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Chanelle Hayes in a Thong Bikini of the Day

I may have a bad reputation of perpetuating “unrealistic” body images, that are realistic if you put in some fucking work and watch what you eat, develop a drug addiction, work out like a fiend, actually try to take care of yourself…you know where I celebrate the model diet of cocaine, cigarettes, semen and diet coke….

However, I am married to a fat chick and she disgusts me mainly based on her smell alone…so I can’t be that bad…

More importantly. I am all about pictures of fat girls in bikinis, or fat girls in bikinis, not so much for sexual reasons, but for entertainment purposes…because fat is fucking funny aesthetically and I am all about that shit….true story…even if I don’t want to have sex with it…

Her name is Chanelle Hayes and she was a Glamour Model at one point in time, a Big Brother UK contestant, and now she’s a mom and an eater not scared to show off something that the world generally shuns, unless it is the government, fast food and healthcare companies who want us fat, sick and lazy….

Oh and don’t ever think that this isn’t her whoring, I mean whoring is her whole fucking existence, and she’s clearly either hustling a TV show, or a fitness sponsor or anyone who will pay her…because that’s her thing…here are the pics..

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Chanelle Hayes Titty Model Tis of the Day

When you are a big titty Glamour model from the UK who no one would know existed unless you had big titties you were willing to show off…this is kinda what you do…you get topless and let people underpay you to take pics of you topless…in efforts to leverage that into making more money after everyone knows your name and dudes get committed to wanting to fuck you.

It’s a far better strategy than working at a diner or even a stripclub hoping a prince will walk in and save you…because once you’re tits are published…they are worth more and appeal to people with money who are too busy making money to find girls on their own…but prefer the third party stamp of approval on the shit…it’s a status thing…like a Rolls Royce only far more broken down…

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Chanelle Hayes for NUTS of the Day

Chanelle Hayes is another stripper who never was, because stripping is immoral and for trashy girls, while getting topless for magazines that walk the fine line of porno, you know, that go as far as they can before being considered explicit, is an honorable, artistic driven career that will lead to good places, like celebrity husbands to knock them up. The retirement plan of only the highest class hookers, and I’m not complaining, cuz big tits are amazing, and if they are exposed and in my face, I’m ready to stare at them, or try to lick them, even when on screen, because that’s just the kind of guy who wasn’t breast fed as a child I am. It’d be a huge waste of Chanelle Hayes and her talents if she was working retail or other shit busty girls do who have morals, decency and class.

Keep up the good work baby.

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Chanelle Hayes and Rosie Jones Hot for NUTS of the Day

Damn….NUTS UK is officially a softcore porn magazien…all it took was one lick from one chick to a topless to cross that invisible line of titty men’s mag to full on smut…and I love it…

If this was the 60s, this shit would be too hardcore for the newstands, no one would advertise on it, they’d go bankrupt with no place to go….but today…we’re all a bunch of perverts exposed to this greatness and a little titty sucking won’t stop Mercedes for getting on board with them….but from some reason…they won’t get on board with me…and call me a porn site…when all I do is post their ad supported smut…in what makes life almost unfair…but not that unfair cuz I get to stare at pics like this….

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Chanelle Hayes Topless for NUTS August of the Day

The world needs more Glamour Models….This Chanelle Hayes bitch, showing her tits, reminds us all that it is not the natural beauty of a girl that is important, but the willingness to get topless in photoshoots….because seriously, she’s making money showing her tits, while so many hotter girls than her are just wasting the fuck away at office jobs like a bunch of fucking idiots….take her lead….

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Chanelle Hayes Nude in Nuts of the Day

Chanelle Hayes is some useless Big Brother UK contestent, who went on to become a Glamor Model and according her her WIKIPEDIA, a business woman, who I assume is in the business of showing off her saggy mom tits in photoshoots for lad mags, which makes sense becasue that’s what fucking whores do….I mean along with getting knocked up on purpose by famous Footballers (soccer players), 3 months after heated break-up that led to her trying to kill herself, that baby making vagina doubles as a fucking trap, maybe that it why these pics have some wierd light flare coming from her mom pussy, that I assumed was special effects, that I now think may just be natural….

Either way, here are her crazy, drama filled mom saggers…that remind me of a bitch I used to know, who was in the park this morning with her baby, cockteasing with her cleavage, only to get mad at me when I asked when Feeding time was….whores are all the fucking same…..


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Chanelle Hayes and her New Tits of the Day

While we’re on the topic of useless ….

I figured I’d post on this British Glamour Bullshit cunt….named Chanelle Hayes….cuz it seems like my site only attracts white trash Chimney Sweepers from across the pond….cuz they don’t own TVs, still light their homes with latterns and still know how to read…where as America is filled with idiots….I saw the Scrooge 3-D movie, I know how you soot covered trash live while you’re worshiping their queen…you’re out jerking off to fake tits and calendars of these bitches who are famous but shouldn’t be famous…but thanks to your lad mags are…cuz internet hasn’t kill them yet….since you don’t own computers and appreciate the feeling of paper on your finger tips…you’re authentic like that…

I’m only posting it cuz she obviously got implants – and I like to point and laugh at bitches who try to validated themselves with implants…it’s the ugliest thing you can do to a tit…most of the time…

So Here are the BEFORE PICS….from September 2010

And Here are the AFTER PICS….photoshopped with implants…

No, this isn’t news and I don’t know who Chanelle Hayes is…or why I did this post…or even if this post makes sense…

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Chanelle Hayes Pregnant Bikini Pictures of the Day

I don’t know who Chanelle Hayes is…I just know that I’ve done posts on her before…back when I used to bother with these UK whores that I guess are famous for being whores and trashy dudes in the UK with no taste think they are amazing and follow their every move giving them more attention than they deserve and getting them a lot of traffic because they like that their pussies are highly trafficked, a theory proven with these pictures of this slag-pregnant in a bikini…..and pregnant pussy in a bikini is something I will never turn my back on because it is the union of one of my favorite things with one of my worst nightmares….Enjoy…

To See More Pictures – Follow This Link

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Chanelle Hayes is Worth Lookin’ At of the Day

I don’t remember who Chanelle Hayes is, but based on her hair and make-up, I’m going with pornstar. I guess I could google her, but I’m pretty sure she’s not out there googling me, so why give her that kind of attention, while giving her one more “search request” making her think she’s more important than she is, which is pretty much a cancer to most men who like fuckin’ hot girls, because the second they realize they are better than you, is the second the pussy supply dries up and you go back to fucking rotting meat you find in your freezer, because it’s the only thing fleshy you can put your dick up against, while remembering the few months you were getting hot pussy, not that you’ve ever had hot pussy, but I’m generalizing for the people who have, whether they read this site or not….assholes.

Pics via PacificCoastNews

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