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Billboard Music Awards of the Day


Billboard Music Awards are the most bootleg and irrelevant music awards behind the America Music Awards, bother are Dick Clark Productions, because Dick Clark will never die, he will just be cloned and raised as Ryan Seacrest.

Unfortunately, I watched at least an hour of the award show, so you don’t have to, thanks to hanging out with girls who walk around their house in the skimpiest panties and crop top shirts because it is comfortable and they are all sluts who grew up on porn pretty much making the decisions on what we watch…and at 18…seeing The Weeknd and Drake on a Sunday is everything for them…I mean besides taking selfies and posting snapchats…

Who am I to get in the way of that, not that I was really watching anyway, I was more into staring at their pussy definition….

I’d like to thank TINDER and the fearless nature of 18 year olds due to the internet, and porn, for letting this happen.

That said…

I saw:

1- Celine Dion Cry becasue she’s an emotional and terrifying french Canadian…

2- Rihanna look like she’s on heavy fucking drugs and pregnant on her way to walmart…

3- Adele premiere a new video where she looked beautiful – or her prettiest because she found a way to look skinny..

4- Kesha looking like she ate Adele for dramatics…

5- Some really skinny bitch who wasn’t 11, but had the body of an 11 year old..

6- Gwen Stefani sing country since she’s been slurping on country.

7- Madonna thanking Prince for a Sinead O’Connor song….she couldn’t sing…I can’t even post the shit it was so bad…

8- A Lot of Jonas Brothers and Demi Lovato…too many people care about these people who are the worst…

9- That’s all I got…which is a lot…considering I fucking hate award shows…and I have no short term memory…and I was in a room with a young fat ass not wearing much..so I had better things going on…but in the defence of the billboard awards…shitting yourself in public from being drunk is better than the billboard awards….is better things to do…this event that isn’t eventful for an event that is marketed huge and that costs a fortune..in a world that is not that eventful…it’s all the same pop trash idiots who look the same singing songs that have already been done in a new format…turning everyone into distracted fucking robots…

10 – I missed Britney in her Underwear….

11- Lindsey Vonn Lookin’ Like one of Tiger’s Hookers…Because she was one…

12- Ciara was the host…

13- Arianna Grande is a Fucking Creep…

14 – Jessica Alba’s Mexican Skin Elasticity is Keeping her Hot as Fuck…

15- Kate Beckinsale is Everything….and I’m not even a virgin loser who watched underworld…

16- Mila Kunis is alright with a mouth she uses to make Kutcher Bust in her Face…

17 – That’s enough of this bullshit – TO SEE THE REST OF THE PICS CLICK HERE

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Game of Thrones Premiere Erotica of the Day


I don’t watch Game of Thrones. I’ve always been creeped out by the Sci/fi fantasy crowd and even as a kid, maybe due to Autism, or maybe due to having a brain, I couldn’t connect with anything that involved Wizards and Dragons and Trolls and whatever else goes on in this show I’ve never seen and never want to see…but that EVERYONE is obsessed with…due to what I can only assume is brain washing…

I just can’t rationally get into a story that is so far fetched, no matter how much they spend per episode, especailly when the cast isn’t even hot…

The only thing I can fuck with that is Sci/Fi Fantasy are those weirdos in every park in America LARPING, but I can only fuck with them because I watch judgingly trying to understand how these people came together, when they should be in their mom’s basement masturbating to Fairies…and remember – OH RIGHT…the internet…that’s what it was invented for before the normals took over….

Emilia Clarke….


Nathalie Emmanuel…


Kristen Bell and Husband…


Maisie Williams….


Sophie Turner….



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“Celebs” Who Did Superbowl Things of the Day


Despite Coldplay’s horrible British weirdness, The SuperBowl is the biggest sporting event in America, and there’s nothing more American than the entertainment industry, filled with fame whores and people they’ve made celebrities out of, you know the overly rich people, living the good life, the Glamourous life, the access to everything life, pretty much mocking the common man in his shitty debt filled life who obsesses over them and buys into the fantasy that is their absurdity….and excess..

