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Victoria Silvstedt’s Useless Fake Tits on the Beach of the Day

Victoria Silvestedt is an attention seeking cunt. She was a Playboy model 15 years ago and feels entitled. She’s dating a married midget billionaire from Greece and has the nerve to try to sue me cuz I posted pics of her getting eaten out by him, like she wasn’t already getting paid to do it, like it was a private event, even though he paid her extra to do it on the fucking dock in front of the paparazzi.

It just amazes me that despite all her bottom feeding and getting naked for money, she still hasn’t dropped a sex tape, I guess we’ve got 2011 for that to happen, but I assume the billionaire would have to drop her as his mistress, cuz as long as she’s on his payroll, I guess she doesn’t really need us.


Here are her fake tits.

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Victoria Silvstedt Fingering Herself In A Bikini of the Day

I hate this useless fucking cunt. She tried to sue me when I posted pics of her getting eaten out by a Greek Billionaire. She has sued people I know because she’s one of those attention seeking twats who likes attention on her terms. Not that she deserves any attention, she was in Playboy a decade ago, big fucking deal, anyone can get fake tits. Her body is old, tired and boring to watch hang onto its sex appeal, her fake tits are as retarded as my neighbor’s kid, and that fucker is wheel chair bound and always in a bib. She is not worth jerking off to, she is just a low level hooker with the right clientele, but when she fingers herself in a bikini, I have no choice but to post the shit, cuz that’s just the kind of blogger I am, one who puts his personal opinon aside to report the fucking bikini pics in an objective way.

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Victoria Silvstedt Picks Her Whore Ass of the Day

I find it funny that I get hate mail cuz I hate this washed up Playboy bitch who hasn’t done anything relevant since the 90s. It’s like virgin losers just can’t let go of the pussy they once jerked off to. I get that she’s got 90s sex appeal and that if I was into that look in the 90s, I probably would have liked her, I just generally avoid these obvious cunts who are crying for attention. I like my pornstars to be the “sleepers” or the girls you’d never expect to like licking asshole while taking your cum on their face….

I find it funny that these virigins get made at me for calling her a whore, when she’s pretty much made the last 5 years possible thanks to a being the public mistress to some midget Greek Billionaire you woulda thought was a circus performer before striking gold. When it’s pretty obvious the only pussy he gets is paid for….

I guess it just reminds me that the people in the world just aren’t well at least not mentally…..But at least she’s done her creepy fans a service by keeping her end of the deal and maintained this body well into her 40s.

So here she is picking her whore ass cuz whore asses need to get picked a lot more often than non-whore ass due to rash and other inconveniences that come with the job of selling her motherfucking body….and remember girls, you can have this life too, all you need is some hair bleach and some 5,000 dollar tits…it really is that easy…

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Victoria Silvstedt Bikini Pictures of the Day

Anyone who reads this site will know that I hate Victoria Silvstedt as much as I hate Lara Stone, because both of this bitches don’t have any real business being known, and aren’t really known, cuz no one I know has ever heard of either of them, but for some reason, they both send out lawyers letters everytime a motherfucker posts pictures of them on their honeymoon, or getting eaten out by some midget billionaire like some weird sex circus act, and whenever I get threatened to get sued, I get angry…cuz when you are a low level fame whore who chose that life, you should be thanking anyone who notices you jumping up and down in the corner with your tits hanging out like the fat kid in school eager to not be the last pick for the kickball game at recess, if you know what I mean….

Either way, here are her old fake tits….

Pics via Bauer

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Victoria Silvstedt Prostitute Ass in a Bikini of the Day

I have a deep rooted hatred for this escort who wasn’t always an escort but who at one point in time was a classy ski racer, turned breast implant purchaser, turned Playboy model, turned bottom feeder in Hollywood, who moved back to Europe to become a bottom feeder there, before becoming the hired pussy of some Greek billionaire midget….who has put her on payroll and giving her the quality of life her whore ass thinks she deserves….a whore ass that she is more than happy to show off because it is aging and the end may have come and gone for her, but will officially try up when her only employer, the Greek Billionaire, moves onto fresher porn lookin’ whore pussy…

Here she is in a bikini….cuz that’s all she knows how to do….and something her sloppy ass screams she should probably retire soon enough…but you’ll probably like it…cuz you’re a desperate pig….and I guess so is this bitch and the rank pussy lip you can kinda make out in the header pic….

Pics via Bauer

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Victoria Silvstedt Turns Skiing into Low Level Porn of the Day

She is a nobody. I hate her. She tried to sue me. It is personal. So I know I shouldn’t be giving her attention.

