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Edita Vilkeviciute for Calvin Klein of the Day

Edita Vilkeviciute is what I like to call a titty model, even though all models are technically titty models nowadays, you know since tit for fashion has become the norm, something we embrace, and where titty models are a thing of a past…you know in an era there was Fashion Models, Titty Models, Pornstars….

Now the low level name or what I like to call the derogatory term for low grade attention seeking models who make no money – and who are too short and too dumpy to get a real modelling jobs…but who get naked…you know the girls we would call titty models in the past…is Instagram Model.

Edita Vilkeviciute is not an instagram model…she’s straight from Lithuania and she’s avoided being sold off in the sex trade – and is instead booking major campaigns that probably pay more than 100k for Calvin Klein, where she isn’t showing her tits…in fact where it’s more about this hairless chiseled man and his spread leg crotch shot – than her…probably because only fags wear Calvins.

Who knows. I prefer her NAKED

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Edita Vilkevicute in Lingerie for H&M of the Day

I always find it a serious waste of fucking time when companies pay girls like Edita Vilkeviciute to be the face or body of their campaigns…we are talking a seriously boatload of money to pretty much do nothing but stand around in lingerie…especially when said girl GETS NAKED FOR FREE ..

It would be far more interesting if these campaigns starred girls who weren’t willing to ever get naked for a photoshoot but the company just named the whore price, you know where the girl breaks at her moral and value compass and takes the fucking money…

Where is the fun in a girl I’ve seen named making 100k for this shit, I want girls who I’ve never seen naked getting paid whatever their breaking point is to get half naked…probably way less than 100k…

It would be a more interesting social experience, and the pics would be better than this boring shit that annoys me that they haven’t pushed her out of her model comfort zone a little more…I mean they are paying her, they should own her.

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Edita Vilkeviciute for Holiday Magazine of the

Sometimes all it takes is a picture of a hot model like Edita Vilkeviciute enjoying her coffee at the kitchen table to remind you how much your life sucks…

YOu know taping into some 1960s, black and white, simpler time, image you expected for yourself…

You know, like it’s out of an old movie you saw back when you had hope and thought maybe your kitchen table would have a set of legs like this, the morning after you came inside her, early in your whirlwind romance…

But instead the only legs your kitchen table have are duct taped back on, because your fat wife puts her fatness into her eating and the table can’t support the shit…

I don’t know why, these Edita Vilkeviciute speak to my cold black heart…they make me believe in love, at least with someone who is a top model with legs like this…simulating a marriage you’d probably want to have since it’s better than what you have….

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I don’t really know if this Vogue shoot of EDITA VILKEVICIUTE is all that interesting, I mean there’s some cleavage, some fancy dress in the ocean, some level of erotica despite being a fashion magazine and not porn…Especially when you can just google her and see shit like ALL THESE PICS OF HER NAKED ON THE BEACH INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO HER LABIA

But they are good enough…

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Edita Vilkeviciute Nude on the Beach of the Day

You know what I like…Edita Vilkeviciute or any model…flashing the paparazzi her vagina after changing on a beach she’s prancing around topless on, even if I’ve seen her tits already, even if tits aren’t a big deal and are really just tits, even when they are great tits, because I prefer seeing a girls nipples, than not seeing her nipples, especially when those nipples come with hipster model bush…my favorite kind of bush…all this to say…Edita Vilkeviciute is a lot of fun.


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Edita Vilkeviciute Models Some Bikinis of the Day

Edita Vilkeviciute is one of my favorite titty for fashion models…which in the even you didn’t know a titty for fashion model is the kind of model who shows her tits under the pretence that it is for fashion and not for pornography…yet the same result comes out of it…exposed tits…

Now most new models are titty for fashion girls, that’s how they get to the level of success to book shitty bikini campaigns…but some like Edita…. Are Just Better at IT

Unfortunately, here are some pics from a paid campaign now that her tits have made it.

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Edita Vilkeviciute Topless for Some Magazine of the Day

Edita Vilkeviciute is an amazing model who does a lot of topless work because she’s got fun tits, but more importantly because she’s an immigrant and she has to do whatever she can to get noticed on her 2 year Visa in America…because if they send her back home…when she was so close to making it…she could never live with herself…and as she’s learned the American way to get noticed and to be relevant and to matter is by showing your tits…because unlike the rest of the world where they ignore your tits…because tits aren’t a big deal here it’s considered pornography, and scandalous an gets people talking…it may not make sense…but it is the way it is…and I am glad it is because I want to see every girl in the world’s tits and I figure anything to help that mission is a good one.

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More Candice Swanepoel and Edita Vilkeviciute Tits for Vogue Germany of the Day

Candice Swanepoel and Edita Vilkeviciute did Vogue Germany topless because that’s the foundation of modelling, you know find yourself some awkwardly tall girl, who has a good facial structure and who isn’t fat to photograph, convince her that she’s some kind of artist, or canvas that the camera loves and that brands will pay tens of thousands to spend a day with, you know really work them over to think they are part of a bigger thing, or a higher purpose, like they were sent here from heaven to be in catalogs to sell shit people don’t need for a reason, it has to have a reason…and in finding that reason, so that they don’t feel like vapid cunts fucking the system for being pretty, they do “artistic” projects, where they lend their bodies to perverts masked as photographers…usually nude…because it’s all part of the job even when it doesn’t pay…usually the nudes don’t…even though as far as I’m concerned – they are all that matter.

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Edita Vilkeviciute for H&M Lingerie of the Day

Edita Vilkeviciute is a 24 year old Lithuanian lingerie model…probably best known for being in Victoria’s Secret Catalogs…at least to the average married dude who’s only porn is the Victoria’s Secret catalog but that has more importantly showed off her naked body for fashion numerous times…. HERE and HERE and HERE and HERE ….and that’s all that really matters…

I mean being lent out to H&M from Victoria’s Secret isn’t much to talk about..but it’s a good excuse to post her nudity that she’s done HERE and HERE and HERE and HERE

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