So while you were watching a TV you financed, on cable bill you owe money on, being fed marketing messages by advertisers, making you want to buy things you don’t need, while eating shitty food that will lead to your premature death..

These bitches were naturally events, high profile – invite only events surrounding the Superbowl…

Here’s the highlights….

Ashley Greene…the girl who pretended to be a virgin despite being Florida trash who turned famous and we all know how that happens…

Adriana Lima creatively hiding her old, squared out, mom body…


Ambrosio was there too..

Chanel Iman in Very Little Clothing – because she’s a Lingerie Model People – Used to Nakedness – Stop Being So Uptight…Racists…


January Jones has a Hard Nipple….

January Jones

Emanuelle Chriqui is an Old Canadian Jew…with Tits…


SI Model and Hooker – Sam Hoopes – WHo Looks Trashy and Beat the Fuck Up – with a Spry Tank on some Low Level stripper vibe – Doing it…

Karreuche Tran’s Side Tit


Jenny McCarthy Must Die…

Annalynne McCord’s Got it All Figured Out…

Superbowl-annalynne (4)

Hailey Baldwin – because her Uncle is really famous…

Genevieve Morton Lookin’ Good…


Remember the girl from the Blurred Lines Video – She still had tits – I know her face doesn’t look good -but those tits are tits!

Olivia Jordan is Great…


TO SEE ALL THE “celebs” doing Superbowl things CLICK HERE

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The GQ Men of the Year Awards Happened and Girls Attended of the Day


GQ, a magazine that Playboy is trying to go up against, by not posting nudity, because GQ doesn’t post nudity and they do well, had an event celebrating men, something feminists hate in this patriarchal world…especially if it was white men…since they are celebrated everyday and we are just part of their worlld…

Girls attended the event, as girls do, since the beginning of time, you know worship men, for men to turn around and impregnate them, because we like sticking our dicks in pussies…

The Highlight reel of the girls at this so very important, surprised magazines still exist, but they have a strong digital strategy for men contnent and where else will men products advertiser, definitely not on drunkenstepfather is:

Charlotte McKinney…because she’s not a hotters girl despite what her busted florida face and hooters…is saying…doing all she can to get noticed..

Sarah Hyland….making “this is what I look like when my boyfriend beats me”

Dylan Penn…showing big cleavage because it’s a men’s award and men love tits…perpetuating the gender inequalities in this world…thanks to having famous parents who didn’t guide her as they drank….


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Famous Girls at some Baby2Baby Event of the Day

“Baby2Baby provides low-income children ages 0-12 with diapers, clothing and all the basic necessities that every child deserves.”

It is some Jessica Alba is on the board of this charity….and it seems like other famous people come to their events, to put them on the map at shitty red carpet events…

So other than the Eagles of Death Metal concert on Friday, this seems to be the worst fucking event of the weekend…and here are links to the vagina that attended, because you like vagina…

Selma Blair’s Huge Tits….



Ashley Benson Huge Tits…


Jessica Biel Ass Like Timberlake Likes It


Rosie Hungtington Whitely’s Crooked Legs



Jessica Ala is Everywhere


Maybe you prefer her workout pic:

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Victoria’s Secret snapchatted the Fashion Show to Reach the Youth and it Sucked of the Day

Here are the screenshots in took of the Victoria’s Secret infomercial taping – that seems terribly boring and exactly the same as every year – because why change a great marketing event going into Holiday. Their busiest time of year.

