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Dania Londono Suarez Nude in Soho of the Day

Dania Londono Suarez has some shitty fucking implants…These are some bargain basement titties from a third world country…maybe the doctor left a sponge or something in her….or her body rejected the new organs….or something scientific went wrong here…but it doesn’t matter…as long as we know something went wrong….

No wait, it does matter, how does a skinny chick with implants have nipples aiming to the ground like some kind of fat chick, or mom of 6….it’s almost a comical fail…I feel like I’m looking at a cartoon….

If you’re wondering who Dania Londono Suarez is….she was in a scandal with a Secret Service agent who paid her for sex….who cares. All girls are whores and all guys are johns…True story.

Now she is posing nude in magazines….Making progress….hopefully to save up some money to fix these fucking tits….

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