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Chrissy Teigen’s Vagoina Raspberries of the DAy

For those of you who don’t know…Chrissy Teigen doesn’t like me….She even took to her shitty food blog to WRITE ABOUT HOW IT FEELS BEING CALLED OUT FOR BEING A GOLD MINING FAME WHORE WHO DOESN”T GET WORK AND WHO SHOULD JUST GET KNOCKED UP SO WE CAN ALL FORGET ABOUT HER …..

And now she’s giving Brooklyn Decker Vagina Raspberries, or what Bill Cosby calls Zurberts…where you press your lips on a pussy, or really any flesh and blow…

This would possibly be more exciting if these girls weren’t 100 year olds hanging onto the looks that made them money…even if those looks aren’t all that good…and more importantly…landed them dudes who make actual money…not Chrissy Teigen’s booking one job a month at 4k a day….money….

Either way…Vagina Raspberries look fun….even when has been garbage who has fallen off the rails participate…we call this “I’ll do anything for attention, just watch”….

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Chrissy Teigen Slutty with her Husband of the Day

Chrissy Teigen showed off her titties in a TWITTER PIC from some romantic bullshit video she shot with her husband John Legend, which was a little too masturbatory for me, but I am the kind of guy who like ripping out my eyes, or even go Columbine on people who show me how in love their are with wedding albums, or bullshit like this…

So I didn’t watch the video, I’m just assuming at least one of you likes this gold digging twat, and alsy assume that she exposes her tits, at least once, because that’s how you get attention and attention is all she wants…or needs….

She’s the worst…

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Chrissy Teigen Titty for Twitter of the Day

This picture makes me laugh, because Chrissy Teigen has been trying so fucking hard to be famous for the last few years. From being engaged to some Grammy winning musician, to scamming her way onto the pages of SI, to hustling twitter harder than an attention seeking tween…but nothing’s really worked out for her…she’s still just the Wifey only a handful of people give a fuck about…and a few other people stare at when pics come along….

So she’s taken a page out of the Emily Ratajkowski’s hustle, because it worked for Emily Ratajkowski, because Emily Ratajkowski has a bit of fucking vision and substance and figured out the formula early on…not to mention she’s hotter, not a bottom feeder and consistent in her delivery…you know doing things she liked doing, not scared to be naked, and boom she’s gone viral…

Something Chrissy Teigen obviously thinks is can bull off and that maybe it will change things for her…but the fact is..no one really fucking cares…she should just get knocked up and gold dig like she’s supposed to.

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Chrissy Teigen for Beachbunny Bride of the Day

Sports Illustrated model, Chrissy Teigen who I may or may not think deserves to be in Sports Illustrated, because she’s gone the route of Kate Upton, and is a little fuckin thick…you know from all her food blog eating…but then I am reminded that Sports Illustrated likes their women doughy and untoned, because doughy and untoned comes with natural titties…and since I don’t really handle their casting, but I should, I’ll just stare at the bikinis, whether I am that into the bitch or not…

Well, she’s gone the route of Kate Upton, and other SI Models, and is now doing some spokesperson shit for some company that is probably owned by the wife of someone at SI..Beachbunny…and the fascinating thing is that she’s doing the bridal collection…because no real bikini company is trashy enough unless they have some white bikinis that are not just perfect for destination beach weddings at the shitty 3 star all inclusive…but that are made just for that purpose…just don’t get your period in them…

Now as much as I like naked bitches, Chrissy Teigen should just assume the role of rich wife to the rich music man who once modeled to land this life…sure she’s funny on the internet, like clown or comedian, and sure I like all girls in bikinis, even the fat ones, but there’s just something missing in her modeling…that something is what I call “wanting to lick her bikini so hard that it starts to melt off her, even though it is designed to last polluted salt water”….she just doesn’t do it for me…

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Chrissy Teigen Did the ESPYs Last Night of the Day

Chrissy Teigen was at the ESPYs last night and at least someone was having fun. It was on at the bar I was drinking at and shit was fucking boring. I also know people who were there who said shit was fucking boring…but this Chrissy Teigen is just so happy her gold mining worked out, and she’ll get down and act silly everywhere cuz life is just that good for her..

What’s not good is her photo editing skills, I mean shit she looks fat and stupid in this, and I get she’s trying to have her own talk show or something, and I get she tries to be funny, but bitch is a model…so fucking model..let’s not get off course here…

What a stupid lookin’ bitch.


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Chrissy Teigen for Beach Bunny of the Day

Chrissy Teigen is some ethnic busty model from SI who I consider part of the stepfather family.

Not because I am black or asian and not because I am her husband, John Legend’s long lost relative from the same orphanage or wherever he learned to play piano before landing a gold digging modeling wife.

Not that she’s necessarily a gold digger, I don’t know her personal finances, maybe she’s just a fame whore and likes the celebrity connection, because I am sure she could be fucking far richer people than him.

Whatever her deal is, she’s definitely not fucking the poor dude in the studio apartment down the street because girls are all the fucking same and always choose the good life.

I consider her part of the stepfather family, because she tweeted me once, probably something rude, I don’t remember, but it turns out it’s just that easy to get with me people. I’m such a slut.

Here’s the video….

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Chrissy Teigen Bikini of the Day

You wanna know what I like about Chrissy Teigen ….everything….and I am not just saying that because she’s got a pretty decent body modeling bikinis…if anything… I don’t give a fuck about her bikini modeling…as far as I’m concerned…I’ll masturbate to anything in a bikini…so she could be white, BLASIAN, single, married, I don’t give a fuck…..the real reason I like her is because she doesn’t block me on twitter when I call her a gold digger…she actually encourages me to keep on calling her a gold digger…and someone who can laugh at herself when humoring me…is pretty much perfection…especially when they look like this in a bikini….Unfortunately she’s engaged to John Legend…so I’ll have to wait for the kids and divorce before making my move and tricking her into cooking me dinner like I was her Homie Kate Upton who probably eats all her cooking…cuz as a fat man who likes to eat…her cooking.. THAT I FOLLOW ON THE INTERNET .is more pornographic to me than her bikini jacked up her little model ass…

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Chrissy Teigen in her Bikini for Some Bikini Company of the Day

I hate this Chrissy Teigen bitch….but only because she’s fucking annoying and hating has never stopped me from wanting to fuck a bitch before…often times it is the reason I want to fuck them…in hopes I have AIDS and that I give it to them…see cuz I don’t believe in condoms or STD testing….

Now for the reason I hate the bitch….it all started one fall day on twitter when I followed her not knowing who she was, despite the fact that she’s a huge model in her mind who was in one or two issues of SI Swimsuit along with dozens of other bitches I don’t know the names of….anyway – I start following her, she follows me back, we go back and forth, I find her kinda funny, but only cuz she’s posting half naked pics of herself then bitch blocks me for no good reason out of no where…leaving me alone to fend for myself like I was before I started following her on twitter the day before….and it’s just this irritating lack of support from people I get that makes me hate them….and more importantly makes me realize that under this half nakedness lives an evil cunt who thinks she is funny but who is actually fucking irritating…which works for her cuz no one needs to see past her half nakedness….

Here she is crying for attention in a bikini, cuz she wants to be known for more than just a wallet fucker gold digging a black musician while pretending to work by getting half naked as he racks in the millions…


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