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Elle Fanning Fitness of the Day

The highlight of Elle Fanning in her fitness gear – rocking the sports bra – because at 18 she knows she’s gotta maintain that fit body in order to maintain a career in Hollywood, which isn’t entirely true – proven with all the fat chicks and backlash the world gets for celebrating health and fitness because America is obese and want obese people on TV to make them feel better about being obese allowing them to consume more and keep the economy afloat like a the cattle they outweigh…and that we all are….disposable – just give us a huge percentage of your money so that we can keep the scam going…

So the highlight is the old man lookin’ on, not the sports bra on the fit 18 year old, amd if it wasn’t Elle Fanning – from Hollywood royal stage parents, I’d assume the old man was her boyfriend financing her dumb life…


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Elle Fanning in V Magazine of the Day


Here’s a shoot that makes perfect sense. Get girl glammed the fuck up with a ton of make-up, on set, dressed crazy, and give her a knife to put to her throat…

It’s dark, it’s edgy, it’s art, it’s high concept, it’s idiotic noise that doesn’t make any fucking sense, it’s like they might as well thrown puppies at her, while she ate a pile of french fries out of a mop bucket, doing the ROBOT dance….because that’s what people are at right now in the messaging they are getting across in their photos..

It’s stupid…That’s it…just a stupid mindless shoot that you know assholes at the magazine think are brilliant, genius, GALLERY worthy…

Fuck off and give me something new…this is an 18 year old child star from a stage parented family for a “cool” magazine that takes risks…so TAKE risks…fuck…

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Elle Fanning Panties of the Day


Elle Fanning is ok, so staring at her panties is not as perverted as it was 2 months ago, not that 18 really applies to these kids with stage parents, they’ve learned the hustle and been whored out in one way or another, but probably not that much becaue her older sister paved the way for her…but still fucked…

I like panties, I’m just sad she’s not wetting herself in these pics, it’s more of a fetish than just panties. we’re in the internet era and need to continuously one up ourselves to stay exciting…


If you’re more interested in her creepy sister, Dakota, or if you’re like me and into sister on sister erotica or at least threesome, or worst case scenario dating one sister and tricking the other one into fucking you to spite the original one, or better “accidentally” crawling into bed with her on family vacation after a night of drinking so that you can pretend you thought you were jerking off on the right sister’s face…it’s all a blur…or if you’re like me, you don’t go for the uptight girls, you focus on the VERY rich and disturbed or the VERY poor and disturbed who will in turn….fuck you together because they are so fucking broken…

Here’s her lether-like butt shot…


Either way, sisters are great…even when they are weirdos like the Fannings….


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Elle Fanning Wants You to LIKE her Ass of the Day


Recently turned 18 – Elle Fanning – wants you to like her ass on instagram…because posting butt shots on instagram is what the kids are doing and what the kids are all about…even the actors who have been acting their entire life..thanks to their sister who has also been acting her entire life…so much that she’s been Oscar nominated…that’s just the kind of hard working, or slave driving parents with a taste for money and fame and a love for what their genitals created do…

I can assume there is all kind of fucked up entitlement in her being rich, spoiled, coddled and forced into this world as the younger sister..

I can assume there is a level of narcissism and love for people celebrating them…by follows and comments and likes….and I can assume that the industry is so social media based she won’t get cast unless she’s active on the shit…and what better way to be active on the shit than to post slutty pics for attention…of ass….

I mean even the non famous girls are doing it and in love with themselves…manipulating all of us like the idiots we are…

In other younger sister of celebrity child stars – who are picking up where their sisters left off and are still working news….Elizabeth Olsen of Olsen Twin sister Fame…showed up to an event with her TITS….because where else were they supposed to go….

EO (1)


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Elle Fanning for Vogue Australia of the Day


Elle Fanning is the sister of creepy Dakota fanning…

She’s 17…

So I guess Vogue Australia thinks it’s ok to dress up 17 year olds in lacy outfits…which isn’t as bad as you jerking off to 17 year olds in lacy outfits….who I guess don’t count as 17 because they are from Hollywood and in movies and thus have no parents or souls…having sex at 12 with creepy perverts because it’s the Wild West with no rules..they are the fucking rules…and they distract their vapid and disgustingness with morally sound movies…

Oh wait, she does have a dad, his name is Steven J. Fanning, who played minor league baseball for teams affiliated with the St. Louis Cardinals and now works as an electronics salesman in Los Angeles..

