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Dakota Fanning’s Awkward Glamour Shoot of the Day

Not quite a girl, not yet a woman is what’s going on here….she’s 18…almost 19…but you probably remember her as the 10 year old who acted like a 40 year old at least in interviews…who was marketed as some prodigy in acting…which I didn’t know could exist…since acting, despite what the industry tells you, is a fucking joke and requires no real talent whatsoever, but they don’t want you to know that all it takes is an ego, or insecure freak, or a kid with money hungry parents who think they shat out gold when they birthed their brat…..who doesn’t fear humiliating himself on camera or in a room full of people…while taking themselves seriously reading someone else’s lines….not that that has anything to do with this post…what this post is about is that she got hit with the Haley Joel Osment childstar curse of what was once a cute thing pedophiles cut out pics from magazines of…has turned into this low level sex appeal….maybe she needs less clothes on to make me see the light…but right now…she’s boring…for Glamour…and these are the pics.

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Dakota Fanning in her Bra and Panties of the Day

This is some Hollywood Smut that is actually being disguised as indy international smut from the UK…starring older and wiser than her years and uglier and more awkward than her cuteness you’d assume was going to end up hot back when she was 10…..and she’s doin’ it in her underwear….because it is one of those tear jerker, 17 year old is dying, and goes wild pre death making everyone happy she did it but sad they killed her off cuz they don’t get the simple tools of drama….

The trailer dropped in August, but is doing the rounds now, and I never turn my back on a good old fashion child star in panties…

Here’s the Trailer….

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Dakota Fanning Upskirt on Set of the Day

Dakota Fanning flashed her panties on set….and the whole thing was a fail because of the whole panties part of the story….I figure if you’re gonna have an upskirt, flash your meaty fucking cunt…and ideally spread your legs so that I can see your fucking uterus, otherwise you’re just a bitch who treats underwar like it is a bikini, only you still insist on wearing fucking clothes over the shit like it is sacred and private….but then go ahead and do this and say “whatever it is just my panties, that’s like being in a bathing suit”…what I am getting at is that if there is no shame or embarassment in a panty upskirt…than it is not a panty upskirt….it is just a girl who doesn’t care if the world sees her panties…cuz they are no big deal…and that is bot horrible and lovely….


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Dakota Fanning Ass in Leggings of the Day

There is something magical about young ass…and everyone knows it…especially women you meet in their 30s who are insecure everytime you look at a young girls ass…cuz nowadays you can’t leave your house without seeing all the glory a young girl ass provides…not to mention these 30 year olds once had young girl ass and know they’ve lost it…not matter how many squats they do at the gym….you see cuz there is this small window of opportunity…where the young ass is womanly enough to not be creepy…round and lovely…firm and defying gravity….and I think Dakota Fanning’s at that point in her aging process, cuz good pants may help an ass look rockin…only to take those pants of an experience sadness…but being a 18 makes seems to make an ass rockin’ with or without the pants…which is what we like….


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Dakota Fanning is Legal of the Day

So apparently it is Dakota Fanning’s 18th birthday today…I assumed she was 18 over a decade ago cuz I saw her in interview and bitch sounded 40….leading me to think she had Andy Milonakis disease, leading me to have a valid excuse in court if ever I got caught jerking off to her, an issue we don’t have to worry about anymore, cuz now she can be naked and slutty, showing nipple and cunny, anus in pictures and videos without getting us on the sex offender list…but she’s not allowed to drink…thank god for Prescription pills….

I know…who cares about Dakota Fanning, she’s not hot, not scandalous, not erotic, and not someone I’m sure any of us have jerked off to, but shedid do this hot scene in the Runaways….

But I was more into this shower scene

Why the fuck am I posting fucking clips from some shitty movie fuck…I’m digging to find a post here cuz my DAKOTA FANNING ARCHIVE isn’t too erotic….

