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Tila Tequila Bottom Feeding of the Day

So I go from an actress who kept to herself, who was relatively low key, especially the last few years who despite a bad choice in husbands, really didn’t bother me at all. She was in good movies, she was a good actress, she was cute and fun to see in movies, who passed away before her time, a tragedy, whether it was suicide, drug addiction, mixing prescriptions or her diabetes….to this piece of fucking garbage Tila Tequila bottom feeding whore, who is loud to get noticed, who pretends to be a dyke to get noticed and who sluts it up to get noticed. She is trash and low grade meat and even her staged scenes to get noticed lack any fucking edge, substance or creativity. She is someone who I’m sure everyone can agree would be better off dead, or at least our society would be better off with her dead because she is the fucking devil, I just don’t understand how she hasn’t killed herself yet, or how she can be so delusional to think she’s got value on this earth…

Now she’s gone a recruited some heiress to the Johnson and Johnson fortune named Casey Johnson who clearly is trying to piss off some family members and pave her own way like she was Paris Hilton and like all old money families there’s almost always one misguided whore to bring down the rest of them thanks to not having to work….even though I can only imagine hanging with Tila Tequila would feel like a job, a real horrible fucking job, worse than shoveling horse shit, or anything that Dirty Jobs show has been on and I”m just talking about her pussy…something she wouldn’t have been keeping in panties when on her quest for fame if she was really serious about getting noticed…I can always tell how committed a bitch is to a cause based on how much pussy lip she shows….


Pics via PacificCoastNews

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Tila Tequila’s Intentional Nipple Slip Two Days Late of the Day

I’m really fucking slacky lately, I only got access to these Tila Tequila pictures a few hours ago, mainly because I don’t give a fuck about Tila Tequila or what fucking cry for attention this bitch is into, unless that cry for attention involves her killing her useless self on webcam, or in some kind of sex tape, or even on the fucking nightly news live, because her demise and her fall from her peak is funny as hell, what isn’t funny is all the noise she’s making on her way down, whether it’s singling me out and annoying me and anyone who follows her on twitter, or whether it’s her releasing blowjob vidoes, her claims she’s a full blown lesbian and really everything she fucking does and I haven’t figured out why I’m bothering keeping this shit alive two days later, but I assume it is strictly because of laziness.

Pics via Fame

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Tila Tequila and her Useless Tits of the Day

IThe bottom feeding whore Tila Tequila was recently spotted at the airport. She should really take this moment in because there will be a time very soon when she won’t be able to afford airfare and people won’t be paying her to fly around the world, because the John’s she bangs for money will be bored of her and onto new pussy, her celebrity will be dried up and so will her whore pussy and if we’re lucky she will have commited suicide but here are some pictures to remember one these last trips as a whore people follow on twitter who was once on TV and who had a taste of fame even for just a minute and you can see her leopard print bra and fake tits….

Pics via Bauer

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Tila Tequila’s Tampon String of the Day

I was wasting time on twitter with TheSuperficial , making fun of Tila Tequila and how useless she is, pretty much coming to the conclusion that her time in the spotlight is over and she’s bound to crawl back into her webcam whore career she had before MTV mistakenly gave her a show, pretty much laughing about how no one cares about her and that only 30,000 people watched her ustream masturbation video and her attempt to leak a sex tape backfired and for some reason she decided to shout me out, saying my name is stupid and acting like she doesn’t know me and all this other shit that is a lie, based on the fact that I was drinking vodka with her just a year ago and her people have contacted me numerous times in efforts to stop her from fading into obscurity….and that’s when her Army starts to attack me on Twitter and never have I been to exposed to such stupidity, trash and nonsense in my life and I’ve hung out with some serious idiots, making me realize that Tila has cornered the market on useless people, and those 1000 people make up her fan base, they are all she has left so she might as well go ahead and kill herself on Ustream already because they are pretty worthless themselves….

See, a Tila Tequila suicide since she’s already had a career suicide is something people would pay to see…let’s hope it goes down….and while we wait…here are some pics from Ustream of her dirty fucking tampon string…I can’t believe this is what my life has become….

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Tila Tequila Leaked Sex Tape of the Day

Tila Tequila is holding on as hard as she fucking can and this fall from her peak is funny to me. Sure, I like watching people as much as the next guy, but when the person in question never deserved to be a position to fail in the first place, I really like watching them fail.

Tila Tequila, although a lovely girl who probably just marketed herself as a piece of fucking trash internet whore, never deserved to be in any spotlight or on any TV. It was a glitch in the system when internet became mainstream and mainstream didn’t know how to deal, other than give all these seemingly popular people mainstream jobs, without realizing the logic behind why a half naked chick has millions of myspace fans, like the fact that she gets half naked and we’re perverts who like pretending we are friends with chicks who get half naked.

