWF wrestler who already did Dancing with the Stars, cuz she’s a leader bottom feeder, not a latch on bottom feeder like Canalis…. and her legs are long legs that give her the kind of body you would not associate with being wrestling body….I mean if pro wrestling women were actually about wrestling and not about giving people somethine to jerk off to in order for the whole experience to not be a gay thing….which I guess is also Clooney’s hope…cuz no one wants to question their sexuality….so they give us < a href="http://www.drunkenstepfather.com/index.php/2011/09/12/top-stacy-keibler-wrestling-videos-of-the-day" target="_blank"> SCENES LIKE THIS ….but then again…they also gave us Chyna ….who knows…who cares…

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Top Stacy Keibler Wrestling Videos of the Day

Stacy Keibler was just unveiled as George Clooney’s latest jump-off i, or girl he takes out in public like they are his exclusive girlfriend, even though he’s plotting the next vagina to stick his dick in, not that he needs to plot, it kinda just lands on his dick, because being George Clooney means there’s always another ridiculously hot girl around the corner dying to have George Clooney inside them. He’s the kind of guy who 99 percent of married women, even the religious ones, would cheat on their husbands with, because he’s been marketed as this superhero of a bachelor no woman can tame……

I figured what better opportunity than this to post Stacy Kibler wrestling videos from where her career started, on the WWE, before her career ended on Dancing with the Stars….

She was the tool to make Wrestling, the gayest activity to watch on TV, actually hot enough for straight guys to jerk off to, because legs like this are insane….especially when half naked and grindin’…even though I still think wrestling is some serious trashy gayness…but here was their temporary light of hope….

WWE Alumni: Stacy Keibler vs. Trish Stratus

Stacy Keibler sexy lap dancing on WWE Heat

Stacy Keibler Lingerie Contest

Stacy Keibler – Show’s Off Her Ass To The Fans

WWE Alumni: Stacy Keibler vs. Molly Holly

WWE – Victoria Vs Stacy Keibler

Stacy Keibler Vs. Terri Runnels Pillow Fight

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Stacy Keibler Legs in Tights for No Reason of the Day

I don’t understand how the paparazzi can be this close to a bitch, so close she walks by the motherfucker in tights, and the fucker doesn’t turn around and grab some ass pictures…If I was a paparazzi, there’d be a hell of a lot more zoomed in tit pics, and crotch shots, leading me to think maybe that’s my true calling, cuz if you can’t get it done for you the way you want it done, you gotta go get it yourself, but I’m not prepared to get arrested for hiding in closets jerking off with an iphone camera pointed at the bed while the bitch sleeps…so these will have to do.

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Stacy Keibler for Esquire of the Day

Esquire really wants people to know these pictures are theirs…It’s like having an annoying roommate who puts her name on her can of beans so that you don’t steal them…even though they cost 80 fucking cents you ghetto fucking bitch…or it’s like the bratty only child who invites you to his birthday party when you were growing up but who won’t let you touch the atari and instead makes you watch him play it….it’s like the short rich dude with the hot girlfriend who needs everyone to know she belongs to him…making a spectacle of the shit in the most annoying way….

We get it Esquire, you got Stacy Kiebler, a Dancing with the Stars contestant 5 years ago, to strip down into her undewear cuz she had nothing better to do with herself, you know since Dancing With The Stars was pretty much the last we saw of her legs, unless you’re one of those creepy people into wrestling and the women who are part of it….

Not that it matters…print magazines are dead….it’s just a matter of time….and here are the pictures…

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Stacy Keibler is Still Alive of the Day

I know these aren’t the hottest pictures of Stacy Keibler and I am not sure recent hot pics of Stacy Keibler even exist. She kinda faded after her DWTS stint a few years ago and hasn’t really been heard from since…at least not by me….and I almost forgot she existed, until the other day when some site sent me a press release that Stacy Keibler was the most searched pussy on their site…people were still going there and searching for pictures of her…because they are clearly emotionally fucked up and can’t get over a fantasy of the past….kinda like going through your high school girlfriend’s facebook looking for a bikini pic to jerk off to for old times cuz you don’t own any of that shit since it was before digital cameras and even before girls openly wore bikinis to the beach….you know the 80s and their one-pieces…only without the whole relationship…

I find the whole thing weird…Just let it go man…let Stacy Keibler age gracefully into a wrinkled mess who once had legs the world wanted to wear as a scarf….Move on.

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Stacy Keibler’s Long Legs of the Day

Here are some Stacy Keibler legs, not because I care about Stacy Keibler, or because she’s done anything relevant, but because someone keeps sending me fucking emails about how none of these hollywood bitches have legs that compare to Stacy Keibler, I figure that dude also has every picture she’s ever been in printed up and stuck to his wall with cum, a pillowcase with her face printed on it and a rubber vagina he refers to as Stacy, cuz the average person has probably forgot about Stacy Keibler since Dancing with the Stars and her Wrestling….but I guess maybe these legs will remind you.

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Stacy Keibler in Leggings of the Day

I think it’s almost funny that wearing leggings are enough reason to get me to post on the site, even though every fucking girl and her mother and maybe even her grandmother are rockin’ leggings these days, like shit isn’t skin tight, ass and pussy hugging and the closest I’ll ever get to seeing them naked. I guess it is evolution of the cocktease slut, as the cocktease slut is wider spread than ever, and soon enough bitches will be walking around the city naked, pointing to their pussies asking if you want it only to say “you can’t have it” so you act like the caveman you are and take it because there’s only so much cocktease a man can take before raping.

Pics via Bauer

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Stacy Keibler Bikini Pictures of the Day

I hate wrestling and every cheesy motherfucker involved in the shit. Whether it is the closet case redneck trashy motherfuckers who watch the shit, or the business men exploiting the idiot wrestlers and closet case redneck trashy motherfuckers to make huge fucking money. I think it’s a joke that should have never picked up and become popular and I think it’s a testament of just how shitty the USA and capitalism is, because if anyone can become a billionaire of something so stupid, you know you’re in a pretty fucked up place.
That said, Stacy Keibler’s lookin’ good in a bikini, but I’m capable of remembering her at her peak as the legs on Dancing with the Stars and that’s really all I have to say about this….

Pics via Bauer
Pics via INF

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