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Victoria Silvstedt’s Fake Tits of the Day

I figured I’d post these pictures of Victoria Silvstedt because fake tits are so fucking impresses, not only does all it take is 5,000 dollars to have a pair of your own, an amount of money that even a hurtbag like me could muster up if I really felt insecure about my tits, but they also give a false sense of confidence that propels girls into some next level whore behavior that usually leaves them getting their tits grabbed by strangers but sometimes if they are lucky they get jobs working for really rich dudes as a paid pussy….

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Victoria Silvstedt in her White Bikini of the Day

I hate this useless whore of a woman and everything she does. I don’t know how I can post more bikini pictures of her because they all kinda spill into each other and are exactly the fucking same, except when she’s whoring herself for her greek shipping billionaire who she wallet fucks because the world has no room for a 40 year old fake titty Swedish girl anymore, well at least not this played out 40 year old fake titty Swedish girl, because Swedish girls are supposed to naturally have big tits, and maybe that’s where her insecurity all started back when she lost Miss Sweden pageant to a real Swedish girl, and she had to rush to the plastic surgeon to make good and I guess who really cares….

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Victoria’s Silvstedt from Behind of the Day

If a bitch is in a bikini, I might as well be staring at her ass, because I like a good ass better than good tits any day, especially when the bitch in the bikini is rockin’ fake tits, cuz anyone can have fake tits, they don’t impress me at all, they cost 5,000 dollars and I’m sure even I could find 5,000 dollars to get fake tits if I really wanted them, it’s nothing exclusive, if anything, it’s only desperate and pathetic, you know the girl all insecure, thinking tits will make her happy and take her out of the shitty life she’s living, because without fake tits they can’t fuck their boyfriends topless, they can’t wear bikinis or revealing clothes and they can’t make a solid 10 dollars a song at the strip club cuz there aren’t enough closet faggots there to pay to rub their little boy nipples, until one day cracking and deciding it’s time to put an end to the superficial suffering…..it is time to be respected for what they are meant to be respected for and that is not their mind or ideas…but the size of their bra…

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Victoria Silvstedt and Her Bikini on the Beach of the Day

This cunt tried to sue me years because there was a time when pictures were fuckin scandalous and not played out, repetitive and boring, where you’d get leaked pussy pictures, or tit pictures and you’d be excited to share them with the rest of the internet, because let’s face it, some of us don’t have much going on in our lives, but now, it’s all been seen, it’s all been done, and no one sends me lawyer’s letters anymore, because there are too many sites out there spewing the same shit and these d-listers don’t get all sensitive anymore, but instead appreciate being talked about. There’s no fun when you’re just a tool in their toolbox of fame, I did this to slander these people and not help them, and on that note, I’m going to go show teen girls my dick to remind myself that I’ve still got creep in my pants….

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Victoria Silvstedt Pitchin’ a Watch Campaign The Only Way She Knows How of the Day

Victoria Silvstedt was never really relevant, she was just a Playboy model years ago, when Playboy was into this look. I guess they still are, but Silvstedt attempt to hang onto it, isn’t workin out too well for her, the older she gets and the more surgery she gets to put things back in place and I am talking about her penis, the weirder she fuckin’ looks, like a half eaten Jello tray at the ghetto buffet after it was raped by my wife

Here she is trying to get attention by flashing some panty with her watch, possibly hoping the watch company appreciates the plug and send her a couple free watches that she can pawn off to pay her rent like the common whore that she is.

Silvstedt remains my enemy for trying to sue me, but I think aging is her enemy and we all know who’s gonna win this one. Cunt.

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Victoria Silvstedt’s Tits in the Sun of the Day

Victoria Silvstedt is the enemy because she tried to sue me for posting pics of her getting eaten out by a midget, I am not fuckin’ joking, and unfortunately, I don’t have those pictures anymore and don’t think they are anywhere to be found on the internet, but I do know that despite all the trouble she’s caused me, I still think she’s hot and I can’t help but let her whore ass back on my site, even though I know I shouldn’t bother with her. Again, the internet immitates reality, you know because I still let my fat wife in my bed despite hating her, I mean sure, she paid for the bed and the rent and I am the freeloader, but as the man, that makes me the boss.

