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Demi Lovato Instagram Erotica Continues of the Day

Demi Lovato is on some kind of kick, that basically takes away from the kick she was on the last few years about being some chubby no make-up wearing instagrammer – you know to inspire her audience of fat and ugly chicks….but who is now recently single and rebranding as some GLAMOUR Model Instagram slut…busting her tits out in luxurious settings for no real reason…and it’s weird..

I’m all for a girl pushing out her tits, even one with a big neck, I just don’t like mixed messages…be consistent…either you’re fat or make-up free, or you’re trying this instagram model thing out to sell more records…but you can’t be both….well I guess you can when you’re rich and famous and the world is flimsy and forgets your nonsense and takes what you feed them….and I guess this era is the breast feeding era…good times.

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Demi Lovato Naked in Bed of the Day

Demi Lovato in bed erotica showing cleavage

Demi Lovato is laying in bed with her tits out….yet she is covered, because she’s a body positive ambassador and feels hot now that she’s lost a bunch of weight, as most people who lose a bunch of weight feel…even after being all body positive…because the whole body positive is just bullshit and an angle..for these idiots who are too lazy to get fit…

All it took was a breakup to FES from the 70s show dumping her, coupled with some bi-polar disorder, history of addiction and a THICK Neck…seriously…her neck is ridiculous…

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Demi Lovato – Thick Neck – Tight Clothes of the Day

Demi Lovato is sturdy, no wonder she’s dabbled in lesbianism, you know because she’s built like one. That Mayan neck is straight from the slums of Yucatan Penisula corn tortilla factory, and those arms and shoulders look like they could both move appliances, and rip off dicks in her bi-polar melt downs you know she has…because she’s bi-polar for convenience, it justified her drug addiction and rehab stint when she was coming of age after the Disney whored by her parents….and her level of rich spoiled entitled brat…

As I look at her legs rubbing together, those cankles and shoulders, I understand why she does the body positive angling….it gives her room to breathe, be lazy and excuses…like her bi polar disorder….something to fall back on.

I have never found her hot…she’s too much like a dude…but people like her…and that’s it.


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Deli Lovato Butt Shot of the Day

Demi Lovato is on some LOOK at me kick. Her long term boyfriend must be over her and she’s mad about it – so she’s shaped up and is posting look at pics of me where you have to deal with knowing you can’t get with it anymore…

To which he says “I am fez from that 70s show and I was fucking you when you were fat to distract you from all the hot chicks I was fucking behind your back when you were on tour, but good job on the getting fit and posting erotica, it kind of takes away credibility from you body positive stance you had when you were dating me and fat….maybe you coulda done the fit slut thing when we were fucking so I didn’t have to deal with that belly…”….at least that’s what I’d say…

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Demi Lovato Keeps Bushing the Bikini of the Day

Demi Lovato is really committed to her bikini selfies. It’s some sort of campaign she’s on called “i feel really hot and I’m trying to piss off my ex boyfriend”…

That is being packaged as “Love your body, body positive, be yourself, be you, do you, I do me”….bullshit fodder that her team feeds her…

While being “i’m at my hottest, let’s take slutty pics, to get back at that man”….

Because all girls, despite how they intellectualize themselves, are sluts…at least when posting shameless content.

This doesn’t inspire other chicks, this is just shameless for hits / likes…and it’s creating a really fucking dark, weird, exhibitionist world….

These are three more bikinis to her already 4-5 she posted….in a row…MY god…

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Demi Lovato Tits in a Bathing Suit of the Day

I find it interesting, or maybe it’s obnoxious, for Demi Lovato to push this Love Yourself, body positive bullshit, with what I think is her 5th bathing suit that covers her liposuction scars in the last few days….because she’s a hollywood entertainment industry cunt and that’s just her angling her shit…she doesn’t mean it, not to mention, she’s at the fittest and bustiest she’s ever been, shooting her selfie from the right angle, she’s fucking trained for this her whole life, and there’s little offensive in what she’s doing…

It’s not like Demi Lovato, is out there posting fat sloppy disgusting pics of herself, otherwise I wouldn’t be able to jerk off to this….but I could if I really tried and that’s a first for this lesbian…

I am just mad her Sex Tape with Miley never dropped…that woulda been worth watching…oh well..at least we get bathing suit porno that’s body positive…cuz you’d cum on this body…positivley..

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Demi Lovato’s Big Tits of the DAy

Body Positive Demi Lovato keeps on showcasing her tits….which I would say is sexualizing her tits…or drawing attention to her tits…that is on her body positive kick, you know she’s positive her body can garner some attention towards her social media…to give her that feeling of relevance… but probably more her way of saying “eat what you want, don’t wear make-up girls, you can all be sexy, it is empowering but just show tit, guys like that”….

Keep up the political campaign…

Her caption: “No filter no edit, love your body the way it is”

Reality – she’s feeling good about herself and knows her angles…and the love your body the way it is is just her pandering or talking down to fat chicks while trying to pretend to be down to earth and relatable…as if any of her fans looked like this, they’d probably be body positive too. So bullshit.

