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Chanel Iman Gone Wild for Galore Magazine of the Day

This is an awesome video for Galore Magazine….

It is a bit throwback tribute to the early 80s, in what I like to call the glory days of the porn industry and not just because I love bush…but because it wasn’t about throat fucking trailer trash and still had a little eroticism up in it…back when porn wasn’t so saturated throat fucking clips of every girl wanting to make 100 dollars….not that I am against that, but sometimes I like to remember what was…

It is also a bit of a snuff film vibe.

Either way, it makes me want to rip lines and jerk off, and that’s a good thing….Chanel Iman in lingerie being directed like a little slut…also a good thing…

Click More to See the Video on Mobile…

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Chanel Iman’s Hot Shoot for Galore Magazine of the Day

Chanel Iman, who you may know from masturbating to a Victoria’s Secret catalog while trying to relive the 90s, a decade Chanel Iman was born in, is some 22 year old top model, who has been in a lot of magazines and fashions shows, exploited for her BLASIAN genetics since she was 12, and now posing hot for some Magazine called Galore, that I’ve never heard of, but that I am glad I have, because these pics are erotic enough for me, like the opening scene of a porn. No nudity, but enough sleaze to pre-mature ejaculate to, provided I didn’t have low testosterone from all the drinking.

That’s all I have to say about that.

To Read the Interview and See All the Pics
Follow this Link

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Chanel Iman in Lingerie for Deluxe Magazine of the Day

The highlight of my life is that Christy Turlington dissed me on Instagram when I was trolling her pics. Sure it could have been one of her handlers, as most of these rich and famously successful people have, but it could have also been her…and as far as my vintage, throwback, old timer model fetish goes…it lead me to a happy place…just like Chanel Iman modeling lingerie like she was still 20…even though she’s already old news as Victoria’s Secret didn’t book her to do their show this year…I know she’s only 22 and can pull it together…but as far as I’m concerned she’s just an old timer just taking any job she gets…


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Chanel Iman’s Half Naked for Foam of the Day

I’ve never found a black girl willing to fuck me….and I want one to so bad…cuz black girls are hot…and maybe it is cuz I don’t do enough black specific content….

Maybe it is cuz I do not post enough on Chanel Iman…

I have pretty much only posted her Victoria’s Secret bullshit runway shit….and once I Posted some HALF NIPPLE and another time I posted a bit of her ASS with a bunch of white girls…and I have no idea why I haven’t given her more love…this is exactly the waist to hip ratio I loook for in a bitch…and she’s 3/4 black, 1/4 Asian and her fucking hybrid human species is what interbreeding is all about…as far as I’m concerned she turned out pretty fucking perfect….but maybe that’s just the tail end of black history month excitement talking…

Here she is in Foam magazine….

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Adriana Lima, Doutzen Kroes, Miranda Kerr, Candice Swanepoel and Other Victoria’s Secret Angels for a Vman Calendar of the Day

VMAN made a calendar featuring 12 Victoria’s Secret angels in some 50s style jackets, wearing some 50s style vintage lingerie, rocking some prety intense cleavage and ending out my horribly hungover day just a little better but still horrible than it normally would be….it’s simple, get these girls out of Victoria’s Secret airbrushed nippless and vagina lipless campaigns and into some better concept stuff that may not be as half naked but that is less fucking repetitive than their played out – tried – tested and bullshit evil corporation marketing tool robots act that brought them fame and fortunes……

Calendars may be stupid, dated, and only used by elderly and mechanics but here are the pics….even though THESE PICS OF KURKOVA IN A THONG BIKINI ARE BETTER ….

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Some Model Vagina for Fashion for i-D mag of the Day

Chanel Iman, Hilary Rhoda, Jessica Stam, Erin Wasson but only one of them was willing to show her hipster, model, fashionista bush I love so much, and I can only assume the one who showed her hipster, model, fashionista bush was the one who no one’s ever heard of before, cuz the others are all super models and shit and don’t need to flash cunt in some Magazine spread to get noticed, they save that level of prostitution for the big payouts…

Not that I care….I’m just happy to see half naked models in pictures instead of in person, cuz it reminds me how many wrong turns I’ve taken in life…something we all need to embrace….

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