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Nicole Scherzinger Has a Purse Holder of the Day

The Pussycat Doll Nicole Scherzinger has a hired assistant who looks like a man who she carts around with her to make herself feel better about herself, you know a paid person you can treat like shit and make feel like they are a fucking worthless nobody who depend on you to live the goodlife or to have access to the goodlife, so that it is in her best interest to eat your shit, or else you’ll send them back where they belong, and little stunts like making the manly lookin’ assistant carry her purse out of events is just a little trick in dominance to let her assistant and the world know her place, because Scherzinger is not on the top of the charts anymore, and she knows that she can still buy that superstar feeling of everyone sucking her dick, now that she’s got the taste for it and this is just the proof….cuz we all know Scherzinger’s not too busy or too tired to carry her own purse….pretty obnoxious.

Here are some pics of her doing some Dancing with the Stars training, which is pretty much proof that she’s a latch on nobody who doesn’t have the right to be such a high maintenance cunt….

Pics via PacificCoastNews
Pics via Bauer

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Shitty Mistress of the Day

Some Mistress was mad that her married boyfriend went back to his wife. She put up billboards to embarrass the guy who is a pretty big player and involved in US politics and I’ll I have to say is that dude should not have been dating a sister. Black girls are fucking insane….and as a black man dude should have been aware of that…I can think of a few places this bitch could have better spent her money than on her own selfish needs and ego cunt behavior….Like Haiti. Greedy fucking pig.

When bitches get down with married men who they know are married they are playing with fire and it excites them – when they try to throw it back in your face and ruin you because of it they are just straight up cunts. I will never understand the way a woman thinks or how she thinks this is cool or going to accomplish anything…she just looks like a desperate twat who I hope never gets dick again.

This is just another reminder that if you are going to cheat on your wife, be smart about it and fuck an escort. Don’t fuck a girl who you know, or who you work with, no matter how badly you want to get inside her. Don’t fuck someone in your neighborhood or who knows your wife. Don’t even fuck anyone who can find you on Facebook. Fuck a whore. It is their job. That is what they do. It will never get out, unless you’re a pussy who needs to confess out of guilt because you want an honest relationship, in which case just don’t fucking cheat, it’s gonna cause headaches like this shit.

Here’s more on the story , if you care

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Jennifer Lopez Picture of the Day

Jennifer Lopez is still alive and kicking, despite the countless number of times I’ve wished death upon her and here’s a picture of Jennifer Lopez pushing her tits out like a 14 year old girl at the summer camp dance trying to seduce her CIT, only less exciting. Maybe it’s be worth lookin’ at if she wasn’t such a fuckin’ cunt. The only thing good about Jennifer Lopez is that that Latina Hype shit that gave her a career a few years back has died the fuck down and no one gives a fuck about her or her fat ass anymore. The only bad thing about that is that she milked that shit like she wasn’t the lazy pig we all know she is, like the latinas I know milk the sales at cosmetic counter of my local dollar store…and here she is on set for a new movie and that is horrible news. Let’s hope something goes wrong.

And yes – I cropped out her ass because no one needs to be celebrating that shit…and by celebrating I mean masturbating to it…

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Beyonce’s Like a Super Model at Heathrow of the Day

A really overweight, unattractice, annoying supermodel. I hate that the world has made this cunt and her cunt behavior and her cunt attitude famous. It’s like you know when she’s prancing down the fuckin’ airport in her desiger clothes, with everyone lookin’ and pointing at her, wondering how those ankles support that body, she is thinking to herself how amazing she is. You know thinking she’s some kind of Diva, because the public and media say she is, without actually taking a minute to hate her fuckin’ self. The whole thing offends me and that’s all I have to say about that.

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Lindsay Lohan Continues to Personally Offend Me of the Day

When I first moved out of Mexico I got pretty heavy into Punk Rock. I couldn’t really name all the bands I was listening to at the time, it was the 80s, and I have a pretty shitty memory, but I can remember listening to everything from The Misfits, to the Dead Kennedy’s, but my favorite band of them all was The Descendents. The last album I bought of theirs was Everything Sucks in the late-90s, I saw them in concert a bunch of times, I used to listen to their shit on repeat, I was a huge fan, I even met their guitar player on the street once and gave him props, something I never do because I don’t respect anyone and I am a fan of nothing, so seeing Lohan and her psycho personality disorder drug addicted body, even if she’s not wearing pants, just makes me fucking mad. I feel like she’s personally trying to get under my skin and piss me off, but at least we all know that the day her heart gives out on her is comin’ quicker than her skinny crazy self knows.