They can throw in Kendall and Gigi Hadid to get the social media coverage – since those girls have fans…and idiots will watch the nonsense and buy their products but in an era of porn and Instagram photoshoots with actual hot girls…why bother with this…

That said…here are the ghetto fucking screenshots….yes…I did them myself…and spent all of 2 minutes on uploading…you know nothing but top quality here…

Screen Shot 2015-11-11 at 12.14.40 PM

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Halston Sage InStyle Had an Event of the Day


InStyle magazine had an event and very important people, and I use that term loosely, seeing as none of these people matter, no matter how many fans or groupies they have, they are really just a pussy and tits doing very little good in the world, but rather just perpetuating nonsense, giving young girls uneducated, vapid, cunts with no talent to look up to, instead of showing off their degrees, or the good they’ve done, they show off their tits…garbage…except that I like tits…

So Instyle, is owned by Time, some evil empire that owns everything, and of course these “important” girls would be there, it’s PR, not only do they get a media hit for showing up, they get to be celebrated by the media they need to promote the garbage they spew on the youth, so best to be on good terms with them…

It’s all fake, it’s all bullshit, it’s all brainwashing you to sell product…but this Halston Sage is Amazing CLICK HERE

Other bitches in attendance:

Alessandra Ambrosio and Fake Tits CLICK HERE

Selena Gomez with Chemotherapy – CLICK HERE

Here’s Selena’s Bullshit speech

Miranda Kerr Gold Digging CLICK HERE

Michelle Williams without Heath Ledger CLICK HERE

Kim Kardashian Leaving the Event with her Massive Baby Satan Bump

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Model Tits at the Vogue 95th Anniversary of the Day


The Fashion industry is such a fucking joke…

It’s a scam to trick rich people to feel they need to buy overpriced sweatshop garbage…they call “art”…and “self expression”…

And they cast hookers, legit fucking hookers, who only date rich and famous dudes because they are hookers, they just get paid more than a typical stripper to increase their stock price…so their hooking can land the richest guy possible…

But there’s so many nipples in fashion…so joke or not…nipples..

Vogue had a 95th anniversary party to celebrate a scamming industry for close to a century…and the owners of Conde Nast who own Vogue probably weren’t even at the event…yet all these cunts were…some of whom..including Rihanna…and Zoe Kravitz and some other topless model…showed their tits…



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The ESPYS Happened of the Day


Who cares that the ESPYs happened…sports are for faggots…

And I don’t mean faggot as a derogatory word to gay people…

I am using it as a derogatory word for closet cases who like watching grown men play with each other…in their spare time…it’s fucking weird…

You know the same kind of dude who could call a gay person a faggot…meanwhile motherfucker has wet dreams about being in the locker room with his favorite team after the big win…

That said, ESPYs, an award created by ESPN, a media company paid for by advertisers…seems like a really legit award ceremony…that really means something…like the Maxim Top 100 but for sports…fuck this noise…

Here are some sluts who were there, because either they fuck athletes and get herpes like Hannah Davis, are athletes who fuck Athletes until their vaginas explode like Hope Solo, or their dad’s now a woman like Kendall…and Tina Turner….


Britney Spears - The 2015 ESPYS in LA 07152015 (8)

Kendall Jenner - The 2015 ESPYS in LA 07152015 (4)


halle (3)

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Some Tricks at the Billboard Music Awards of the Day


So the Billboard Music awards happened and I was amazed that people in my social media feed were actually watching it and making comments on it…because I guess they have absolutely nothing better to do…and their lives are that sad, depressing and influenced by the media…that they’ll just sit through anything that is considered a televised event…no matter how bootleg it is…

I get it, Billboard was a legitimate thing before we had Youtube Views and itunes to track the success of a song…it was the industry standard in monitoring success for these overly successful…but that whole thing is dated…and loses all credibility when they have the only Drunk Vegas hooker they can find host it, otherwise one of their lead performers won’t attend, because like Ice T, motherfucker likes his hooker treated fairly…

All this to say..Taylor Swift was the winner…and showed up with an entourage…because I guess it was a Taylor Swift special…more than anything else…and other girls were there to show their support for their tall, skinny, brainwashing leader…

Taylor Swift….and her People..



J.Lo…Too Old to Be in a See Through Dress on her way to a Hispanic Easter At the Church….


