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Cute Kitty Dancing Around the City of the Day

Here’s a really cute kitty dancing around the city…


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Kate Moss Dancing for Top Shop of the Day

I love watching girls dance but I haven’t gone to the stripclub recently, mainly because it’s dull. Sure I love seeing bitches get naked, but I am so over watching bitches get paid to get naked. They are uninspired and seem like robots working the assembly line of taking off clothes and letting dudes grab your tits for money. They are like fast food workers cuz no matter where you are in the world, you know what you are going to get. Same moves, same outfits, same acts, same everything. It’s fucking cookie cutter, and I guess that’s why they are strippers and not running ad agencies or the Cirque du Soliel….

So I’ve decided to try to find everyday bitches in dance, from creeping on Salsa classes, to creeping on Jazzarobics, to high school dance shows, to dance recitals, and none of the shit did anythinf for me, cuz I realize I need to see pussy when a bitch dances….so it’s safe say as much as I love girls dancing and hate strippers….seeing pussy makes everything better.

So here is Kate Moss, a model not a dancer, doing some bullshit dance campaign for some show she is probably a part owner in, and she isn’t showing her pussy, which is a good thing, cuz after years of banging needle-sharing heroin addict rockstar gutter dick has left her pussy a fucking mess…but I guess this is for old times when she was worth jerking off to….

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Jessica Simpson Dances with Thick Brazilian Women of the Day

Jessica Simpson has a TV show that was probably her Gay’s idea to make himself famous by riding her coattails as he has up until now….fattening her up to sabotage her career leaving him the last man standing….or some other self-serving strategy I am not really sure of because I don’t care about digging deep into the motivations of Ken Paves….

I just know that she was dancing with a handful of thick Brazilian women, like real thick Brazilian women who Jessica Simpson managed to make look skinny. This isn’t a hot clip unless you’re black but I am posting it anyway….

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Mike Tyson’s Not Raping a Bitch in a See Thru Outfit of the Day

It’s nice to see Mike Tyson gracefully dancing with a girl instead of beating and raping her and ending up in prison like he usually does, but I guess that’s only because the bitch is in a see thru outfit and following his fucking orders, cuz the second she slips up, you know bitch gets broke….he’d doing this for some televised show in another country…so I guess that’s why he’s on his best behavior…but we don’t really know went down when the cameras were turned off…I can only assume that one of them isn’t walkin’ right today thanks to being ripped in half…and we can’t really blame Tyson for it…anytime a bitch gets that close to a known rapist in a see thru outfit she’s asking for it….and I am not just saying that because I feel the “She was wearing a short skirt” excuse is legit and should get rapists off cuz we’re fucking animals and you can’t dangle a carrot in front of our faces without us trying to eat it….I’m saying it cuz Tyson is insane and a whole different breed of animal who really takes what he wants and hurts anyone who tries to stop him…

Pics via Fame

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Obama Dancing of the Day

People are bitching about Obama dancing all the fucking time. He danced with J.Lo, he danced to Beyonce, now he’s dancing with some slut named Thalia, he just dances and fucking dances all the fucking time and the racist rednecks hate it because they think it is a black thing and everyone knows black people like to get down, and they want to see a more serious President, but I think it’s nice to see that he’s just happy to be alive and having a good time and taking advantage of his celebrity, it’s a lot better than some stuffy boring bullshit president and people should just let the man do his fucking thing while shaking his fucking thing, because serious is for old people and it’s nice that he’s just not drafting your kids and sending them off to get fucking killed or having backyard brawls with these chicks…

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Edyta Sliwinska is Some Dancing with the Stars Bitch of the Day


Here is a prime example of a hot body ruined by a really big fuckin' head. Seriously, this bitch looks like a caricature you get done of yourself on the boardwalk in Jersey but her body is fuckin' killer.

She's a polish sex worker who took up ballroom dance in hopes it would take her to the internation dancefloor and I guess it did, because now she's on TV in what I call a cocksucker Hollywood attempt to prevent strippers from being fucking strippers by giving them mainstream work.

If you notice the level of skill she has to be good enough to be on the show, it's safe to say that with a little more desperation and a lot less money and opportunity thanks to this new fucking interest in dancing, she probably would have had an amazing fucking strip show.

So fuck you people for making dance mainstream and taking the talent off my local stages and lapdance booths.

Pics via PacificCoastNews

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Marisa Miller and Alessandra Ambrosio Dance Off of the Day

Here is some MTV bullshit that is probably not from this part of the world of two Victoria’s Secret models doing some guess the song dance off…unfortunately Lady Gaga polluted this shit but Alessandra Ambrosio’s shorts made up for it. There is really nothing funny about this video, just a whole lot of depressing since not all girls are made like this, but at least there is a whole lot of legs going on in this video and that may make your life a little more enjoyable for a few minutes before accepting the fact that the world is an unfair place, your wife is fat and ugly and your life is fuckin miserable….

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I am – Daydreamin’of Some Break Dancers of the Day

You probably don’t remember my stepDAYDREAM videos, because anyone who reads the site now, probably didn’t read it a year and a half ago. I’d pretty much throw up random videos I took of random things but as days turned into months and months into years I got lazy and stopped bothering. Even last week, I saw an inuit prostitute rockin’ out on her discman and I thought shit that’d be good for a Daydream video, because who’d fuckin believe I saw an inuit with a discman rockin’ out, but I didn’t grab that video, I fucked up and instead got this one of some break dancer doing some breakdancing. This is a new start to an old trick and I hope you guys get down with it….and if you have any videos of obscure shit you’ve seen, send it in and I’ll use it as if it was my own…..because that’s the kind of guy I am.

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Lil Kim Dancing on Regis and Kelly in Miami of the Day

Lil’ Kim whored it up on Regis and Kelly because she was some Dancing with the Stars reject, despite being an ex-con, ex-hooker, slut who raps about dicks drippin’ down her chin. That’s not very wholesome of Disney to acknowledge her existence, you know, kids watch that show and having them see her up on the screen, doin’ her thing, getting cheered on, makin’ money, may lead them to slutting out fuckin’ rappers for record deals, not that I have any problem with social climbing whores, most of the girls who broke my heart over the years were social climbing whores and I was their low point, but I’m not a hypocrite corporation pretending to be a good Christian example to the world. Get your message together and give us a little consistency you cocksuckers.

Here’s the Video

Bonus – Here’s Kelly Ripa Playing With Panties….

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