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Daria Werbowy for Document No. 5 of the Day

Daria Werbowy is some Ukrainian Canadian import, who escaped communism and joined the maple syrup brigade when she was 3….I’ve never met her, despite knowing everyone in Canada thanks to our Polar Bear expeditions that we are forced to do for free health care, I guess being 5 foot 11, she was able to escape for brighter pastures in the US…where she ended up being a massively successful model, working the Runway, making millions, and now at 30 – posing in her underwear for some obscure magazine I’ve never heard of…I guess dreams come true…

What should have been a sex trafficked, bear juggling, circus traveling, cam girl, carni…is now the face of massive brands…meanwhile Americans, who are just as tall can’t even pull this shit off on their own turf because they are too busy working the Walmart checkout line…to pay for the junk food that helps with their obesity and impending diabetes…

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Daria Werbowy Naked for Interview Magazine of the Day

Daria Werbowy brings some model nudity to Interview Magazine. Pretty top tier fashion porn..

Daria Werbowy is some 30 year old Polish born refugee who was taken in by Canada when she was 3, escaping rationed toilet paper and a life of working the traveling circus or sex trade, but rather chose a life of hockey, maple syrup, Avril Lavigne and Igloo building before being saved by the model life…You know, in a a she didn’t choose the model life, the model life chose her situation…

She’s been totally naked in Vogue because Vogue are fucking pornographers before HERE

Now she’s naked again in Interview…because getting naked is what you do when you’re a Polish girl just happy to not be in Poland.

All this to say…she’s got Bush..hipster model fashion bush and I love it…

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Daria Werbowy for L’Equipe of the Day

Daria Werbowy is some 30 year old Polish born refugee who was taken in by Canada when she was 3, escaping rationed toilet paper and a life of working the traveling circus or sex trade, but rather chose a life of hockey, maple syrup, Avril Lavigne and Igloo building before being saved by the model industry for being tall and awesome…and now she’s the face of some boring company…that gets her in bathing suits that are hardly as exciting as when she was getting NAKED IN VOGUE 3 year ago…but as any 30 year old will tell you…a lot changes in those 3 years of being a girl…primarily starting with the loss of sex appeal…

All this to say, I’d still do Canadian activities with her…sitting on my face.

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Kate Moss and Daria Werbowy for Versace of the Day

If you get passed how homo this is, you will see some Xena Warrior princess fantasy shit for your nerd ass, staring two amazing models who I love in an ad campaign for a skeleton zombie woman I love….it’s all fucking futuristic fantasy weirdness…that reminds me a bit of a double penetration scene I recently saw in a porn…where the dude begged the pornstar to put both dicks in her mouth at the same time….it is as romantic and bi-sexual like that…but I am still posting it cuz Kate Moss’s vagina is the temple in which I worship….my kind of religious experience filled with stale rockstar semen, some cigarettes, a few pieces of afterbirth, and a whole lot of soul…she’s the best there ever was.

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Daria Werbowy by Terry Richardson for Vogue Russia of the Day

Daria Werbowy is a model who HAS BEEN NAKED IN VOGUE but for some reason is not Naked for Vogue Russia in these Terry Richardson pics, because Terry Richardson doesn’t take pictures of Hipsters and Fashionistas covered in cum and spreading their assholes anymore, which is too bad cuz that’s all he was good for, but I guess making money meant more to him than producing smut, a lead I should probably take…

That said this Daria bitch is fantastic, but maybe I’m just saying that cuz I love models and all their easy living with almost a joke of a job…because they just show up in luxurious places with all expenses paid, get made up, and stand around, being catered and pampered for 10,000 dollars a day, the kind of work ethic I appreciate…but more importantly that I want to fuck

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Daria Werbowy Cover Shoot Video of the Day

I’ve posted DARIA WERBOWY TOTALLY NAKED in pictures before…and this is no where near as good, but it’s still a bitch rolling around showing cleavage, getting her picture taken for a hell of a lot of money – way more money than you make – which can make one question what society finds important, but as a recent MALE MODEL CONTEST WINNER , it’s just our way of life, stop being jealous you’re not as good looking….

All this to say, I don’t know who she is. I just know she gets naked for money and that’s good enough for me…cuz girls who get naked for money…know they are whores…and that’s always good to get out of the way before jerking off on them…or in this case print outs of them.

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Daria Werbowy Nude in Vogue Paris Calendar of the Day

I don’t know who the fuck uses calendar’s anymore, I can only assume that when a company throws one together they are doing it as a joke, because even the 70 year olds I know use computers and cellphones to manage their busy almost dead lives.

I assume the only motherfuckers who don’t use calendar’s are mechanics, immigrants and maybe people in the third world, but I doubt that is the reason Vogue Paris threw together these nude pics of model Daria Webowy in calendar, and I guess ANY excuse to get a bitch naked is a good one, even though shit is dated, but the french are always a few steps behind, cuz they don’t give a fuck, at least when it comes to their women who like to have unprotected creampie anal sex on one night stands. Next level.

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Models in Bikinis for H&M Swimwear of the Day

H&M did a pretty boring campaign that involved very little creative direction. They just got 5 models on the beach in their swimwear collection and I feel pretty fucking ripped off. You see, H&M is a huge company and they could have stepped up the shit a little. I mean we’ve all seen models in bikinis on the fucking beach to set a mood and sell bikinis to the masses, but we’ve never seen a campaign that involves those models in their bikinis using my face as a bike seat. Assholes.

Here are some pics of Daria Werbowy, Erin Wasson, Sasha Pivovarova, Julia Stegner and Lara Stone for H&M in bikinis….

BONUS – Here’s Daria Werbowy nude for Dossier Journal’s Spring Edition….You can see model pussy…which is code of hairy pussy cuz pussy hair is apparently fashionable when you work in fashion.

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