Rita Ora…



Mariah Carey Still Exists…and So Do her Tits…


So Does Nicky Minaj



An Iggy Azalea’s New Face…




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Met Costume Institute Gala Highlights of the Day


Here’s the highlight reel from the Met Gala….because this is the event people aren’t invited to…unless they are important…and people who aren’t invited to the event…are excited by the dresses people wear….

So Anne Hathaway, J.Lo, Gigi Hadid, Amanda Seyfried and the Mac guy, See Through Beyonce, See Through J.Lo, See Through Kim Kardashian, Katy Perry tits, Rihanna doing some Royal wedding at Caribana, Kendall Jenner in Green Side Tit….who gives a fuck..Miley Alien face…and Selena Gomez Back Fat….and other bullshit happened tonight…


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A Bunch of Sports Illustrated Models at a Sports Illustrated Event of the Day


Sports Illustrated Swim just came out and they are touring it. I guess they need to find ways to make the advertisers pay the 200,000 dollar price tag, and a meet and greet with fans in NYC and Nashville was the answer, you know let they creepy perverts who actually care enough to get excited about Sports Illustrated, wait in line like a bunch of jobber assholes who can’t get laid, to get a fucking autograph from a model, who for the record, isn’t even a real model, but rather a Sports Illustrated low level model, to sign their fucking poster….it’s pretty pathetic…but I guess it is working well enough, I mean having the power to make these girls who only have a career because of SI, stand around on a convention floor, like a bunch of spokesmodels handing out toilet paper samples at Costco…is amazing…they aren’t even get paid for this…so really show them that you own them, put them in their bottom feeding place and make everyone watching, who isn’t the 1% of the population lame enough to get excite about this tricks…

To see a bunch of the photos CLICK HERE

To See the Entire Issue CLICK HERE

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Full House Cast Reunion Sing the Theme Song of the Day

If you didn’t want to kill yourself already, you know after watching the Miss Universe girls answer stupidities when asked stupid questions, or when Tom Petty got 12.5 percent for the Sam Smith Song that as clearly a rip off of his song, or some Sarah Palin speech that called Obama a boy, like we were back in the south in the 1890s…..

Here’s the cast of Full House making a spectacle of themselves, without the Olsen TWins, because the Olsen Twins are billionaires, in what I assume is a reunion and stunt to try to get some buzz for the Netflix redux with the original cast that you know is about to happen…

They called it Jeff Franklin’s birthday, but we all know Hollywood people only get together when they are paid, meaning get ready for it…so you can kill yourself…it is time.

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Dead Kennedy’s Concert Picture of the Day

So the punk band Dead Kennedy’s had a concert and this girl decided to let some dude eat her out on stage while the band performed…If you consider the Dead Kennedy’s the Dead Kennedys without Jello Biafra….

Despite hating large gatherings of people, I’ve been to punk shows, I used to go to a lot of punk shows, I am sure I’ve seen so much fucking worst than this, but it was pre internet, I was on drugs and drunk, so I don’t remember…same thing goes for raves, I have been to raves, and saw equally ridiculous shit….and music festivals…people get fucked up and take advantage of the audience to be wild and crazy and get caught up in the moment…but I guess I’m old as fuck, don’t leave my house, and it was pre-internet…and didn’t go viral on reddit…but it does now…thank god for that…

I guess this couple was too drunk to fuck….

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Critics Choice Awards of the Day

I think it is safe to say that there are not enough awards celebrating people who have already won.

You know the majority of these actors work 20 weeks a year…and the rest of the time, they’ve got very little to do…

So why not dress up, get your hair and make-up done, and pretend you’re important…or whatever…because thanks to whatever scam you’ve pulled off…the general public thinks that you are…and with nonsense like this…they just keep fucking encouraging you and telling yo you that you’ve done right, you’ve done good, that your role in some bullshit made up movie inspired some kid to beat cancer…you useless fucking distraction from the real problems…because everyone wants to be famous…except me..

Here’s a round up of the pics featuring Leslie Mann, Jen Aniston, Genesis Rodriguez and Angelina Jolie…


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