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Lindsay Lohan’s Pretty Skinny, but Still a Huge Cunt of the Day

My new enemy Lindsay Lohan went shopping to try to remind herself that despite being pretty irrelevant, she’s still got enough money to buy herself anything she wants, so life isn’t all that bad, despite knowing that it is, and she’s lookin’ pretty skinny.

Maybe it’s because she’s back on fucking drugs, but we all know she never stopped taking the drugs. She’s just an unstable bitch who everyone hates, but can’t manage to escape because she hasn’t Heath Ledgered herself, but I am sure she will do us that favor soon enough. She just needs a couple more rejections, failures and episodes. At least we have something to look forward to.

Or maybe she’s so skinny because she’s on an all fish diet. Yes, it is bad joke Monday everyday of the week here at drunkenstepfather.com, because I don’t discriminate against days, I just discriminate against people.

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Lindsay Lohan is a Snappy Cunt of the Day

Someone needs to get this bitch some serious dick. She’s acting like a little spoiled brat, probably because she is one, as she ignores the paparazzi when walking to her car and then bitches at them for being on her driveway when her and Ronson get home and the whole thing is fucking ridiculous. Sure the paparazzi invade privacy, they get in your face, they annoy you and all that shit, but they only do it when you are famous and accessible. If this bitch really wanted to get away from it all, she’d step down from the limelight, move to some small town or pretty much any city that isn’t New York or LA, but she likes the fucking attention. You know, maybe she could do what so many lesbians before her have done and cut her hair short, sign-up to University, major in Woman’s Studies or the Environment and have potluck parties where they all sit around drinking cheap wine and talking about sustainable building and eating fucking pussy when they aren’t eating organic cookies.

It’s one of those “you lay your bed situations” and her attitude and lesbianism is equally full of shit, if the paparazzi lost interest and weren’t on her doorstep one morning, she’d wonder why they all forgot about her and would probably end up killing herself, so despite her cunt behavior, she loves this shit. Other things she loves, cocaine.

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CNN Kyra Phillips Drops the C-Bomb on Air of the Day

Some CNN reporter called some Republican Strategist a cunt-cunt-tributror and didn’t get fired because she was crafty about it. You should take her lead and use the same passive aggressive stutter in your everyday life, you know to the girl who is slow on bringing you your coffee, or your asshole boss who just rubs you the wrong way and you are fed up with but can’t quit because you need to money to pay for you action figure collection, or even your domineering wife, who pretty much owns you and would beat you up if you called her cunt outright and who you want to have divorce you but who you are scared to be alone, because Kyra Phillips a CNN proves that it’s the bullet-proof, no consequence way to tell someone you don’t like them. I am a firm believer in just punching them in the face, throwing feces at them, tearing them apart from their insecurities up or posting nude pictures you buy off their boyfriend on the internet to really let a person know they rub you the wrong way, but it’s never really got me ahead, so maybe her lead is a better one to follow.

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Pete Wentz is Cunt of the Day

I realize why Pete Wentz married Ashlee Simpson, it’s because she’s the only one stupid enough to find his sense of humor and broken artist act charming and believable enough to have sex with and he had to do whatever the fuck he could to lock that shit down for fear of spending the rest of his life alone because he knows that the rest of the world knows he’s full of shit.

So dude’s decides to make a funny little mask out of a paper plate pretending to be selling ad space on his face because he feels like a walking billboard because people are all looking at him and thinks it’s funny to play off on that with this stupidity, in some sort of high school musical performance art project.

What dude doesn’t seem to realize that the only reason people give a fuck about him is because he’s some record label’s marketing tool to reach 14 year old girls, and in reality is a walking billboard for them in hopes of selling records because he sold his useless crying emotional and sexually confused soul to the devil when he got into this business so his bullshit comedic attempt doesn’t really translate very well.

He isn’t some misunderstood artist, he is just a tool being used, and paid accordingly by the bigger corporation that owns him. So as he tries to be punk rock about things, and while his cunt wife giggles because she thinks he’s being so crazy and that this whole thing is so fucking funny and wild, since she’s a fuckin’ sheltered idiot with no talent and has no idea what the fuck is going on, the rest of the world just shakes their head in disappointment and wait for the day that we read about a newlywed couple involved in a murder-suicide.

I guess the good news is that at least they have found each other and the funny thing is that if someone was to email his “douchebag.com” email, he’d only get to keep about 10% of the profits after running it by his management, label and PR team because this motherfucker is already owned as he is out promoting clothing companies, future record releases and closet-case sexual confusion. I hate this 5 foot 4 insecure piece of shit and what he doesn’t know is that he’s not making a joke, he is a fucking joke and his wife is fuckin’ ugly.

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