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Olivia Munn Does Complex of the Day

I don’t like anything about Olivia Munn. There are hotter girls sitting on my stoop in the summer than this bitch, but the girls on my stoop just aren’t as good at marketing themselves to an audience of people who are easy to win over. Seriously, being the poster girl of G4 TV to technology-obsessed geeks really doesn’t take much….as they are loyal and just like any girl who speaks their language….and as she slowly sneaks her way into the masturbation of dudes who aren’t gamer virgins, like the hip hop crowd, I’ll be there to watch and wonder why…cuz sometimes life’s mysteries, like Olivia Munn being seen as hot, makes life more interesting than if there was an actual hot girl on the cover of this mag.

I do love Complex because they did a feature on me a long time ago….but Olivia Munn needs replacing despite how loyal these gamer virgins are…seriously…one gamer loser I know still talks about Sarah Michelle Gellar in Buffy like shit hasn’t been off the air for a decade….

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Alison Brie is Half Jewish and Half Naked in Complex of the Day

Alison Brie is a half Jewish actress on Mad Men and now she is half naked in Complex. She’s gone a long way from performing at her local Jewish Community Center where she was trying to prove that she was as Jewish than the other Jewish kids even though she was only half the Jew she wished she could be….while the real Jews had better things to do than hang at the Jewish Community Center since they didn’t come from homes with only one Jewish parent, they were comfortable in their skin and didn’t have the same identity issues, so spent their days smoking weed and yelling at their Filipino/Mexican nannies instead….

The funny thing about Alison Brie is that her and I have something in common, we both worked as clown’s at children’s birthday parties, only she ended up on TV and I ended up with a restraining order and court ordered substance abuse classes.

To See Her Slutty Half Naked Half Jewish Pics Follow This LInk

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Michelle Trachtenberg Does Complex of the Day

You pervert virgin losers who used to masturbate to Michelle Trachtenberg back when she was on Buffy, because for some reason, Buffy really appealed to perver virgin losers, who were some of the most committed fans any TV show has ever seen, so committed that they still email me asking me to post more bullshit on the bitches from that show, and I guess I shouldn’t hate on it, since I never saw the shit, maybe it really was a life changing, revolutionary show and the people who tattooed the shit on their dicks, or who stapled pictures of Trachtenberg to their pillows, should be happy…..She just did a hot photoshoot for Complex, remember hot is a relative term, and despite her ignoring me on the internet all these years I’ve reached out to her because I thought her career was dead, but apparently she’s on Gossip Girl. I don’t consider her a friend, or really all that relevant but I know that you consider her your wife of 10 years (or however long the show has been off the air) and mother of your imaginary child (because that’s what happens when you get imaginary married) and you haven’t met her yet. I guess that’s part of her appeal….

Follow This Link To See The Photoshoot

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Jessica Stroup from 90210 Does Complex of the Day

I guess Complex did Jessica Stroup some good by getting her topless and in the shower for their recent photoshoot, because it’s a pretty good glimpse into her future as a highclass escort, because there’s no way anyone’s gonna pull her out of 90210 and giver her a legit career, so it’s all downhill for her, only now she’s got a taste for fame, leaving her suckin’ dick for money, but at least now she can charge more for the hour because she’s got that 90210 co-sign, which is a lot more profitable than just being some young tight chick lookin’ to make some money to buy some Blahnik’s or whatever the fuck Sex in the City is telling girls they need to buy these days…..

See The Rest of the Pictures By Following This Link

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Zoe Saldana Does Complex of the Day

You may already know who this chick is and considering she’s in the movie Avatar and you’re a gang of fucking virgins who have nothing better to do that wait for weird Sci-Fi shit to hit the movie theater, giving you a reason to leave your house and stand in line for a fucking day in excitement to be the first motherfucker in, you probably already have her image silk stapled on your fucking pillow case so that you don’t feel as lonely as you are, you pathetic piece of shit….

She did Complex and she looked fucking good making her one of those bitches we’ll be seeing a lot of, cuz it turns out there’s a lot of fucking pervert creepy virgins out there with disposable income to spend on seeing her in movie and in action figure to stick in their asses cuz they aren’t spending their money on anything else like having a social life for example…..

Reminding us that if you want to make it in the world, get the virgins behind you cuz they are a loyal bunch.

To See The Complex Photoshoot of this Bitch You Gotta Follow this Link

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Eliza Dushku Does Complex of the Day

So Eliza Dushku is dating a black dude and in efforts to fully submerge herself into the scene she’s turned to an urban magazine to get a photoshoot going, not that Rick Fox is all that black, I mean dude is pretty much Hollywood and when a dude goes Hollywood I don’t care how good they play ball, or what color they started out, they all kinda lose their flavor and become the same pile of shit of a person…

I guess she didn’t realize that Complex is owned by a white dude and I’m sure a lot of their readers are suburban white kids who want to be as hood as they can, which I guess her pussy can relate to….a pussy that was a lot hotter than it is now, but she’s still good enough to look at.

Either way, Complex is pretty much the only relevant magazine in stores, and I am not just saying that because I’m still riding on the time they featured me in the shit, I’m saying it cuz it’s true.

Remember to Check Out Complex for More

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Amber Rose for Complex of the Day

If you’re interested in learning more about Amber Rose, Kanye’s pretend girlfriend, you know the one who is on his payroll to be his shopping buddy, because now he has an excuse to justify why he is buying women’s clothes, while buying some time with the public about his sexuality. That’s not to say that Kanye’s a full homo, maybe the only man he loves and has sex with is himself, but not fucking girls and only getting off when staring at your dick in the mirror and is the gateway to bathouses, AIDS and living on the Down Low…..

Either way, the slut did Complex, it is barely exciting because I hate something about this thick bald headed dyke, but maybe some of you like her and her struggle to get to the fuckin’ top whore behavior….

To see the Rest of the Pictures Follow This Link

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Amber Rose Photoshoot Video of the Day

If you’re wondering how to get on the cover of a magazine, all you have to do is pretend date a gay rapper and go on crazy shopping trips with him that he bankrolls as long as you can stomach him talking about boys which is a lot better than stomaching all the cum you’ve had to swallow just to get to this motherfucker, cuz I am pretty sure I saw this twat on Maury bragging about fucking a dude for a bucket of chicken and an old OIdsmobile back in the fuckin’ 90s. She’s not all that hot, but if she’s good enough for Kanye to play fake lover with, than she’s good enough for dudes to think she’s hot, I guess.

Either way, here’s the pics from the photoshoot

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Katy Perry Does Complex Magazine, Unfortunately of the Day

I think I have a keen eye to spot the imperfections in people. It’s kind of a curse because it makes appreciating a girl talking to me next to impossible, which is okay because girls generally don’t talk to me.

So unlike other men who see a half naked busty chick in lingerie doing a photoshoot, I see a busted faced, sloppy bodied, pig with a dumpy ass and double chin, who despite having been made up for hours upon hours before the shoot, looks like fucking shit.

I’d like to give Marc Ecko some shit for giving this whore a fuckin’ cover with his magazine, but then I remembered they are targeting white suburban kids by pretending they target black dudes, when we all know that black dudes are too busy being hood, rapping and gangbangin’ to care about buying magazines, but no matter how busy they are, they will always fuck white chicks, even if they look like Katy fuckin’ Perry and to back-up my theory, her on and off boyfriend is a black rapper, cuz all it takes for a black dude is white skin.

Check out the Photoshopped Katy Perry Gallery – Of Her in Her Lingerie – Because You Have No Fucking Standards and Just Need Tits

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