So I’ve been loving that her Ustream videos had 1000 views up until last week’s, where bitch actually fucking masturbated on cam like the cam whore she is, possibly because her dad never hugged her enough or some shit…or because she wasn’t happy seeing her fame dwindle and even that video only got 30,000 views….proving she’s fucking worthless and no one cares…

So she released a shitty video she claims was stolen from her laptop, because I guess celebs or wannabe celebs have issues not having their laptops stolen.

It is 5 seconds long and with her longtime model boyfriend who she pretends isn’t her boyfriend and because she figures being single and bi-sexual is more marketable -even though this motherfucker was the one pressing “Add as Friend” on myspace for her years ago and is just riding the fucking wave under the fucking radar…and here she is playing with his small penis…

To Watch the 5 Second Clip Follow This Link

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Tila Tequila is Naked on Ustream and only 1000 People Watch of the Day

Internet Marketer Tila Tequila is desperate as fuck for attention because the world has caught onto the lie that has been fed to them by the media and realized she’s nothing more than a fake titty whore who was in the right place at the right time and has no business being on TV or in Movies or really to have any celebrity. She is just a bitch who played the interenet properly by getting the most myspace friends, since people on myspace approved her friend request cuz she was half naked, and when mainstream media moved onto the internet and didn’t understand the internet, they assumed she was marketable and not just a useless idiot. They thought she was the fucking internet and they made her famous…..but thankfully that came to an end and now bitch is just alone and struggling, delusional about her celebrity and fanbase.

Most importantly she is getting naked live on webcam, doing what attention craving whores do before they forget that their purpose in life is nothing more than a webcam girl pretending to pay her way through college and the funniest thing in all this is that only 1,000 people bothered watching her.

I think more people would watch me naked on cam, just proving how fucking useless and irrelevant this bitch is despite how many “Twitter” followers she “has”….I think live feed of her killing herself is going to be her grand finale….

Here is the video…

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Tila Tequila in Yankee Lingerie Pics on the Only Place that Cares of the Day

I am assuming Tila Tequila put these pictures up on twitter, the only place that barely cares about her because the people on the shit have nothing better to do with their time that read drivel about other people’s boring fucking lives, updated 50 fucking times a day, especially when the person you happen to be following was the original myspace fake celebrity, who the media ate up and gave a couple trashy TV shows to, because America is desperate and falling apart at the seams, but not quite as desperate as Tila Tequila because she knows no one gives a fuck about her anymore and that her ride from the top is going to be a steady fucking slope down and I’m happy about that…

With any downward spiral especially one of someone who was only famous because of her slut outfits and behvavior, this chessy trash whore is going to keep getting more and more naked, eventually ending up in porn or dead in one of her fans trunk who approached her as a “producer” interested in giving her work and her excitement that someone still cared made her forget a background check….

Here are those pics of her supporting the Yankees with her lame tits.

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Tila Tequila Got Off Her Computer for Once of the Day

It’s no secret that Tila Tequila is addicted to her computer and the internet. I like to think it is because the internet is what gave her a fake celebrity back when the suits at big media and entertainment companies were trying to tap into the internet and used the same logic they used their entire careers that the number of fans you have, or people who know about you, the more marketable your product is, when the reality is that on the internet, you can trick people into thinking you have a lot of fans and just because a motherfucker decided to accept you on myspace because you have a series of really slutty pictures it doesn’t mean they will buy your shit. So now that she’s got nothing going for her and her moment in the spotlight is clearly over and done with, she’s gone back to one on one interaction with the people, hoping for another run that I am pretty sure will never fucking happen because I like to think the execs realize that people on the internet are bored and willing to click on pretty much anything, all they have to do is check her ustream videos that only get 7,000 views and she gets fucking naked in the shit…just proving her ship has sank and that makes me fucking happy…

Here she is with her fake useless tits…unfortunately with smartphone technology, bitch can bring twitter anywhere she goes….

Pics via Fame

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Tila Tequila’s Cry for Attention with her Costume Party for One Cam Show of the Day


I am not a therapist, but I think Tila Tequila’s got some serious fucking issues.

Not only does her life seem ridiculously depressing and lonely, where she spends her days on twitter trying to seduce the thousands of people who make her think she has fans and is relevant, when really she just has dudes who want to fuck her whore body, because she is one of the worlds most successful strippers….but every once in a while she does live videos of herself half naked and in this case in costumes that 7,000 people watch, because their lives are just as pathetic as hers, and waiting around to see her naked seems to be a reasonable way to spend the night….

Sure she makes good money whoring and having pretty much no shame, and maybe there is a science behind what she is doing, you know an actual business with a team of people doing her work for her, while she just enjoys her empire and part of the marketing strategy is to make us feel like she’s lonely, desperate and hanging onto what she had as the most popular person on myspace and who really cares, I’m thinking no one, because if they did, maybe Tila wouldn’t be such a wreck.

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