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Demi Lovato’s Bathing Suit Porn of the Day

Demi Lovato is wearing the fuck out of her bikinis, she’s like pulling out her tits every chance she gets to be titty forward, you know to not sexualize her tits, because tits shouldn’t sexualized, in an era where tits are sexualized….she’s one of the body positive, don’t sexualize me, don’t bully me, but if she sexualizes herself, it’s ok! It is empowering! Weird, but she’s some bi polar lesbian werido…and I like bikini selfies from super famous Disney Stars turned pop stars…to instagram bikini slut…>GOOD WORK!

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Demi Lovato Titty Bikini of the Day

Demi Lovato was not at Coachella, she’s not posting about how great of experience the corporate bullshit event was, she’s not pretending to be excited or happy with her fake friends who only like her because she’s Demi Lovato, but she is still putting up pictures worth looking at, because they feature her fat tits busting out of her bathing suit, a one piece, so it covers her belly…a belly her fans like because she spins it as Body Positive so that she can eat more Tacos like the Mexican she is.

I don’t care about Demi Lovato and I don’t find her hot, she’s just a Disney scam continued, and even with her mental issues and her probably lesbianism….she’s dull…but from this angle for social media, I can get down to looking at her….

I am a basic man with basic needs and I wouldn’t say this is filling any need, but I like tits, so it’s speaking to that..thanks.

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Demi Lovato Pussy Shot of the Day

Demi Lovato posted a picture of her pussy in a bikini bottom…and her inspirational quote:

I don’t have a thigh gap and I’m still beautiful the way I am.

Because the world is about body positivity, not body shaming, it is an angle that worked for her and her audience that allowed her to push as far as she can in her fatness – before getting dumped – and getting fit…but not fit enough to have a thigh gap…

Thigh Gap…was not a thing when I was growing up, no dude I know cares if a girl has a thigh gap, I think it is self perpetuating from women hating women…as they do…but lets keep them insecure about not having a thigh gap, it increases our chances to keep them feeling insecure enough to fuck us – and that is a WIN.

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Demi Lovato’s Slutty Selfie of the Day

Demi Lovato is interesting, but not interesting at all, but interesting in that when she was in a relationship after pretending to be Bi Polar back in the days of her having sex with Miley Cyrus…she ended up getting fat, sloppy and disgusting…and owning it…

Like Ashley Graham….belly out…body positive, don’t wear make-up girls….we’re all women…

The second she gets single….boom….and dresses hot and like this…because no one likes being fat, girls just get fat cuz they are lazy and give up…so don’t let them give up…keep them working it…or dump them so they get hot again and never fuck you again because of bitterness..

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Demi Lovato in a Bikini of the Day


Demi Lovato was an advocate for no make-up, that whole own your body movement because she knew her fans were fat and would like it, plus she was fat because fat is great at least when you have a boyfriend…who doesn’t mind your fat because he’s gay and you’re a rich popstar…it is what made the most sense for the bi-polar disorder freakshow that she is…

But then they broke up and look at her now…20 pounds lighter…because even she knows fat is disgusting and that no new boyfriend would want any of that on their faces….it’s a superficial world…and despite her marketing hook of “owning yourself” when she’s fat…she doesn’t mean it, because no one ever does…when they are hollywood trash trying to cash the fuck in…

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Is This a Real – Demi Lovato Pussy Pic of the Day


Rumor has it that this is Demi Lovato’s pussy…I wonder who decided this was Demi Lovato’s pussy, did they cross reference with all her other pussy pics, and they just know it’s her pussy, because it looks like every other pussy pic ever sent to me from every other girl, because pussy pics are virtually all the same…yes some have more lip, more clit, but a pussy is a pussy is a pussy…I don’t know what makes this Demi Lovato’s pussy, is it bi-polar, does it sing bad songs for half retard fans, there are just so many question marks….where is Wilmer Valderamma when we need him, but he probably couldn’t answer…because he was busy fucking all kind of other pussy when with this pussy…it’s what you do when you’re rich and have nothing else to do…maybe he’s the one who leaked this? Maybe her fat fingers are the identifier, I’ve heard she has a sex tape with Miley from when they were underage and living in Nashville…I don’t know if that actually happened, but maybe Miley is part of this….

OR MAYBE it’s just a random fucking pussy with not enough bush to make me want to hang out with it….

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Demi Lovato as Slutty Dorothy of the Day


Demi Lovato is slutty Dorothy…unfortunately not Dorothy from the Golden Girls, who has the same sex appeal as Demi Lovato normally has….but since her breakup from longtime boyfriend FES from That 70s Show….

She’s gone from “no make up monday”….and “Fat slob on stage, own your body, I love eating all day, because I’m bi-polar, love food, it’s a great angle to be lazy and eat all day, plus the world is fat and lazy also so they buy into it…awesome”…..

To…”here I am half naked in a onesie showing off my thonged ass on stage, to here I am dressing up in some weird fetish shit for Wizard of Oz perverts like you”…

Girls are so typical…


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Demi Lovato Concert Porn of the Day


All girls slut out – for cash..or when they have the excuse of being bi-polar to pretty much let them get away with everything – when they are clearly doing it for cash….

Sexualized yourself after at least two years of playing the feminist angle of not sexualizing yourself, because it was a good angle when she wanted to be lazy and in love with that 70s show immigrant…

But now that she’s single, she’s been getting fit, and showing full ass shots on stage…because that’s what people care about and that’s what these dancing monkeys care about even when they pretend they don’t….


From social..

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