But I do have a little ski bunny fetish, only because I live in Canada and have been to the ski hill many times, only to see girls getting in and out of snowsuits and girls who think are horrible looking while bundled up on the slopes, actually have amazing bodies they are just hiding in ill-fitting snowsuits while trying to keep warm….making trying to seduce them like playing the lottery, never knowing what you are going to get….making the whole ski scene one I was too poor to ever be a part of, but a solid place to work as a janitor who cleans out the girl’s locker room where they all change and walk around in their long underwear….

I’m just using Victoria Silvstedt to prove a point…not because I think she’s one of those snow bunnies I want to fuck, cuz I know she’s just a high paid escort and there’s nothing exciting about bitches who jump through hoops for money…I guess unless they are jumping through my hoops….

Pics via LFI

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Victoria Silvstedt Still in Her Bikini of the Day

I guess I don’t hate Victoria Silvstedt as much as I say that I do, because I still manage to post on her when she is in her bikini, sure she’s the only person the paparazzi are getting pictures of in her bikini because everyone else has gone back to work….So despite her trying to sue me and ruin me early on in the life of this site and years of bitter commentary about her, I think I’ve finally got over the anger because I know she knows she is old and her plastic surgery is aging weirdly, that she doesn’t have talent or a real career, I know she knows all she has going for her is her body and even that is getting older and less relevant, I know she’s decided to be a whore on salary for some midget billionaire who uses her for his weird fetishes he can’t pull on his wife and I guess that means she realizes that she’s nothin’ special, the worthless bottom of the barrel, so talking about her or letting you jerk off to her is more about me doing community service, you know saving a broken soul and reminding her that despite not getting jobs, people still care enough to jerk off to her and I guess that’s my way of thanking her for ruining herself and becoming a little more humble. Don’t get me wrong, she’s still a fuckin’ cunt, just a broken one and I’ve always loved broken cunt….and here she is showing off hers in a white bikini…my favorite…

Pics via INF

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Victoria Silvstedt’s Rocking Old Lady Body in a Bikini of the Day

I get a lot of hate mail suprisingly about Victoria Silvstedt because you’d think she’d be hardly known by now, a decade after her stint as a Playboy centerfold, but commited virgins prove yet again that they can never get over that obsession with that one girl, like they are monogamous fantasizers, whether it is someone from High School or a blue person in Avatar, they take their love seriously and they get offended that someone doesn’t see the vision of beauty they see everytime they look at their chosen whore, so they make it their personal plight to fight for her honor, even though she doesn’t know they exist and either do people they went to high school, cuz they are just that memorable. You know the kind of guy I’m talking about, cuz you’re probably that kind of guy.

Here’s one of those emails:

Hello Sir,
I watch a lot of Victoria Silvstedt news on your website and I read to each time you hate Victoria Silvstedt who attack to you with her lawer when you put sex party pictures in Sardaigna on your website.
Why do you hate Victoria Silvstedt, you had meeting Victoria Silvstedt for your job, in the street please ?
Thank you in advance.

Either way, I know she’s got a good body, it’s really all she’s got going for her, and it’s also all that she has to maintain in her life, so working out all year and getting her fake tits upgraded and her face jacked up with silicone with her billionare boyfriend’s money doesn’t really impress me and shouldn’t be all that that shocking or worth celebrating, because in actual fact, she’s just a fuckin’ waste of space nobody who people shouldn’t even know her name and I shouldn’t even bother posting on her, but I can’t help it because I passionately hate this cunt her for trying to bring me down with her lawyers 5 years ago. I have issues moving on…and if you don’t believe me just reference my criminal record……

Pics via Fame

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Victoria Silvstedt Masturbating in a Bikini of the Day

If I were you, I wouldn’t visit this site anymore, because I have wronged you by not noticing these Victoria Silvstedt pussy grabbing in her bikini pictures, you know because I’ve failed as a blogger in getting these up 2 days late, but in my defense, I fail at everything I do, and you should no this already, not to mention Silvstedt tried to sue me last time she was getting her pussy stimulated in public, but that’s probably because she was getting it stimulated by a married midget billionaire who anyone would be ashamed of having sex with because the only reason anyone would be letting him suck on their pussy is because he’s a billionaire.

Either way, she’s a washed up whore, you’d expect to see her pussy in various states of rest, so I guess this isn’t that big of deal and you shouldn’t hate me for not posting it, but you should hate me for being a disgrace to humanity.

Pics via Fame

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