I know it being her birthday should be enough of a post, but I go above and beyond…dedicated to this bullshit…for no real reason….cuz I’m not even remotely interested in the shit…

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Dakota Fanning’s Erotic Ad of the Day

Here’s 17 year old Dakota Fanning in an ad for Marc Jacobs and it’s abotu as erotic as watching kids play in the park, it’s so funny that people freak out about shit cuz she’s 17, when no one freaked out that her mom put her to work at 4. She’s likely sexually active, she’s gonna be 18 soon, it is legal to fuck her in many countries, who fucking cares…she looks hot and this is only pornographic or inappropriate to anyone perverted enough to get a boner looking at this shit. The only offensive thing is that she’s fully clothed and bitch is pretending to still have her flower….I guess I just like my 17 year olds sluttier or maybe I just like my scandals to be actual fucking scandals…

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Dakota Fanning is a Disaster of the Day

I dig Dakota Fanning….Not in a sexual way…but because she represents real life better than most celebrities…see when she was 6 and acted like she was 40, everyone would laugh and were convinced she’d grow up to be cute and interesting and to be the next top tier Hollywood Actress, but instead, despite what everyone wanted and expected, she turned out to grow up ugly like so many other cute young kids, only in her case it’s so much funnier because the public actually had high hopes for her, when other cute kids gone ugly only let down their parents….so as she looks like shit and enters her adult life that will be polluted with self-hatred, depression, disappointment and constant reminders the she peaked at 8 years old to lead her to drug addiction something that is always fun to watch….except for the parents who feel guilty for doing this to their kids and turning their kids into products for their personal gain….

Here she is lookin like shit.

Pics via Fame

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Dakota Fanning Didn’t Grow Up So Cute of the Day

This shit fucks me up. Not in a bad way. It just one of those kids told she’s so talented and cute in her childhood that she develops an ego, cuz really 90 percent of kids are so cute and talented in their childhood, making them fun to watch in movies and on TV, because people get all warm and fuzzy watching kids, while some people get a little too warm and fuzz watching kids, like my priest back in Mexico, or my foster parents, or the school bus driver, baseball coach and grade 4 teacher who singled me out cuz I was not that popular and couldn’t speak english well enough to tell on them…but that’s not the point, the point is puberty turns kids into the ugly people, so many of the cute girls from my elementary school turned ugly like they were destined to be, that we all overlooked cuz they were too busy making us all laugh spitting up on themselves and fucking up their lines in the Christmas pageant…accidentally feeding their egos, only to have the harsh reality turn them into drug addicts…good times….

So here’s Dakota Fanning, the bitch who sounded 40 when she was 6 who we were all told was the one to watch, when really she was just a tool her mother used to live vicariously thru….

Pics via PacificCoastNews

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Dakota Fanning and Her Meat of the Day

Dakota Fanning is 15 or 16 now, which is right around the age girls start fuckin’ around with meat….you know shovin’ meat in their mouths on summer vacation under the boardwalk when on a family vacation at the beach, or maybe at summer camp with one of the counselor’s, or even with an older guy they met when out at a bar they got into with fake ID one night, but Dakota Fanning, the Michael Jackson of her generation, you know robbed of a childhood and acting like a 45 year old at the age of 6, always in front of a camera and in the public’s eye, but never an Academy Award winner, just gets down with meat on set of her new movie like nobody’s watching. What a slut. I wonder what her mother would think if she wasn’t too busy spending the money she’s stole from Dakota over the last 14 years.

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Dakota Fanning is Going Through a Pretty Serious Awkward Phase of the Day

Here is 15 year old Dakota Fanning lookin’ pretty strange.

This is the reason why you should not choose your mail order wife out of a catalog when she is 6 to reserve her to be yours 12 years down the line, on some layaway shit, because you’re a hurtback, because what looks like it has potential at a young age can turn the fuck around on you and end up growing up into some kind of monster. It’s like when you see those fat chicks from your past lookin’ all amazing now, making you regret making fun of her, because maybe you’d have a chance, because you have no spine and don’t stand by your bullying, where as I like to ask them for money for being a pivotal person in influencing their new more beautiful life, because without my teasing, they would have thought shit was ok and would have been stagnant, so in a lot of ways, I’m a fucking guardian angel to these cunts, and that’s why they should suck my fucking dick right there in the middle of the high school reunion while their husbands watch.

On the positive side of things, good thing she worked when she was marketable, I mean she’s probably set for life and if her parents didn’t jump on that shit, she’d probably be working the cash at her local Wal Mart or some shit. I guess it’s one of those take the opportunity when it knocks, otherwise it may never come around here no more.

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