I guess at 17, it’s grey area legally, but knowing you – you’ve been a fan since “I am Sam”…

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Elle Fanning’s in NYLONs in NYLON of the Day


She’s the new 17 year old…who is probably in her 40s based on the way hollywood pumps these kids out…cuz everytime I see a kid in a movie, including her sister Dakota, I assume they are 40 in both their face and the way they speak…”she looks 7 but she sounds like a divorcee”….I guess they grow up fast in this evil industry thanks to their parents selling them off like this was an Arab country…and the family was in need of a goat..

Either way, I don’t know other 17 year olds that the perv blogs are writing about, so why not post her Nylon magazine pics where she wore nylons…like she’s playing dress up or something because almost 18 is structural and sex appeal-wise – way different than the day she turns 18 and is forgotten…

You fucking perverts…it’s part of American culture that these people go nuts over under 18…while in Canada 16 is legal and the last thing I’d ever want to do is fuck a 16 year old..but you guys can’t and it’s all you fucking jerk off to…weirdos…don’t realize teens are fucking annoying especially when raised in a hollywood househole..I can’t imagine the kind of cunty demands this one makes to her staff….but I am sure they are the fucking worst…

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Elle Fanning See Through Shirt of the Day

Elle Fanning is probably not on the cry for attention…I looked her up on instagram and couldn’t find her so I guess she’s not that into fame whoring…and it seems, at least every time I leave my house, that girls just don’t wear bras, like showing their nipples, and like wearing little shorts…and Calvin Kleins….and I guess if I left my house…I’d be able to take it in, in everyday life…but instead I’ll look at pics of weirdo actresses, their weirdo actresses and sisters…and…whatever else this is…

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Top 10 Elle Fanning is Young at a “Young Ones Event” of the Day

So here’s Elle Fanning at some event – wearing a crop top, bikini top, possibly inappropriate top at some event…

I mean I wouldn’t want my 16 year old daughter dressed like this, especially with all the perverts out there…..

Maybe it’s just fashion, maybe this is the style, maybe it is perverted of you to sexualize a girl for showing off her stomach dressed cute at an event…

The fact is that these underage girls are trouble, social media and the internet makes them terrorists in their own right, because they can post bikini pics all day and have you not have nay fucking clue…because their parents aren’t around to police them…

I mean I leave the house, I see the shorts these girls wear…and I’m a desensitized impotent asshole who like weathered girls in their late 20s…and I find it inappropriate…so to some pervert freak like you – it must be torture to leave your house…

Either way, here’s some Elle Fanning at an event.

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Elle Fanning for Interview May of the Day

Elle Fanning is 16…but never too young to be featured in Interview magazine, you know to discuss what being a young actress means to her, or whatever the generic bullshit questions they got her answering, whether it was about her childhood, her famous sister, her stage parents or losing her virginity…as riveting or controversial as it was or is, because I haven’t read the shit, I think it was just a good excuse to get her in a bikini and not seem like a bunch of creepers at the beach in sunglasses, setting up their chairs next to young girls in Brazilian cut bikini bottoms tanning, taking selfies and wrestling…not that I’d know anything about that, even though it’s what I did all day yesterday….

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Love Mag’s Got Some High Concept Artistic Titties for Fashion In It of the Day

Here are a bunch of models who I can’t really differentiate from each other, but who are apparently Lara Stone, Mariacarla Boscono, Saksia de Brauw, Kristen McMenamy, Anais Pouliot, Guinevere van Seenus and Xiao Wen Ju topless for fashion in a high concept, artistic, and obnoxious looking photo shoot for Love Mag, a magazine that produces more nudity and softcore porn than me, but who packaged it in a clever way, that makes it appear high end and fashionable, making them millions, while I just get slated as a bottom feeding spamming porn site that can’t pay for the fucking server….my life is a fucking joke…and here are those pics…with some tit, nipple, panties and bondage…pretty winning formula if you ask me….which you didn’t….

Here’s a bunch of jailbait starlets I’m sure you’re a fan of, gracing multiple covers for the issue and I’m posting it now, because I know in 3 years, I’ll probably be posting their bikini pics, their addiction, their sex tapes, etc…so I’m doing the background research, documented their rise, starting today instead of in the future when really we have no idea whether I’ll be alive or not…. if you know what I mean….

So here’s Hailee Steinfeld, Elle Fanning and Chloe Moretz

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