If you want to see her in a bikini, you’ll have to follow this link, and see it on this site, because I don’t have access to the shit

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Tommy Lee is a DJ and Victoria Silvstedt is his DJ Whore of the Day

So Tommy Lee is another one of these celebrity DJs who goes out to clubs because they offer him a lot of fucking money to get behind the turntables and let his ipod do the talking.

Now I don’t really give a shit about this whole celebrity DJ movement, I think it’s a huge fucking joke, but that’s probably because I don’t think DJing really takes all that much talent, I figure if you have any level of rhythm, like if you were a drummer or something, mixing other people’s songs into one another would be pretty fucking easy.

What I don’t fucking understand why he’d want to DJ. Isn’t he rich and famous? Maybe it is because his band isn’t making moves or money because he’s settled all those lawsuits out of court with girls he gave STDs to. Maybe it is because it is the only way he can convince a club to hire him to attend, and he figures he might as well make stupid money to get drunk, then not and it lets him be the center of attention and source of the music all the sluts in the club are dancing to.

No matter what it is, it’s a fucking scam and cunt Victoria Silvstedt is feeding right into it, but that’s okay, because she’s a fucking idiot, and idiots are expected to suck up to an overpaid, ex rockstar DJ, because they are more famous that her mooching ass and she’s willing to do anything possible, as long as it involves getting dick in her mouth/ass/pussy, to climb up the ladder, even though she’s old, washed up, and disgusting.

Bonus – A Picture of Tommy Lee Advertising to the World That He’s Tricked Us All Into Making Him Famous. Thanks Asshole.

Here are some more pictures of Victoria Silvstedt and whatever the fuck this event was….because she’s a fucking whore.

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Not Victoria Silvstedt Bikini Pictures of the Day

Posting anything about Victoria Silvstedt is always exciting. I never know if she’s going to counter attack with a lawsuit, because she’s the kind of not very famous celebrity, who doesn’t like pictures of her getting eaten out by a married greek billionaire on vacation to surface and apparently she doesn’t like the people who post the shit and is still the only lawsuit I’ve ever really had to deal with, so it’s always like walking on eggshells when it comes to pictures of her and I like the excitement, because I’m not getting it anywhere else.

I guess like most girls, she thinks she’s more than just a slut, she’s a career woman who works hard, she is successful in her craft (whatever that is) and sure she used her fake tits and tight body to get ahead, but only because of the head on her shoulders and her delusions, because we all know she’s a whore, I mean the fake tits in nude pics and getting paid, is pretty much the nail in the coffin in that.

Either way, here are some pics of someone who isn’t Victoria Silvstedt, but who the paparazzi Claim is Victoria Silvstedt because they are idiots and are now moving onto girls that have blonde hair and pretending they are celebrities, on slow days…I guess now I can get sued by no names….good times.

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Victoria Silvstedt Isn’t Topless in a Bikini in St Tropez of the Day

Here are some pictures of slut Victoria Silvstedt in a bikini again. I know I get repetitive about this whore being a whore and that’s only because she tried to take me down with a lawsuit when I posted pics of her getting eaten out by some married Greek midget billionaire. I don’t have the pictures up anymore, and usually I don’t get mad when girls attack, I figure it’s their weird way of flirting with me and I always try to reverse it so that I end up being the Mexican broke ass midget eating her out in the next set of pics that hit, but it never really works out like that.

I wasn’t going to go up against her, since her pockets are a lot deeper than mine and that is a huge part of my depression. All I needed to make this life a better was to be born a skinny blonde chick with fake tits who everyone wants to fuck, not only would I be able to afford a TV, but I’d also be able to go around suing random people to keep me entertained in my dull, useless, silicone filled life.

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